Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm Back And Listing A Little, Now That I'm Nine

All of you will be glad to know that Maryland--home of Patriotic Gore That Flecked The Streets Of Baltimore--is still alive and well and right where it belongs. I just returned from yet another Extended Jaunt, during which I luxuriated and slothed and spent more time surrounded by Leanne's fabric hoard while I drank wine and Cosmopolitans and conferred Sainthood upon her long-suffering husband, Jim.

Did any of the rest of you know that there are gloves just for quilting? I'd like to know how the Hetsler sisters, my grandmother Ethel and her siblings Bertha and Grace, managed such an impressive output without them. Who knows what they'd have accomplished had they been suitably gauntleted.

But I digress.

Now that I am back, we can celebrate the Ninth Anniversary of the Dept. of Nance. Nine years ago this month, I staked my claim on this little spot of the cyberverse and began my blog. Who knew that I had such stick-to-it-iveness?

Normally, I choose a Numerical Theme and go from there, but Nine is not a favourite number of mine, so let's just, as the rappers do, "freestyle." (I'm so G.) Do your own Hoodrat Stuff in Comments!

9 Random Material Things That Make Me Happy

1. My GPS
2. My Bench Scraper
3. Effen Cucumber Vodka
4. Words With Friends
5. My Window Bird Feeder
6. Butter
7. Daisies
8. The Internet
9. Pasta

Could I get along without any of those? Maybe. But I would rather not. Are there other things that should be on that list? Oh, sure! But things like books, wine, avocados--those are becoming cliche with me. Besides, I'm freestylin', remember? Off we go.

9 Random Other Things That Make Me Happy

1. My grocery store guy who sings with the Muzak
2. Getting pictures of my granddog via text message
3. Forgetting what day it is
4. Laughing with St. Patsy
5. Reading long, long, long emails from friends
6. Wine on the porch or patio with Rick
7. Dinner with the boys
8. A clean house
9. Travel

I love my grocery store, which is full of genuinely nice and helpful staff. One guy who works there sings along with almost all of the songs on the Muzak, whether it is Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" (which it was yesterday) or Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs" (which seems to play every Tuesday that I shop). He sings enthusiastically and accurately as he stocks shelves, replaces signage, and tidies areas. He only stops to inquire of everyone in his sphere whether or not he can help them. He's wonderful.

And who wouldn't love getting pictures like this?

So I'm celebrating Being 9! Nine Years is a long time to be an Internet Sensation Personality ...Presence. Sigh.

But I owe you all a huge Thank You for reading me. So many of you have been my Steadfast Readers, my Dearest Readers and Friends throughout. And some of you have jumped in at different points along the way, getting to know The Me of that moment on. It is the Conversations with all of You that I so enjoy. Thank You.

Now, won't you have some dessert while I rustle up the champagne? And do share a List Of Your Own Nines (or whatever) in Comments.

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  1. Felicidades, chica! You're three years older than I, so feel free to disregard this tip: You might want to scour the shelves of your local grocery haunt for two particular pinot noirs. They're named Irony and Jargon. No, I do not jest! Acquire a taste of at least one before you head back to school!

  2. Nine! Magic number, magic blog,

    Nine reasons I read you:
    You write precise and elegant English,
    You are extremely funny, sarcastic and witty,
    You are unpredictable,
    You post at just the right rate for me to keep up,
    Your visuals are crisp and interesting,
    You are leaning toward becoming a dog enjoyer,
    We share a former profession,
    Your readers leave interesting comments,
    I really like you for a virtual friend!

  3. Congrats on 9 glorious years of bloggity wonderfulness. It's funny how keeping a blog becomes a lifestyle choice after a while. Just something that you have to do. And thankfully, you're doing it with style and aplomb. Good job.

  4. Ally--Thank you. While not so much a Have To as a Like To, it really is, as you say, A Lifestyle Choice. I like how that sounds: "Why, yes, I write a blog. It's my Lifestyle Choice."

    Mary G--You are so, so kind! Thank you for that list!

    You know, I've always been a Dog Enjoyer. I know I'm not a Dog Owner, and that's the difference. I have a great love of The Idea Of Dogs: breeds, training, playing with, etc. But as I've often said, they are children, really, and far too worky for me. I adore Zydrunas, my granddog, but he cannot live here. He is wild, crazy, and a little smelly for the long haul.

    (PS--If only "Part Canadian" were on that list! Sigh. )

    Melissa--Oh,my. You have been away a very long time. Retired, dearie. Years and years.

  5. Really? My people migrated up from Kentucky many generations ago. I think the term is 'skedaddlers'.

    Perhaps the Canadian part of you will one day wish to visit The Nation's Capital. If so, would love to show you around.

  6. Nine random pleasures, in no particular order...

    A bright, warm kitchen on a dark snowy morning.
    Rain on the roof.
    A new book by a favorite author.
    An old book by a favorite author.
    French vanilla cappuccino K-Cups.
    Making realprof laugh out loud.
    The first day of Fall Semester.
    Sunday newspapers.
    Connecting...like this

    Happy Blogiversary, and many more.

  7. Hmmm. 9 things I'm liking right now. Let's see.

    1. Wine
    2. Avocados (I felt like I could say them, even though you chose not to, as they were redundant. But still, they need to be said.)
    3. Sabbatical.
    4. Seeing friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I spent yesterday with a friend that I haven't seen in about 15 years. She lives 20 minutes away. It's stupid. Our lives have gone in different directions, but she's still awesome.
    5. Visiting my Grandma last week. Gosh, she's getting old and forgetful. We all gripe about it, but seeing it in a 91 year old is a bit different. Nevertheless, it's always a treat to spend some time with her.
    6. Reading blogs, though I'm sorry to say I haven't been doing a lot of that lately. Perhaps I can spend some of the last week of my sabbatical getting caught up.
    7. Getting Things Done. There's a feeling of accomplishment to cleaning up the back yard, laying down mulch, planting new plants, that sort of thing. I like it.
    8. Gilmore Girls. OK, stupid TV show, but one that I like. It's not on TV here (I don't get the channel that plays it every day at 11), nor on Netflix or Hulu or anything. So I've been getting DVDs from the library. I'm alone in my enjoyment, and Ted and Maya are likely to leave the room if I start it up.
    9. Having a daughter with a job. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with saying, "My daughter's at work." I don't know how to explain it, but it's true.

  8. Also, happy blogaversary! And yay for dog pictures. I adore dogs. They are more work, but it's work I enjoy, and with the cat allergies around here, I don't have a lot of options.

  9. Woo hoo! I'm so glad you started blogging & that I found you :)

    OK, nine (totally random) things that I enjoy:

    1. Milk duds
    2. Walking in the woods
    3. Hearing Mike laugh
    4. The Harry Dresden books
    5. The Harry Potter books (maybe I should just make this one item & call them the Harry Books)
    6. Tomatoes from our garden
    7. Carrying the internet (& email & maps & a camera & a timer & an alarm clock) in the palm of my hand
    8. Penguins
    9. Bags

  10. P.S. Getting my hair chopped off next week. Jenna Elfman from 2011 short if I still have the courage by then :)

  11. Bug--Thank you! I'm so glad to have been found. I'm completely smitten with numbers 6 & 7, too. My son Sam has a very real fondness for number 8. If by "bags", you refer to the purse, I have lost my fascination and fondness for them entirely. I think of them more as tedious necessities now, and hold onto ones that I like as if they were a lifeline. Still won't pay any more than $40 for one, period. And I don't think I'll buy another one for years.

    Go for the haircut, seriously. It's just hair and it will grow back. I was a LongHair my whole life almost, and was scissor-shy also. I am loving my short, choppy 'do. I get a lot of compliments, it's easier to deal with, and it's very liberating in a lot of ways.

    J@jj--Thank you. And certainly saying Wine and Avos is important. My love affair with both is unceasing and torrid. And often simultaneous. Thank heavens.

    Getting Things Done is heavenly and so good for the Soul. I agree wholeheartedly. It's incredibly satisfying to see Progress and feel proud. We are currently in a simply horrid cycle of high tropical humidity and omnipresent threats of rain (I wish so much we could send it to you!!), so yard work is a punishment. My herbs are loving it all, but need to be reined in.

    I have a friend who is only blocks away, and I have not seen her all summer! How idiotic, but as you say, our lives are in different directions. We both love spending time together, but we know where we are, and somehow that is okay. I need to just call her.

    fauxprof--Thank you, and it is always nice to hear from you here. I do like connecting with my friends in comments. I am continually amazed that I have friends through my writing. It makes me so humbled and proud at the same time. A wonderful sort of oxymoronic feeling. Your list is a pleasant list, and I share your enjoyment of Sunday newspapers. The glorious clutter of it is truly a pleasure.

    Mary G--Rick is some distant part Canadian, and is constantly wishing to apply for dual citizenship. We are deeply smitten with Canada, and not just for its Ontario regional wines. If we ever decide to zip into Ottawa, I would be delighted to meet up with you. What fun!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Nine years is huge! : )

  13. Lisa Johnson--Oh, thank you, my dear. You were one of my Very First Readers And Commenters, and as such, your encouragement inspired my longevity. Bless you!

  14. I know I'm late with these wishes, but congrats on your big blogiversary, Nance! You were an "early adopter" of blogging for sure and have set a fine example for all of us. I don't always comment, but I hope you know that I always read and appreciate your posts.

    9 things I'm loving right now:

    Vacation with Mr. GFE (even when retired, a change of scenery and routine are both appreciated)

    Seasonello Bologna Aromatic Herbal Salt

    Reading real books again (instead of listening to audiobooks in the car, which I still love, but is something completely different, of course)

    Not being ready for fall (still trying to hold onto summer despite all the pumpkin pushing going on already)

    Being on an epic decluttering streak at home

    New towels and washcloths in pretty colors (I had forgotten how nice new towels can be and the pretty colors make me smile!)

    Planning future trips with Mr. GFE

    Zinnias in the yard and a mixture of flowers planted late in a planter--all are thriving!

    Seeing my new food processor come in the door and seeing my KitchenAid stand mixer (only used once or twice) go out the door with my friend for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law who will use it to make gluten-free bread (and more) for my friend's son/her future husband

    There are so many things to be grateful for really and an "I'm loving" list is a great reminder. :-)


  15. Shirley--Thank you for the wishes! It really is astonishing that it's been 9 years.

    St. Patsy is a huge zinnia fan, and she has indulged her fetish by planting huge pots of them at my brother's lakehouse. They are doing marvelously, standing straight and showing brilliant hues of fuchsia, orange, and pink. I like them too, but I have sworn off all annuals.

    I can never let go of my stand mixer; I use it often enough to justify its bright red attractiveness on my countertop. And I also love my food processor, which has attained Iron Man status, having lasted over 20 years now! That thing is a record-breaker.

    I'm terribly jealous of you, having a retired husband, but you know that it's not In A Bad Way. Give him my best.


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