Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Update: Alive And Grateful

It's a month since my terrible fall, and I'm finally able to do most of my usual activities again (even taking walks!) without pain or concerns (or splints). I can feel a knot under the skin on my cheekbone, right where the two little scars are still bright pink. It's tender there when I lie on that side, but I can do it. My knees remain sore, but only when I kneel. Sometimes, I get this feeling like I need to crack my wrists or elbows, like something inside them needs to realign or shift, pop or snap like a rubber band. It's odd and hard to describe.

All of my upper body feels slightly out of joint, honestly. In the morning I do a lot of stretching before I get out of bed, much to the chagrin of one very hungry orange cat. I keep trying to figure out how the hell I managed to hit both knees so hard and sprain my wrists and hurt both elbows and break two teeth and bash up one side of my face. The logistics defy me. I need to Let It Go.

Aside from all of that, I am happy to report that Rick's surgery was a success, and he has made a fantastic recovery well ahead of schedule. Despite it being bone surgery (two big bone spurs were removed and the tip of his clavicle was shaved down), he has had no pain post-op. His mobility is almost normal less than one month later. I am so profoundly grateful. So is he, of course.

The two of us Walking Wounded are helping each other. Together, at first, we made about a Two-Thirds Person! That meant cancelling Thanksgiving since we could not produce a large dinner, and the boys were part of Thanksgivings at their girlfriends' homes. We prepared a small dinner for ourselves and a dessert to share with whoever might come over for a visit later. And they did come, bringing goodies from their dinner to share with us. It was a lovely evening.

Rick is anxious to speed through his remaining physical therapy and get back to normal and get back to work. I'm anxious to get back to normal and be able to do ALL of my usual activities again (like knit). My quest for Patience seems destined to be Eternal.

The very best to come of all of this is the outpouring of Kindness from so many people. Colleagues of my husband's, knowing we are without his income for the length of his recovery, all chipped in and presented us with that collection. My sister Susan cooked up a storm and sent over dinners for a week. One commenter on another blog I frequent noticed my absence there, found my post here about my fall, and let everyone there know what happened. These are but a few examples of the kind of warm compassion that has enveloped Rick and me. We are so grateful.

Of course, you, my Dearest Friends and Commenters, you immediately offered warm thoughts and kindness once I posted news of my accident. I'm so happy to have your support.

As I am typing this, the tense dialogue of the impeachment proceedings is in the background. I am disengaged--above--this mess. I've had enough. Right now, I am concentrating on The Good Stuff. And there is a lot of it.

Thank you, everyone, for your Kindness, Concern, Thoughtfulness, and Support. It means a great deal to me.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

November: Good News, Bad News

The Good News is that there were no broken bones.

The Bad News is that there were two broken teeth, two sprained wrists, two deep elbow contusions, a bashed-in face, and two bruised knees. And a ton of soreness and impatience and oh, more self-admonishment than you could ever know.

Sigh. I fell again. Out on my walk, less than half a block from my home, simply keeping a brisk pace with my eyes only on my surroundings. But there were leaves and acorns hiding the uneven sidewalk joins, and down I went. Hard. So, so hard. I must have tried to stop myself by putting both arms out--big mistake--and then went right on over onto mostly the right side of my face.

Exactly one week before Rick's shoulder surgery.

My timing is, in a word, horrendous.

Poor Rick. This is his second surgery in less than a year, and the second one not covered by Workers' Compensation. He will be out for four months, and all of those with no income. Perfect time for me to incur not only medical bills but dental bills, too. I'm so angry at myself even though I know stuff just happens; I didn't have a single thing to do with how this all unfolded.

We're keeping things positive. We're a good team; we've gone through plenty of tough times before. I'm already feeling better physically. The dentist was able to cap my teeth the next day, which was a huge boost for my spirits and my Vanity. Sam is just down the street, and Jared will be chauffeuring us on Tuesday for Rick's surgery. Because, of course, a huge winter storm is dropping a bunch of snow the night before and on that day. And I don't feel okay driving quite yet, even in the best of conditions.

Any shovelling will have to wait. We won't be going anywhere--either of us--for a little while.

I would like to write more, but it is a bit of a struggle and it takes some time. I will be back after things settle down a bit. Please send your best thoughts to the Universe to see that they do.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October Scrapbook

October has arrived, and with it Autumn. Oh, Summer hung around a bit for the first few days, just like it did last year, but it was a Last Gasp, to be sure. We've already had the ceremonial Igniting Of The Furnace, Planting Of The Bulbs, and the Changing Over Of The Closet. (It's Boot Season--hooray!)

Sadly, we've already had our first Frost Warning as well. Yikes.

Anyway, since we've last been together, I've collected a few snapshots to share with you. Let's take a look, shall we?

Here's the Tomato Fence, the one I pass by daily on my walk. To the right of the profusion of foliage you can see a few fronds of the cherry tomato plant peeping out above and below the slats. Just so you can see my Temptor.

Sadly, I walk past this every day now, too. Longtime readers of this blog know that I am no fan of Halloween decor to begin with, but how did this mass-produced, commercially made flag get all the way to stores with NO ONE picking up on the fact that CEMETERY is misspelled? This hurts me so much.

 But not as much as this. Not only are all the gruesome Halloween...things slammed right up against the chipper Christmas stuff--AND IT'S ONLY MID-OCTOBER--there are actually shoppers looking at the Christmas stuff back there. Furthermore, I realize Thanksgiving is a Quainte Olde Fashionede Observance now, but may we still have it? At its regularly scheduled time? Please?

I need to breathe.

And possibly take a pill.

Moving on to photos from our Department Of Redundancy Department:

Oh, may I? I swear; I read this twice, making absolutely certain that Mr. Ajay Mirmira did not also refer to an ATM machine or state that you could walk in at 2 o'clock AM in the morning. I also wondered if he would say something about ink pens or tuna fish or rising up or some other horrific unnecessary doubling of The Language that would make me swear into my coffee mug.

Finally, this. Alert Husband and Reader Rick saw this at nearby Menards, a home improvement store that is, as I told my friend Jackie, a store so enormous that it is like Home Depot and Walmart had a baby and put steroids in its bottle. (A brief aside:  Rick said that when he saw this, the first thing he said was, "Damn you, Nance! I never used to notice this shit until I met and married you. Now it irritates the hell out of me." Sigh. Ours is a Unique Love Story.)  Hey, Menards! Is it ever, ever possible to "Combine Apart?" No? Pro Tip:  Just say Combine. The word itself means "to put together".

So painful.

Welcome to Fall, everyone. It's getting chilly (and a little irksome) out there.

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