Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Old Folks At Home

Rick and I were watching television this morning, waiting for Meet the Press to come on. Local news was doing some segment which featured a story showing a huge, opulent house.

Me: Good heavens. Look at that huge house. Can you imagine just the two of us rattling around in that enormous house?
Rick: No.
Me: I'd never be able to find you.
Rick: (looks off into space, grinning thoughtfully)
Me: (charitably ignoring that) You know how I hate to holler.
Rick: And I can't hear you half the time when you do.
Me: By the time I did find you--
Rick:--you'd forget what you wanted me for.
Me: How old are we?
Rick: Huh?


  1. I always think of the time to clean huge houses. Unless you have many kids or extended family living with you, it seems like wasted space to me. The opposite of my problem in my little condo...where when buying anything from a waffle iron to a book, I have to stop and think, 'where will I put this? Do we have room?" Too often, the answer is no.

  2. What? You don't like to holler? I bet your students may beg to differ :)

  3. LOL That was a cute dialogue, Nance, and sure sounded like us. ;-) Liked the sampler, too! When I look at those huge houses, I think of cleaning, electric bills, clutter, etc. ... ugh. I think our house that I designed is just the right size at 2450 sq feet. (My husband refers to it as our small house, but he doesn't clean it.) We do most of our living on the upper floor, which is slightly more than half the square footage as it's t-shaped above and rectangular below with an open patio. Still there are times, one of us hollers at the other can't hear ...

  4. oops, mean to say, "one hollers at the other who can't hear"

  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    There's a sign in my office that says "It's a small world...but not if you have to clean it!". I think that goes double for large houses.

  6. Anonymous11:22 PM

    You know, Nance, my husband and I have been married for a long time .

    I want to tell you what happened to us the other night in bed.

    We were lying in bed when my husband began to fondle me in ways that he hadn't in a long time.

    It almost tickled as his fingers started at my neck and then moved down past the small of my back. He then caressed my shoulders and neck,slowly working his hand down over my breasts, stopping just over my lower stomach.

    he then proceeded to place his hand on my left inner arm, caressing past the side of my breast again, working down my side,passing gently over my buttocks and down my leg to my calf.

    Then he proceeded up my inner thigh,stopping just at the innermost portion of my leg.He continued in this manner on my right side,then suddenly stopped,rolled over and became silent.

    As I had become quite aroused by this caressing, I asked him in a loving voice,"Honey, that was wonderful. Why did you stop?"

    "I found the remote," he mumbled.

  7. nancy--hey! you're gonna get my blog flagged! LOL LOL LOL!

    apathy lounge--oh, we also discussed the cleaning aspect. i detest a cluttery, dirty house, but hate cleaning, too. i don't want more house than i need unless i have a staff.

    shirley--square footage sounds like math to me. all i know is that my house is little. very little; it was built in the 30s and i have the narrow closets to prove it. if i stand at my bathroom sink, i can reach into the shower and scrub rick's back. with my bad arm. no problem.

    nina--hey. i hate to holler AT HOME. hollering at school gets the job done. it's when i DON'T holler that my students know i'm really, really angry.

    j.@jj.--i wouldn't mind condo living except for the fact that you have neighbors right there ON you, either next to or above or below. right now, all that separates us from our neighbors is a driveway. period. i detest it. i want to live with lots of space btw. me and my neighbors one day. My Dream.

  8. I believe you have unveiled the secret to long lasting marriages!!! :)

    P.S. Somehow that photo makes me want to watch the old school Family know, the one where Richard Dawson kisses everyone in the mouth?

    P.P.S. Follow this link...Heather posted a little message for you ;-)

  9. tera--deafness? yeah. LOL. and thanks for the heads-up to heather's post. I'm always up for some BlogLuv!

  10. LOL! Thanks for the laugh Nance. ; )

  11. anali--you're welcome. hope it helps to speed your recovery!


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