Saturday, December 28, 2019

In Which A Pizza Becomes A Life Or Death Matter

We've been basking in Springlike temperatures here in NEO, and that has been one of my favourite Christmas gifts. Rick, still home recovering from his surgery, decided we should take a drive and check on things at the lakehouse. Because I'm like a big old dog, I was happy to jump in the car and go.

On our way there, we passed by the little soft-serve and pizza shack that serves as the sole restaurant for one of the tiny towns on our route. I always scan the sign out front which announces its specials.

Nance: Do you think the pumpkin pie flurry is still there?

Rick: Probably. One thing we do know is that Chocolate is gone 'til at least June.

Nance: I still don't get that. Why do they assume no one wants chocolate ice cream in the winter?

Rick: Who knows?

Nance: (reading from the sign) TRY OUR NEW PICKLE AND BACON PIZZA! Wow. Pickle and bacon.

Rick: Ugh. I wonder who comes up with that stuff.

Nance: Well, whoever it is, I commend them for their bold innovation.

Rick: Yeah? Well I condemn them.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Update: Alive And Grateful

It's a month since my terrible fall, and I'm finally able to do most of my usual activities again (even taking walks!) without pain or concerns (or splints). I can feel a knot under the skin on my cheekbone, right where the two little scars are still bright pink. It's tender there when I lie on that side, but I can do it. My knees remain sore, but only when I kneel. Sometimes, I get this feeling like I need to crack my wrists or elbows, like something inside them needs to realign or shift, pop or snap like a rubber band. It's odd and hard to describe.

All of my upper body feels slightly out of joint, honestly. In the morning I do a lot of stretching before I get out of bed, much to the chagrin of one very hungry orange cat. I keep trying to figure out how the hell I managed to hit both knees so hard and sprain my wrists and hurt both elbows and break two teeth and bash up one side of my face. The logistics defy me. I need to Let It Go.

Aside from all of that, I am happy to report that Rick's surgery was a success, and he has made a fantastic recovery well ahead of schedule. Despite it being bone surgery (two big bone spurs were removed and the tip of his clavicle was shaved down), he has had no pain post-op. His mobility is almost normal less than one month later. I am so profoundly grateful. So is he, of course.

The two of us Walking Wounded are helping each other. Together, at first, we made about a Two-Thirds Person! That meant cancelling Thanksgiving since we could not produce a large dinner, and the boys were part of Thanksgivings at their girlfriends' homes. We prepared a small dinner for ourselves and a dessert to share with whoever might come over for a visit later. And they did come, bringing goodies from their dinner to share with us. It was a lovely evening.

Rick is anxious to speed through his remaining physical therapy and get back to normal and get back to work. I'm anxious to get back to normal and be able to do ALL of my usual activities again (like knit). My quest for Patience seems destined to be Eternal.

The very best to come of all of this is the outpouring of Kindness from so many people. Colleagues of my husband's, knowing we are without his income for the length of his recovery, all chipped in and presented us with that collection. My sister Susan cooked up a storm and sent over dinners for a week. One commenter on another blog I frequent noticed my absence there, found my post here about my fall, and let everyone there know what happened. These are but a few examples of the kind of warm compassion that has enveloped Rick and me. We are so grateful.

Of course, you, my Dearest Friends and Commenters, you immediately offered warm thoughts and kindness once I posted news of my accident. I'm so happy to have your support.

As I am typing this, the tense dialogue of the impeachment proceedings is in the background. I am disengaged--above--this mess. I've had enough. Right now, I am concentrating on The Good Stuff. And there is a lot of it.

Thank you, everyone, for your Kindness, Concern, Thoughtfulness, and Support. It means a great deal to me.

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