Monday, June 09, 2008

A Few Little Happies; I Can Afford It!

I am officially on Summer Vacation 2008. It would, therefore, stand to reason that I am Blissfully Blissful. Happily Happy. I am at my leisure all day today, and gosh darn it! I'll be at it all day tomorrow as well! Try not to hate me.

In addition to just being able to Sloth Around (and, apparently, Randomly Capitalize), there are a few other things that are making me smile contentedly. It doesn't take much, I'll admit it. Thought I'd share:

1. A florist shop near me runs daily specials that they post on their spiffy electronic sign. They offer a free rose to people with certain names. Past recipients have been Donny and Marie and Fred and Wilma.

2. Jared, my English major son, is rabidly managing his fantasy football team. Its name: the Pencey Red Hats.

3. Also earning Brownie Points for Jared is his Kerry/Edwards sticker still steadfastly clinging to the back of his car.

4. Here are pics of my latest major shoe bargains. Got all three pair for less than the SRP* of the first, thanks in part to Jared's "Former Employee Discount." (*Standard Retail Price)

The orange snakeskin peep-toe pumps are actually rather coral, and they perfectly match a summer sweater I have. The kitten heelish flats have that cute little ruffle trio on them, so they look smart, don't they? Nice for skirts or pants. Honestly, if I told you what I paid, you'd throw up. So I won't. But trust me, it was next to nothing.

5. Here's what was making me happy three whole years ago when I first started up this blog. That stuff would still make me plenty happy today.

What's making you happy these days?


  1. Those grey shoes make me happy- I love them!

  2. I got a massage this evening--that made me very, very happy AND mellow. In fact, I am sinking down into the sofa as I type. ;-)

    I love your shoes, Nance! I have had a terrible time finding shoes I like recently. I did just snag some basic, but very nice black pumps (my Nine Wests finally gave up the ghost after years of wear) and a casual black Naturalizer shoe (those skimmer looking shoes with sort of a sneaker bottom that are so popular now). Those made me happy! Stil in search of more though. I did try on about 20 pairs ... no lie.

    I am very happy that the primaries are over and Obama got the nomination! (I am not happy that I still get emails daily with the same old false tales being spread about him. I dutifully respond with the Snopes link correcting the info, but they persist.) Love the logo--what a gorgeous and hopeful one it is!

    I am happy that I have a date with girlfriends to go see Sex and the City early next week and a whole girlfriend weekend set up for the following weekend with another set of friends. Fabulous!

    I am happy that we went camping on our mtn property this weekend and I have tons of great leftovers from cooking on the grill. Those came in handy tonight when our water was shut off due to a major break.

    That's enough for now. Congrats, Nance, on the start of Summer Vacation 2008. I remember my summers from teaching VERY fondly. LOL Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  3. The beginning of summer. Good books to read. Art projects to try.
    Kids who still don't hate me. A loving husband who makes me laugh.

  4. I vote for the grey shoes.

    Know what ought to be illegal? Happy mimes that look like snowballs or balloons. A knitting needle would make me happy . . . POP!

    Sorry. That was mean. We're crabby. Horrible heat wave with possible "tornadic activity" is keeping kids out of school. They go until the 24th.

    Happy? Younger kid is going to baseball championships. I've completely escaped asthma attacks through this humid heat. I'm thankful Trader Joe's came to my neighborhood. And my new obsession is a teeny digital voice recorder that rocks. It's one-quarter the size of my old, broken mini-tape one, and now I can record Music Kid's performances at his arts academy and public venues and he can't stop me! I can also get audio books (heaven), Prairie Home and This American Life, and download music to it. When I'm interviewing someone for an article, I can record phone conversations--yay!

  5. sputnik--that picture is so very odd, isn't it? it's from some winter festival in Quebec. those grey shoes and the black shoes are the same style. once i saw the price and applied The Jared Discount, I had to have them both. Our nearest Trader Joe's is about 20 minutes away and well worth the annoying trip. Congratulations on getting one, along with all your other happinesses!

    a.l.--isn't summer the very best? i'm so happy not to be COLD anymore! i know you'll keep us posted on the arts-n-crafts. hey...i baked bread yesterday!

    shirley--you are my hero! you covered a massage, shoes, Obama, AND debunking crap with SNOPES in your comment! if you had sneaked a polar bear or bunnies in there, i'd be picking myself up off the FLOOR right now. LOL. YOUR COMMENT MADE ME HAPPY.

    potu--i'm glad that my little grey shoes made you happy. i know you're not in the best of places right now. did you see the little cooky-stealing bunny at the top of the sidebar? that might help you smile a little, too.

  6. Fantastic shoes! I'm so jealous! :)

    What makes me happy? Hmm... Three Musketeers Mint! And Coca-Cola... and Sunshine!!!

    (and bunnies!!)

  7. LOL Nance! The truth is I meant to comment on the bunny at the end of my "litany" and forgot. I was going to say he has that same look our son's chinchilla has when he gets into the WHOLE box of raisins. But, I know "almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right? Sigh. I'll glady take "hero" status though! Plus, on the floor doesn't seem like it would be a good place for you to be anyway ... what with starting your vacation and all! ;-)

  8. sannagrace12:03 AM

    This post made me happy Nance. Love it! And though taking this long to reply to a reply you left for me in your comments (the Mary Lincoln post) embarrasses me, yes, it is I - the same Roxanna who had commented before on your blog. I am amazed and flattered that you remembered me. I check this blog all the time, but I rarely comment. I guess much was self evident huh? :)

    Anyhoo - love your blog and your take on everything from shoes to politics. THe first days of vacation are the sweetest - enjoy!!

  9. Baby smiles and air conditioning make me happy these days!

    love the ruffle shoes, they look like you :)

  10. Happy summer vacation Nance! I'm enjoying the warm weather and having G around. : )

  11. V-Grrrl12:16 PM

    my cats make me happy,i'm enjoying my art classes, it's ONLY 90 degrees today (compared to 103 degrees yesterday) so I was able to take a walk, last night I danced to Justin Timberlake after the kids went to bed, and maybe, just maybe, I'll one day own some really cute shoes.

  12. Nance not much is making me happy...being alive I suppose. I will have to get back to you on that.

    Mimes give me the creeps sometimes.

  13. Nancy3:23 PM

    Hi Nance,

    What makes me happy? Fun. I love fun and funny thoughts. Here is what I'm thinking.

    If a cop arrests a Mime does he still say,"You have the right to remain silent?"

  14. nancy--LOL! right now, go start your own blog. i mean it, woman! you KNOW i'll be there!

    tera--i'm so sorry to hear that you're in a valley right now. i hope you find an easy road out soon. and mimes not only give me the creeps, i find them downright irritating!

    v-grrrl--i'm glad you danced, even it if was to justin timberlake. he just doesn't do it for me. if i come visit, either you could make me a convert, or we'd have to find someone else to boogie to. AND, i'd buy you a pair of acceptable shoes.

    anali--you'd have been proud of me this week already! i made a gorgeous herb bread, all with herbs from my very own garden! i love summer.

    nina--oh, thanks! esp. since i called those shoes "smart!" tell His Highness to save some smiles for me.

    sannagrace/Roxanna--we teachers remember people! it comes with the territory, you could say. i'm so glad you've stuck around, and please feel comfortable commenting whenever you like! we're a welcoming bunch here at the Dept. and i value everyone's take on my posts. your kind words mean much, and the fact that you took the time to read my huge Mary Lincoln post is so gratifying. i hope to see/hear from you often!

  15. shirley--i am so enamored of that bunny that i'm leaving it up through this new post cycle. it's got me mesmerized!

    ck--i just discovered 3 musketeers mint around christmastime. OMG, they are orgasmic. not as orgasmic as NUTELLA, but damn near. i get them in the little chunky minis and hide them in the low cupboard in the kitchen so that it's kinda worky to get at them. if i didn't...i shudder to think.

  16. Seeing that those shoes make you happy makes me happy. Women!

  17. Halley1:57 AM

    What makes me truly happy is reading your witty blogs..I seriously won't read them for 2-3 weeks and I make an evening out of it. Me, my Miller Lite and Nance's blog! Nina laughs at me and told me I better confess or risk being made the topic of a blog. So I must say, thanks for making my evening.
    :) Halley

  18. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Now that and Pinocchio is a floundering lame duck and Darth’s influence has waned, it sure seams as if your count down clock is running faster.
    Have a good summer from So. MD

  19. Hi Nance,

    Your remark about 3 Musketeers and Nutella being orgasmic reminded me of the girl who told her friend that every time she sneezed she had an orgasm.

    Her friend said,"My God, what are you taking for that?"


  20. nancy--well, DUH! ;-)

    St. Jim in SoMd--nice to see you in comments again! never count Darth and the Angel of Death out. You know that in late October, they'll play their last-ditch FearMonger Card to dig up some terrorist Osama bullshit to pander to the militaristic fence-sitters for their scaredy-cat vote. But yes, it IS nice to watch that clock run down, isn't it? and i am making EVERY EFFORT here at the Dept. to have a super summer.

    halley--oh, how nice to get a long-awaited comment from you! nina told me about your ritual, and i'm so very flattered to be part of your evening. what an extraordinary thing to know! i hope you find occasion to comment often. you're so, so welcome here.

    neil--great to know that the Dept. still makes it to your long, long, LONG blogreading list. yes, i admit to THAT stereotypical female behavior. but i bet if men's shoes were more exciting and had more variety, they'd indulge more, too.

  21. My list of happy: the tow truck driver drove us home on Sunday night from dropping my car off at Tuffy; I went out to dinner with my family and we all enjoyed it, including my persnickety grandma which is not an easy feat; I grilled perfect steaks while I was home; TGI Friday's now has their green bean fries available frozen (at least at Sam's Club); I'm on my summer vacation too, which means 3 days a week of not working; my crappy roommate is gone for a week and a half; and the fact that I have a list of happies makes me happy as well!

    I'll have to let you know when I'm in town this summer, I'd love to drop by for a chat on the porch :-) Enjoy your life of warmth and leisure!!

  22. jenomena--I love the green bean fries. I want to experiment with sugar snap pea fries at home. doesn't that sound good? definitely give me a ring when you blow in.

  23. What are green bean fries? I'm picturing something yummy and tempura like, and wishing we weren't cutting back on finances, because I'd love some tempura right about now...

    Those shoes are so very retro 80s, and I mean that in the GOOD way. Very cute.

    Yay summer. :)

  24. So I went and looked at what was making you happy way back when, and now I would be happy if you would post a recipe for the pasta primavera you had back then.

  25. j.@jj--you're exactly right about the green bean fries at Friday's. They are tempura-like: fresh green beans dipped in a very light batter and deep-fried. Served with a wasabi-ish dipping sauce. Very good. And, I'm not being coy in the least when I tell you that there IS no recipe for my pasta primavera. I simply grab a bunch of whatever vegetables are looking good and fresh, usually sugar snap peas, asparagus, red bell peppers, broccoli florets, and saute them very quickly. When they're barely fork-tender, I add white wine and a little chicken broth. I boil up an artisanal pasta that we love called Al Dente ('s ready in 3 minutes. At the VERY LAST MOMENT, I drop in about 3 T of butter to the veggies and grind in about a half-teaspoon of fresh black pepper. Drain the pasta well, toss it in a big bowl, top with the veggies/sauce and eat.


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