Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Three Plus Some Other Stuff That Just Won't Sit Still And Behave

Hey, everyone! The Dept. is Three! And according to this article, now my blog is "full of energy and enthusiastic about living!" It is also "very curious about everything that goes on around" it. This third year is a year that will be filled with changes for my blog, say these experts. About halfway through the year, my blog "may suddenly become strong-willed and disagreeable. It may become emotionally insecure and anxious. It may also become very picky and hard-to-please. "


Sounds like both my blog and I will be going through menopause, people! This is not going to be pretty. Holy crap.

In the meantime, I wanted to just get a few things off my mind since it's been such a long time since my last post. I'm way overdue, and so much is happening all over the place that I have to say something!

1. Physical therapy: Tedious, boring, horrid, silly-looking. Some days I cry and it's embarrassing. Some days I look around at what we all are doing and I think "This is what insane asylums back in 1934 looked like."

2. Joe Biden: How much do I love him? He's a good pick for Barack's VP, and he is just terrific. You just know that he'll come out gangbusters with that mouth and start firing off some great ones at McSame while the press chuckles and the republicans cringe. He is a pit bull and the Obama campaign needed someone with that earthy gravitas.

3. Olympics: Why did I have to see eleventy billion hours of beach volleyball and NO cool stuff like javelin, shotput, decathlon, shooting, hammer throw, or THE MEN'S BASKETBALL GOLD MEDAL GAME? Why is beach volleyball even an Olympic sport? And, does anyone really want to watch PEOPLE RUNNING A DISTANCE RACE? AT ALL? No.

4. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: I do not read fiction, as a rule. I read this book as the last book of my summer. It was gorgeous and moving. It was the author's first novel and if it is his only, it will either be a tragedy or it will be his one book a la To Kill a Mockingbird for Harper Lee. Go get it and read it. The writing is superb without being "writerly" in that it doesn't take away from the power and readability of the narrative. Beautiful, heartachingly sublime writing.

5. McSame's Bullshit: Hey, John, "my friend". Two things. Only a Rove-ian protege can commandeer your campaign and turn it into the disgusting crapfest it has become: painting the first black candidate as a high-class elitist country-club snob who wants to burden the middle class with higher taxes. Excuse me? You cannot remember the fact that you own seven homes. And when Jay Leno asked you about it in a joking manner, you fell back on being a POW and said, “I spent five-and-a-half years in a prison cell. I didn’t have a house. I didn’t have a kitchen table. I didn’t have a table. I didn’t have a chair." We get it already. You WERE a POW. WERE. And this is relevant now....because...how...? SHUT UP.

6. Gas Prices: Hey, the price of oil keeps dropping. Last time I checked, WE WEREN'T DOING ANY OFFSHORE DRILLING IN THE U.S. Is anyone noticing that? Do you think we're...oh, I don't know...finally catching on to this Conservation Thing? Sigh.

7. Meet the Press: Okay, I like Tom Brokaw, but he's not doing it for me here. He's just not. He's got a whole Sean Connery Mouth Full of Oatmeal thing going on there that I just don't like for the long haul, and I don't find him all that riveting. My heart is still searching. Rick says that Chuck Todd (aka The Professor from MSNBC) is The One, and that may be a possibility, but I have a major thing for David Gregory. But he's already got a full dance card at MSNBC and I don't see it happening.

8. Hillary: I love you, girl, but you gotta let go. It's time. The Party is paramount. We need to beat the republicans hard, and until you just stand up and say "It's time", some people just cannot let the last dog loose. Let it go. Just let it go.

9. School: Sigh. Where did summer go? Oh, I know. Doctor offices and therapy rooms. And I'm resentful and not Over It yet. I'm back, and it will be Okay. I am getting stronger each day, but it has been a meat grinder for me. But you know me: THEY will never ever know it.

All done. Joust away in Comments. I've missed everyone. I will try hard to get to your spots soon. But, remember, I'm three now, and I am "naturally self-centered." I believe "the world revolves around" me. But I am "beginning to understand that others have feelings and needs too." I'm trying hard to find energy and time for everything. Please be patient with me.

I'm only three!


  1. Nance--It's good to have you REALLY back! You sound so much better, despite that grueling PT. You are a much better woman than I. I tried PT for my back issues two years ago and spent a day in bed after each session, so I said no more. My hat's off to you. That takes real guts to keep going.

    Happy Birthday, Dept. of Nance!! That is one gorgeous cake--just beautiful for a three-year old. Don't take the characteristics of a three-year old too seriously. LOL (I will need to reference that article once my own gluten-free blog is up and going. Meeting with a web designer on Friday. Wish I were savvy like you and could do it on my own, but not happening.)

    Joe Biden--Finally, a VP with some backbone was picked. Okay, I admit that sometimes he goes on long enough that I roll my eyes and say enough already, but he's a very standup guy who knows his stuff.

    Beach volleyball is ridiculous. I think it's really all about the outfits they wear, frankly. Wonder if a Nielsen poll would show how many men were watching those segments. Even DH (who was not watching the Olympics) would stop in front of the TV when they were on. He didn't stay, but he'd looked for a few minutes ... shake his head, mumble a few words like "wow," and then wander on. They should let us vote on what we get to see.

    I heard one reporter say that actually McSame had 8 homes on 10 properties. So, basically, he has 1 1/2 homes for every year spent as a POW. I respect his service and I can't imagine his time as a POW, but offering it up that way is almost I don't know sacrilegious? Certainly, it's disrespectful to use even one's own experiences in that way. And, if you heard the audio of when Politico asked him the question and the silence, and then very quiet voice while he kept deferring to his staff. (BTW, I did have to hand it to the person interviewing him ... they kept their act together. I would have been speechless myself or, perhaps said incrediously, "You don't know how many houses you own???" Jeez, that was a million times worse than when someone asked W. what the price of milk was several years ago and he had no clue.

    Gas prices ... I sure love them going down. The statistics on how many million miles less Americans are driving is amazing. I heard that production is supposed to be reduced as a result of less demand and the prices will go back up, but I hope not. I do hope conservation will continue no matter what.

    Tom Brokaw is a good guy, but his time for day-to-day broadcasts of any type is over. And, he sure doesn't have the punch and zing needed for that show.

    Hoping Hillary lets go in a big way. Enough already is right.

    Keep on getting up, Nance. I am sincerely hoping that the PT sessions will become much less painful and you'll be 100% recovered very soon.

  2. I loved Hillary tonight. I think she rocked.

    I actually liked seeing the long distance running...at least that that I did see, which was the women's marathon. Mostly I loved it because the woman who won KICKED ASS, and is almost as old as me, as is, within 5 years. Awesome.

    I could never be president, because honestly, I don't pay much attention to the price of milk. I have to buy it, so I buy it. The price of wine, however, I know.

    My argument falls apart, however, because I admit freely to knowing the price of gas, and I have to buy that as well. Cost me $62 to fill up my little Camry today. Sigh. The shoes I could have had with that money...

    ps...happy birthday, dept!

  3. Welcome back and Happy Birthday to the Dept.! Love the cake!!

    I actually enjoyed the women's beach volleyball. It gets pretty darn intense sometimes! I hate the mini-coverage they would do of some sports though: Here's the gold-medal performance and here's the silver-medal and here's the bronze-medal and BAM! the entire event was over. Then they send you to something intolerably boring. Overall though, I just can't get into the Olympics. Only small doses! (Unless, of course, it's my boy in the Winter Olympics doing his speed-skating thing!!)

    I'm watching the gas prices--I've yet to fill up my new car yet, and boy I wish I could wait forever!

    You know I'll have to read that book. Why don't you read fiction?

  4. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Southern MD Here!

  5. Nance you always make me chuckle :) I have been having a tough time lately too, so I needed this, thanks!

    McSame...did you come up with that all by yourself? That's too funny, and when I think about how he stands on certain issues such as privatizing Social Security, and women's wages vs. men's, it makes me want to puke!!!

    Hill-Bill does really need to let it go...and I love Bill Clinton, but if he keeps running his mouth like he has been lately, he shall definitely end up on my list of shits!

  6. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I turned three this week too.

    I'm so sorry your PT is such torture. Imagine the therapist dressed as a dominatrix. Suggest he/she wear black leather, an eye mask, and carry a whip. I mean if something is absurd, let's make it look that way.

    You could always dress as a submissive. At least you'd get to wear some wicked bad black stilletos!

    Tell them as soon as you regain your strength you're going to punch them in the face...

    Yeah, I'll stop now, but remember I remain evermore on Team Nance.

  7. I think that Hillary let go for good last night. We are finally ready for Obabma's speech tonight, Yes? I am so overwhelmed with anticipation that I get all emotional just thinking about it! I feel so lucky to witness this historical event!!!!

  8. nina--i am mortified to say that i fell asleep before Hil spoke. i was exhausted. is it online? i still want to hear it. i was awake last night for the speeches, though. a very moving night!

    v-grrrl--honestly, it's so awful sometimes. thanks for the encouragement, though. it's nice to have you on The Team.

    tera--i don't remember when or where i came upon McSame. it's good, isn't it? and let up on Bill. he was a fantastic president and was rooting for his WIFE. we say things in moments in defense of loved ones that may be ill-advised, esp. in the heat of battle,and i think some of it was taken in an erroneous light.

    southern MD--thanks for your support!

    jenomena--i don't read fiction because i teach it: how to read it and how to write it. therefore, when i read it, i pick it apart and analyze it so much that i cannot enjoy it. but THIS BOOK, holy crap. i adored it. it was so skillfully written that there was almost nothing to pick at.

    j.@jj--i think the candidates should be quizzed and constantly on the everyday prices of things. they should HAVE to be in touch with what we are all up against when we go to fill up our cars or our grocery carts. just because they might not have to worry is no excuse. now that i have a fully stocked wine cellar, i don't care what wine costs, but if i were running for office, i'd make it my job to care what everyone else had to pay! LOL

    shirley--thanks so much for the support and encouragement, as always. you are my own personal "Mick" a la "Rocky". and you don't need a web designer, believe me. Blogger, despite its few glitches here and there, is so easy and basic. trust me--you can do a no-frills blog in a jiff.

  9. Happy 3 years! I think the Convention went really well. I think Hillary's speech was great, and better than Bill's. I think they have let it go ... for now. We'll see. There's a lot of time for so much to happen between now and November.

  10. Nuff said Nance...and hey, I said I love the man...I do!

  11. Hey! I'd comment about all of this, but I'm still a bit out of it from all of the traveling, and I'll see you sometime next week. I'll give you a call this weekend or early next week to discuss the best time for me to come in.

  12. Happy Blogiversary/Birthday! Wait until you're an old lady like me...

    What do you think about Mr. McCain's VP choice? Do you think she will actually attract disgruntled Hillary supporters?

  13. Anonymous9:56 AM


    I watched the entire Olympics waiting for the synchronized swimmers and they never appeared.

    I used to love to watch them with their hair all pulled back and sprayed with epoxy and sprinkled with sequins and rhinestones. Even though I knew they couldn't get that junk out of their hair for about 12 years, and then they had to use a jackhammer, I wanted to be one of them.

    The only thing that held me back from trying out as a synchronized swimmer was that I had a question that none of them would answer.

    It's this:If one synchronized swimmer drowns,must they all drown?

  14. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Yay for every point you just made. There's a Republican joker I know (though I know several) who maintains that Palin will literally kick Biden's ass in a debate. I just can't see it, but such is the convoluted thinking of the Neo-Con mind. Obama's inexperienced until Palin comes along....now she's just peachy. Women (read Hillary) can't lead and now Palin comes along and she's the answer to every woman's hopes. Really? REALLY?? Not this woman. Not by a long shot. I won't be three until November, but I'm right behind you. And I wish you the happiest of blog birthdays.

  15. apathy lounge--my next post will be all about mcsame's patently pandering VP oick. and what did you expect from ANY republican? they'll stick to their talking points and mold their vision accordingly, just like their candidate always has.

    nancy--absolutely! i think they take the Esther Williams Oath or something. LOL.

    gina--thanks. as far as Miss Wasilla peeling off Hillaryites, I certainly hope not. I don't see how. She stands against everything Hil was for. See my next post for a discussion.

    mikey--hey, be careful out there. the weather is scary, and i'm not sure where your itinerary has taken you.

    tera--Pres. Clinton was in town for Stephanie Tubbs Jones' funeral, and he, Hil, and Pres. Elect Obama all sat together very chummily. I'm very, VERY pleased to see how fit he looks also after all of his health problems a few years back.

    anali--there is MUCH TO DO between now and the election. we have to get out there and do our part for Barack. Ohio looks pivotal again. BUT THIS TIME WE HAVE TO GO BLUE.


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