Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sometimes, Whilst Driving, One Has To Turn Around, Find A Nearby Parking Lot, And Take That Picture To Share With Everyone

Wow.  That Jesus.  Talk about a Personal Saviour.


  1. This may just lead me off in another religious direction entirely.

  2. About 20 years ago I was driving north on hwy 7 in western Massachusetts when my teenage son and his friend yelled "Stop the car!"

    They had me back up to a small strip mall - located in Lanesbourgh - consisting of only three businesses. One was a post office, one was a liquor store, and the last was a gun shop. This was during the time of post office shootings by "disgruntled postal workers". Here, in place were the three business in place to do the deed.

    I was lately traveling in the area and found the strip mall. Only the post office was still there

  3. And the truth shall set ye free!

  4. Melissa B--The truth and about 250 bucks up front.

    phoebes in sf--Talk about One-Stop Shopping! Reminds me of a business in our town a while back: Computer Repair and Tae Kwan Do. Always wondered if the two were simultaneously done.

    Mary G--Oh, Miss Mary. You can always "go there" in Comments!

  5. Hilarious! And I love how you used the British "Saviour." :)


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