Monday, September 01, 2008

I Know Hillary Clinton, I Supported Hillary Clinton, And You, Sarah Palin, Are No Hillary Clinton.

Forgive me if I'm a little late to the party on this one. And, you know, I wasn't even going to say anything at first, but I find that I just cannot let this go. It's too much.

The vice presidential selection of republican John McCain is an insult to women everywhere. Giving Alaska governor Sarah Palin the nod was an obvious play for disgruntled Hillary supporters, the number of whom has been grossly overstated by the media since Barack Obama snagged the nomination.

How ridiculous.

Let me just say this: I supported Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton, and women Democrats everywhere will not be fooled.

Women, Mr. McCain, are not interchangeable. When Sarah Palin, your designee, stood beside you, she invoked the name of two other women--political pioneers--and who were they? Elizabeth Dole? No. Condoleezza Rice? No. Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, both Democrats. How will that play to your Conservative Christian NeoCon base? What was Mrs. Palin trying to say, Mr. McCain? Just exactly what party is she representing? How will that speech play at the RNC fundraisers or at the Convention? It won't. And the Family Values Voters are already cringing at the news that her unmarried 17-year old daughter is pregnant. (Let's all remember Governor Palin's vociferous denial of support for anything beyond abstinence-only programs in schools.)

Mr. McCain, I live in Ohio and I voted for Hillary Clinton. She stands for what I value and she has the fighting spirit I admire. Sarah Palin is in direct contrast with everything Hillary Clinton stands for, and therefore me as well: Sarah Palin would take away a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, and the health of the mother; she is against stem cell research, she opposes the use of birth control pills and condoms, even among married couples; she supports the teaching of creationism in the classroom--already declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court...oops; she supports drilling in the ANWR and is against the polar bear being on the endangered species list, despite the fact that the government has already done it...oops; she supports No Child Left Behind. I'm not sure what else she stands for, and I'm not sure she does, either. Her speech was...well, let's say...'scant.' We do know that her husband is a super snowmobiler and that she fought to cut property taxes. Yay.

But I digress.

My point is this: if the McSame campaign thinks for one moment that Doing The Math is this:




  1. Is she really against condoms? Really? I know some wing nuts are against the pill, because they erroneously link them to abortion, but condoms?

    I don't like McCain, and I don't like Palin. I pray to god that they lose in November. I also am offended at the idea that one vagina is equal to another. Well, perhaps they are, but that one vagina is equal to another woman's brains, accomplishments, and ideas, that's offensive.

    The only way I'd vote for Palin (and this is totally a joke my husband came up with after a glass of wine), is if she and McCain suited up in their hunting gear and went into Pakistan, and got Osama bin Ladin right there and then. I mean, we'd have to vote for them then, right? ;)

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Oh! So she supports "No Child Left behind",does she?

    Well, it seems to me that if she is campaigning all over the United States for the Vice Presidency, she is leaving a lot of children behind.... in Alaska. HER OWN!!!!!

  3. I'm just afraid you might be underestimating the ignorance of the dumber half of our country.

  4. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Not all vaginas are created equal. And Palin is the poster child for this argument.

  5. After reading your post and doing a little reading elsewhere, I too am not a fan of Sarah Palin. Yuck.

  6. The more I hear and read about her, the less I like her. I already supported Obama, so this just supports my decision.

  7. Anonymous11:20 AM

    You go girl....

  8. First, let me say up front that I am not a Hillary fan. Obama yes, Hillary no. It would be great to have a woman in the White House, but I want someone I personally can look up to and IMHO we're not there yet. With Palin, something rubbed me wrong about her half way through her speech when she was announced. And what I've read on my own and you've shared here, Nance, further convince me that she's not someone I'd vote for. I would never vote for a president based solely on his/her VP running mate anyway and I'd already decided I was not voting for McCain.

    One has to wonder what message Palin's daughter got from the NO birth control and abstinence message. Even if no birth control was aimed at married couples, perhaps she thought she was at least following half the rules. And, frankly, I can't believe her mother has never used birth control.

    The other stuff is abhorrent to me ... no stem cell research, right to abortions, NCLB, etc. NCLB had my sister (an excellent teacher and teacher of the year a few years back) ready to quit teaching. Thankfully, for all the students and their parents, she persevered. (However, she gets more and more discouraged each year with additional requirements that provide mega headaches, but no added value.)

  9. Nance, I was going to say something, but I believe you said it all! You should have seen how utterly disgusted I was when this pick was announced!!! Offended even!

  10. tera--It's just such blatant pandering, that's what gets me. I was offended by the idea behind it. And go ahead and say it, Tera. In my view, it cannot be said enough.

    Shirley--I hear you. My reservation with Hillary was that I am against the whole "dynasty" thing--we've already had 8 years of a Clinton (and wonderful years they were, don't get me wrong), and 12 years of a Bush. It is definitely time for new blood and new vision. But I desperately want a woman in the White House; we're beyond time for it, and I do admire Hillary's knowledge, strength, and expertise. But, like you, I am happy with Obama. No reservations whatsoever. I am ready for his vision and what he represents: new hope and new chances to regain stature and respect for the US.

    anonymous--thank you. i did and i will.

    mrs. who--exactly!

    jenomena--it's just astonishing that the republicans feel that she is Their Hillary. it's sickening. She's just George W. Bush in a dress. Worse, she's Pat Buchanan in stilettos.

    apathy lounge--hear hear!!

    mikey--no, i never do. and they were going to vote republican no matter what. it's the fact that the republicans thought they'd gain HILLARY VOTERS. never happened.

    nancy--exactly. wonder what the self-righteous thumpers at Focus on the Family think about THAT?

    j.@jj--good heavens. you mean Osama is STILL OUT THERE? i thought the republicans were going to smoke him out of his hole way back about SEVEN YEARS AGO. (i'll file that away with "mission accomplished.")

  11. Anonymous5:46 PM


    "George W. Bush in a dress?"

    "Pat Buchanan in stilletos?"

    After seeing her with her shotgun, I say...

    "She is Dick Cheney with lipstick"

    I figure if she is elected she won't let that Whittington guy get away so easy this time...

  12. After reading your comment, Nancy, and bursting out laughing, I am starting to imagine the SNL skits for the new season. I don't know ... I am thinking about one skit where it's shown that Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney's secret child or something. Boy, I can't wait for this season!!! If only art weren't imitating life though ... we may have to live with this skit material.

  13. Shirley, if the Republicans win, our silver lining will be seeing Tina Fey do Sarah Palin. Sadly, I think, that may be our ONLY silver lining.

  14. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Yes,I think Tina Fey is watching Frances McDormand in "Fargo" over and over again to get the accent just right.

  15. Glad to see this post here! Maybe if enough of us blog about the Republicans and volunteer and all do our part then good will prevail and our country will have a chance again.

    McCain is speaking right now and I can't even watch him. I know I should watch, just to be informed, but after last night. I just can't do it. *sigh*

  16. you know what scares me about this palin woman? it isnt that shes ridiculously conservative...its the fact that mcsame is like 900 years old. what if he dies? then the first woman president of the USA would be a republican. i could throw up at the thought. brutal. and all this attention she is getting for being pretty, and she is, is about michelle obama? she is SMOKIN! im serious,check it out. my blog.

  17. I knew we could count on you Nance for spelling out what we all feel. This is such an orchestrated pandering move. It's more than insulting. And how about how they are keeping her under wraps and not granting any interviews. Perhaps they are afraid of what the lady might reveal without a scrip?

    I only heard this once, but I understand that when she was mayor of her little town she went to the town librarian and asked what it would take to get books banned. Isn't that a lovely story!

  18. j.--thanks. and i'm glad to do my part. she's really far more of a wackadoo than we think. very extremist in her views and so far right. i never heard the book-banning thing, but it's not a stretch.

    jpd--not just a republican, but an ultraconservative one and a lightweight in other matters as well. she's gwb with boobs. period. and check my sidebar, dear. sigh. do i go on your blog and promote mine? LOL.

    anali--i know exactly how you feel. i am wracked with guilt for not watching the Other Convention--you know "scouting the opposition"--but i just cannot stand it. i try, i really do, but it makes me so aggravated and gets me so het up that i have to turn away. they are absolutely in denial. who brought us 8 years of bad economy? apparently, not them. who brought us 4$+ gallon gas? apparently, not them. who sent more than 4K of our soldiers to an unnecessary war death? apparently, not them. it's breathtaking to hear their fantasy.

    nancy--that's what I thought of, too.

    j.@jj--don't even entertain that spectre!

    shirley--bite your tongue!!

    nancy--here's more proof that she's GWB with a beehive hairdo. Here is a direct quote of her opining on the Iraq War:

    "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God," she said. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God's plan."
    Find the rest of what Palin thinks is on God's agenda, including a North Slope pipeline, here.


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