Tuesday, September 07, 2010

After 28 Years, I Am A Freshman Again, And Let Me Tell You, It Sucks Even Worse

Oh, dearest Ones. Who knows when I shall ever again be able to coherently form delightful phrases, erudite sentences, or coherent magnificences?

Not Anytime Soon.

Opening a huge new school is...well...fraught with Many Difficulties. And stressful. And without, apparently, printers. Among other things. Sigh.

While we all now struggle to teach via 19th century methods in a 21st century building, I need to conserve my energy and resources, so this space will be in stasis for the time being. Please check back--perhaps over the weekend.

And send patience.


  1. Are the printers coming at least? Is there hope on the horizon? What a ridiculous situation!

  2. Nancy8:39 PM

    "Oh, dearest Ones. Who knows when I shall ever again be able to coherently form delightful phrases, erudite sentences, or coherent magnificences?"

    How about voicing Fricatives? Any luck there?

  3. Sending good vibes your way! Hopefully printers and the rest of the modern amenities show up soon too!

  4. Gosh, I feel like I'm unable to do those things either, and no new school with 19th century technology to blame. Curses.

    Good luck. I'll check back.

  5. Yikes. Now I know why some people hate clowns. The entire scene reminds me a lot of high school, in fact, and not just my freshman year. (Actually, I was never a freshman or even a freshwoman; I went from a Junior High that included 9th grade to a high school that began in the 10th grade.) But if I had had a freshman year, it would have looked like that.

    So, anyway... here's my recipe for survival right now:

    1. Mix up a huge batch of martinis upon returning home each day.

    2. Sip slowly with kitties nearby. If feeling generous, tip some martini into the kitties' bowl. Might as well break them in early.

    3. Put your best linen on the table and call husband to bring exotic take-out meal for dinner.

    4. Start working up an outline for your next post about The New School Trauma, because it will be very cathartic and amuse us all no end.

    5. If No. 4 is not forthcoming, I wish you patience and even more martinis.

    (What? This is your normal M.O.? Oh, heck.)

  6. Mikey G.12:05 PM

    I still haven't figured out where the copiers are at the new school I work at. I know where the ones are that are open during the day, but the ones in the evening? I just copy things at the other school I work at. Shhh...don't tell anyone!

  7. I remember life before copiers - we had a thing called a Gestetner and it hated me. I was literally blue with ink whenever I had to wrestle with the thing.
    Sending virtual patience that I can ill spare.
    'Till later.

  8. Oh, gracious me! Will the trials and tribulations of educator-dom never cease? Hope everything straightens itself out and that you're able to resume your duties on a smoother path...

  9. Melissa B.--Thanks. You and I know that the T&T are always there. One or two may go, but they are always replaced by others.

    Mary G.--Oh, and the "ditto machine" with all its purply glory and its hideous-smelling fluid. None of ours ever had counters that worked, so you had to count each "thunk" of the drum and add a few extra to compensate for blurry or light ones. Still waiting on your patience to arrive...!

    Mikey G.--Isn't it terrible what we are reduced to in the ed. biz? Petty crime and subterfuge. Sigh.

    Ortizzle--Someday, I'll spill the Sordid Details, but not till Retirement. Kitten Therapy has been helpful, however, truly. And with the Stress and Mysterious Buzz From The Ceiling Panel-Induced Migraines, martinis are out of the question. Someone just...never mind.

    J.@jj--LOL! Well, hell! It's nice to have a pretty damn good excuse then. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Anali--My "Smart" Board shows up every now and then. The printer showed up, but it has run out of ink. The copier keeps asking for paper even though it is full. I'm not sure what it all means. I'm just hoping I don't need anything printed/copied anytime soon because if I have to go anywhere to find another one, I'll get lost.

    Nancy--That's in Creative Writing II, so no, not till second semester.

    J.--See my reply to Anali. Sigh.

  10. Oh Nance, this is truly a case where a picture is worth 1,000 words! I could FEEL your pain just by looking at it. Hopefully things will look up over time...hang in there. Nina told me that the building is really nice though :-)


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