Friday, December 21, 2012

And So I'm Offering This Simple Phrase

May you find the magic of the holiday and may it last the whole year through.

Merry Everything from the Dept. of Nance.


  1. Thanks -

    Have a joyous and blessed Christmas.


  2. Merry merry right back atcha! Or should that be catcha? (Ugh - I've broken my rule of no commenting on blogs before 8:00 a.m.)

  3. "Merry Everything" ... I like that! And I love the Santa sidebar bunny, Piper showing off (assuming that's your own photo), Marlowe atop packages, and the reindeer ornament made from popsicle sticks (we have one of those). Merry Christmas to you and yours, Nance!


    p.s. Re: Sarah Palin ... one of the sad things about media is that once someone has a moment in the spotlight, they keep calling them back to ask their opinions again and again. I'd rather Sarah just go away forever ... along with Karl Rove and tons of others (on both sides of the fence).

  4. From the depths of two weeks worth of vacation laundry, I wish you and all your readers the happiest holiday of your choice. (They were lighting the Chanukah candles every night on the cruise ship, which was lovely.)

    We are keeping the Christmas decorations minimal and up high this year, due to the presence of an adolescent puppy to whom everything is either (a) edible (b) a toy, or (c) both.

  5. fauxprof--Welcome back! I am envious of your cruise, but not of your laundry. Ugh. Our tree will need to be retinseled before guests arrive on Christmas Eve due to Marlowe's spectacular tail and the equally spectacular fights below the tree. Oh, the price we pay for the love from our pets.

    Shirley--Yes, that's Piper in the post pic. He and Marlowe both love the tree, but she hates the camera. She has, however, personally sat upon pretty much every single present, whether wrapped or awaiting wrapping. Such a "helper." Sigh. The boys have already accused her of trying to ruin Christmas.

    You are so right about S. Palin and others' ubiquity in media. Once they hit someone's rolodex (or modern equivalent) for one little thing, they are called upon again and again for soundbites. Because she is so dumb and says such ridiculously provocative stuff, she pulls in ratings from viewers of her ilk. And she is ruled by her avarice. So awful.

    Bug--You're fine. "Catcha" would be a colloquial expression for "catch you." Grammar lesson over.
    Enjoy your travels/visits this holiday!

    Jazzbumpa--You're welcome. I will have my boys home for a couple days and am looking forward to lots of laughter and love.

  6. And the same back to you, with gingerbread trim. This Christmas my daughters are cooking - but I have my orders for things to add to the feast. We just got our electricity back after a 1.5 foot snowfall and two days in the dark. So I am now about to WRAP. Ho, Ho, Hum.

  7. Mary G--That is too much snow. Actually, for me, any amount of snow is too much. Enjoy your family Christmas and feast.

  8. Mr. O. and I will be having a very tranquil Christmas as 98% of our relatives are spread out across the globe, but we will be traveling to a reunion in Houston with my brother, sister, et al for New Year's Eve. I've still got a truckload of stuff to get ready for the spring semester, but I plan on closing up shop and not reading work email for at least a few days so I can have the same expression on my face as Piper.

    Here's to the merriest of Christmases at the Dept.!

  9. Ortizzle--Thank you. Please do take some You Time with no schoolwork for the holiday break. I know it will still be there, but it's important to blow it off completely and feel the lightness, if only for a little while. Drive safely. Does TX even have speed limits? LOL.

  10. We're enjoying the quiet time before the rush of work in the new year, as we "stretched" the truth this year to say we were out of town when, in fact, we just wanted to stay home and have a stress-free Christmas by ourselves. Getting to do what I want for Christmas for a change is such a relief that I don't care that the weather is wet and cold or that tax season is just around the corner. My family and horses are healthy (for the most part), happy, and enjoying life. That's what is most important to me.

    And to everyone at the Dept., may the best of the holidays be yours: family, health, love, and joy, with warmest regards from the inmates at the Funny Farm.

  11. LaFF--Oh, good for you! Staying home and relaxing in your jammies shouldn't be such a guilty pleasure/indulgence. It should be the rule. We here at the Dept. are hunkered down for a big blizzard today...yuck. Hoping all the forecasters are WRONG.

  12. Relaxing and enjoying the kids. Enjoying my time away from work. Reading books for a change.

  13. Rainbow--Sounds perfect! I know you're enjoying every moment.


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