Friday, December 07, 2012

The Dept.'s First Annual Gift Guide

Not this.  Ever.


  1. omg. I'm sure the cat is thinking "How grotesque." To say nothing of the fact that the elastic that would be needed to hold this monstrosity in place is probably choking the hell out of the cat. In fact, I can't imagine any cat not pawing its way out of that situation before you would even have time to take a photo.
    What. Were. They. Thinking.
    (Probably about drunken idiots on New Year's Eve who are stupid enough to think this is a cute idea.)

  2. Ditto Ortizzle. Also, why is the horn on the top of the cat's head? that's not a unicorn horn - it's a really skinny dunce cap!

  3. Haha! I can't imagine that a cat exists that will allow you to put one of those things on it. That photo is probably brought to you via Photoshop. And like The Bug said, it's not even a unicorn horn. I love it when you find these things, Nance. I needed this laugh today!


  4. More often than not, I find Christmas so very annoying, and this sort of thing is why...

  5. BooksterOne--I find most holiday gift guides extremely annoying. That's why I had to post one and use this as my sole item.

    Hope you are well and getting back to full strength!

    Shirley--Glad I could provide you with a chuckle. I have to give credit to Rick for this find. He sent it to me months ago, and I vowed to use it at some point. If you do a Google image search of cat unicorn horn, you can see exactly what happens when some Real Cats are presented with this fashion opportunity. Sigh.

    Bug--Exactly. And we all know that the Real Dunces are the people who dress up their pets. Urk.

    Ortizzle--I cannot even begin to stress to you (or anyone, really) how low my opinion is regarding the dressing up of animals. And words are my commerce and my hobby. It truly pains me to see any animal wearing flubdubs and falderal simply for the vanity of its owner.

    This goofy thing would probably panic a cat besides embarrassing it to death.

    Is it funny just to look at? Yes. Oh, yes. A million times yes. I hope the box is empty.

  6. Well, the unicorn horn is obviously for people who are stoned or drunk. And yeah, how lame that they didn't even photoshop it into the correct place, on the cat's forehead?

    I'm mostly with you on dressing up animals. I did love this Halloween costume, though:

  7. J@jj--Funny costume. Dogs are generally more compliant, I think. Not all, of course. And despite my overall loathing of human garb on animals, I always loved that photo of Genevieve with her hat on.

  8. Which brings me to the reason I'm back to blogging: Check out today's post over at my place. Like minds think alike, I'll wager. PS: Every time I tune in Brian Williams, I do two things. First, I look at his neck-ware. Then, I think of you. Cheers!

  9. Well, Gen did look quite fetching in that hat, and truly, she only had it on for a minute while I took the picture. She wouldn't have stood for it much longer.


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