Monday, September 24, 2007

Politics: The George Costanza Principle, Men Who Can't Manage Their Testosterone (With A Side Of History), A Favorite Quote, And My Two Favorite Dems

What a very long time it has been since I waxed political! One caveat before you peruse this post: it has also been a very long time since I had a decent session in the ol' rack monster. I'm a wee bit cranky, but you know what they say about politics and bedfellows anyway.

Oh, and by "session," I just mean "sleep." Sigh. What were you thinking!?

(=) Here's the thing about The Surge, The Petraeus Report, The Iraq Study Group, The War In General (No Pun Intended). Basically, we keep doing stuff that The Angel of Death wants to do and it has been sucking. I say we apply the George Costanza Principle as it happened in Seinfeld show #86, season 5 (1992-1993). In this episode, George realizes that in his whole life, nothing he has ever done has ever worked out for him. So, in a stunning display of daring and boldness, he decides to do the opposite of everything his instincts tell him to do. And an incredible series of successes follows: he meets a beautiful woman, he lands a job with the Yankees, and he gets a great apartment. So, here's the new Iraq Strategy: whatever W says to do, the commanders on the ground, the State Department, hell--everyone--should do the opposite. That should get this thing wrapped up by Christmas. Of this year.

(=) Next. I keep meeting up with men who want to talk politics with me and they invariably bring up The Hillary Issue. Nine times out of ten, they say, "Well, I just don't think that she can be/make a good president." Yet, when I press them for concrete reasons, they can't really offer anything other than this: "Well, she's so polarizing." Or, "Well, she can't win." Or, "I just don't like her." Which all boil down to this: "I can't set aside my testosterone and vote for a woman because, well...I just can't." Sigh. (Sometimes, I get really, really nasty and go in for the kill with Caucasian guys and ask them about Barack Obama to see if they will find a way to pillow the race issue. But not always because they can futz around about "experience.") Anyway, back to this one oldtimer I'm thinking of regarding Hillary. The real clincher was this: he says to me, "Ideally, I'd love to see this country really get back on track and get a really good stand-up CHRISTIAN in the White House!" Holy Crap. I said, "That's the kind of bullshit that got us into this mess in the first place." He said, "No a real one this time." Oh. My.
In the final analysis, I just keep telling everyone that it's way too early. Way. Too. Early. But for anyone who is intelligent, and anyone who doesn't mind reading something wonderful and historic and very short germane to the subject of a woman in the White House, you might really enjoy this. It's incredible how history continues to instruct those of us who are thoughtful enough to listen.

(=) This has to be one of my favorite quotes recently regarding The Angel of Death. Everyone knows that average Americans' attention spans are pathetic anyway; our interest in his war is even more limited since we know that we can't have any impact on it one way or another:
"You have an unpopular President going onto prime time television, interrupting Americans' TV programs, to remind them of why they don't like him."-- A "frustrated Capitol Hill Republican strategist with ties to the G.O.P. leadership," quoted by Time magazine, on President Bush's recent address on Iraq.

(=) Finally, I just have to say that two of my favorite Democrats are doing nicely. Al Gore, fresh from his Oscar win, just picked up an Emmy! And my heart of hearts, Bill Clinton, looks very fit and well and is now on a combination book tour/campaign trail. You know how I worry. Sigh. Those were the days, weren't they? Bill...and Al.... Time to check my "Days Left In Office Countdown" again. Because it WILL END.



  1. I love how The Angel of Death said in an interview that he thinks Hildog is going to win the Democratic nomination but that she'll lose to...whoever the Republicans vote for.

  2. George Costanza 2008! Let it be the Fall of George.

  3. Sometimes the mantra "this too shall pass" is the only thing that keeps me going these days!

  4. I'm right there with you Nance, and when this nightmarish epoch under this so-full-of-shit his breath stinks IDIOT is over, let's all celebrate!!!

    P.S. I almost thought you broke your vow of "no smut in blogs" until you reeled me back in with your specificities on it being "sleep" that you do in bed...hrmmm, imagine that ;-)

  5. Do you know that I'm considering becoming an Independent? Because as much as I want to believe in the Dems, they just ain't doing it for me.

  6. i.h.--The Angel of Death should be grateful that anyone even bothers to write down anything he says anymore.

    mrs. g.--that's a great episode too, "The Summer of George." That, and the line: "A George divided against itself cannot stand." What a great show.

    suzanne--boy, do I hear YOU! love your avatar, btw. I use periwinkle often to describe brian williams's ties in my tie reports. thanks for hanging at The Dept.

    tera--my champage is iced and ready, honey, and you know that.

    as far as "no smut in my blog"--LOL! you know, when I first typed the "session" line, it suddenly occurred to me what some people might think it referred to. i immediately had to torpedo that. wait. by "torpedo", i mean...never mind. this could go on ALL DAY.

    gina--you do what you must, my dear, but don't be a reactionary. switch because you believe IN THEIR PLATFORM, not out of a sense of spite or anger. and remember, in a primary, being Indie might lock you out of voting altogether. stand for something at ALL TIMES. we can't abandon our party when it needs us like we couldn't abandon our country when it needed us most. make noise, write letters, support like-minded candidates. BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK.

  7. Chanted while clicking her (non-tartan) heels together:

    "It will all be over soon. It will all be over soon. It will all be over soon...."

  8. First of all, I definately wasn't thinking "sleep". Shame on me.

    I'm tired of hearing that Hilliary will win the nomination but not the election. Bullsh**t.

    I still like Obama :)

  9. One more thing...

    I really just wish that Hillary and Barack would suck it up and run together. That is what I really would like to see.

  10. I wonder if Al could run and have Bill as his VP? Can they do that? I just want Bill back in the White House.

  11. Anonymous8:25 PM

    My dream ticket is HILLARY for President and........

    Evan Bayh or Joe Biden for Vice President.

    I get a kick out of the GOP. The only candidate they have who has only been married once is the

  12. Anonymous10:29 PM

    George Costanza for President! (Yoo-hooooo... George? Where are you? We need you. The other George just isn't doing it for us.)

    *sigh* I often gaze wistfully at your counter... counting the days down.

    Me? Bring back Bill. Or Al. Or any of the current dems who could overhaul the sicko health care system.

    p.s. finally was able to open the comment section!

  13. I saw this on another blog "1-20-2009: The End of an Error" - Just keeping things in focus.

  14. v-grrrl--do you really hate the shoes that much? LOL.

    nina--I know you like Barack. I like a lot of the candidates and wish I could Frankenstein them. The idea of a Hillary-Obama '08 ticket...don't think the Dems wouldn't love that.

    Scarlet--What a dream ticket. And I'm with you. Anything to have Bill back. Anything.

    nancy--I'm very intrigued by Evan Bayh's slow move. I thought he'd be making more of a mark in the Party by now. I thought he was marked early on as The Golden Child. What happened?

    ortizzle--you know, sometimes i just watch that counter, i really honestly do. i think the only reason he's "doing something" about the airline situation is to take his shot at being popular.

    nancy in a2--LOVE THAT! i really want to steal that. can you tell me where it was?


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