Sunday, August 29, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: Space-Saving Submissive Fighter, Not Sinner

Oh, "Julio. The Contractor." (Or Julia, is it?) I struggle more with your overall message than with your lack of SpacingBetweenWords and hastily added "R" which still didn't fix things.

How shall we read that first sign, which seems to admonish you for bringing "Socialism" to us? Or is that resounding NO supposed to be a ban on both "Socialism" and "Julio/Julia. The Contractor"? So confusing!

And that second placard. WerNot GoingToTakeIt seems pretty downright adamant. It's foot-stomping, gauntlet-tossing, InYerFace rabblerousing language, if you ask me. Remember the famous scene from Network when Peter Finch's character Howard Beale rants into the camera and says a version of this very line? I'm sorry, but "humble" isn't really what you're after here. I'm thinkin' you're not understanding the movement. What is your narrative? "Hey! WerNotGoingToTakeThis Socialism. Wer humble. Please let us be capitalists. America is humble. Lee Greenwood got it wrong."?

Maybe "Julio/Julia. The Contractor" should humbly offer a new symbol for the teaparty to haul around to their rallies:

Julio pic found here.


  1. Sorry, I'm having a moment here. [Collecting self.]

    It's just that sign #2 brings on, to those of us old enough to remember "Tommy", the rock opera, some of the lyrics following those JammedTogetherLines. (Please put the blue pencil down for the moment, this is rock music.)

    Never did and never will.
    Gonna break it, gonna shake it.
    Let's forget it, better still."

    If these people claim they are seeking to reclaim the core values of the Founding Fathers, couldn't they at least include education? I've read the Declaration of Indepedence and the U.S. constitution. Some of the spelling is a bit archaic but the sentence structure is sound.

    Of course, they weren't trying to cram the whole thing on to a poster, were they?

  2. Sometimes the lack of planning in the lettering gets me more than the lack of spelling. Maybe the graphics design part of my brain - I find it hard to believe that anyone could layout a line of text that badly.
    Mindblowing. Sad. Funny as hell when you comment on it. Keep them coming, please.

  3. Mary G--I know what you mean. I'm sure these rallies aren't spur-of-the-moment things where, suddenly, a bunch of teapartiers generate text messages and grab posterboards, markers, scrap lumber, and patriotic gear and meet up, scrawl their signs and...well, whatever it is that they do. I'll keep this feature going for a little bit longer, at least until I'm no longer amused. Glad I'm tickling your funny.

    Phyll--Oh, I thought the same thing! I was a huge fan of the film version starring Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, etc. I had the soundtrack and played it all the time. Tina Turner as the Acid Queen was genius casting, IMO.

    Anyway. Your larger point is well made and summarily taken. It's probably the biggest reason that Faux News Foamer-at-the-Mouth G.Beck urged his faithful NOT to bring signs to his messianic gathering over the weekend. He knew that The Liberal (read: Educated) Media/Press would have a field day with the brainless toads that clutch at his coattails.

  4. Nancy6:57 PM

    There just might be an opening on a reality show for Julio.. I have it on good authority that Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino
    is being kicked off "Jersey Shore" because Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is accusing him of not sexually harassing her enough. She's offended..

    Julio "The Contractor" might be just their man. If he fails his audition for the cast they could always use his creative talent to make cue cards. The only words he would have to spell correctly would be *&^%$%$# and BLEEP.

  5. The spelling? Only increases my certainty that Tea Partiers are morons.

  6. aplo--oh, their leaders (beck and palin) did that for me eons ago. so scary.

    Nancy--what frightens me is that you know so much about those people on that show. i only know about it because i watch "The Soup" on E! when i stumble upon it. yikes. now, for Balance, please watch something from Ken Burns on PBS. Immediately. ;-)

  7. Nancy5:51 PM

    Hey, Them's my kinda peeple..You can have Ken Burns and them other egg heads. I live to see Snooki and The Situation in a drunken stupor under the Boardwalk.

    Besides,Miss Snarky Pants, Snooki is going to be rich some day. I heard that when her IQ reaches 50she's gonna sell!

  8. OK, Nance...I'm trying to get into the "Zen Zone" before school starts on Tuesday. Any suggestions? Your Tea-Party Bashing is a great help...

  9. "America is humble."

    Well, yes. And to that I would add:
    He IS heavy. And he ain't my brother.

    My husband is Luis the Contractor. Unlike what I imagine about Julio, he is a civil engineer and has much better spelling in English.

    I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the teabonics people just enjoy splashing paint on signs and marching around in hopes of being photographed. They think "wer" laughing because we don't get it. They would be right about that, too. :-D

    P.S. The WORD-VER: "kersin"
    Definition: What tea-partiers er doin' all the time. Just kersin the guverment.

  10. Ortizzle--It's certain, sadly, that some of these teaparty morons will gain a seat in Congress in DC. I hope like hell that they soon feel their gross inadequacy and vast ignorance and that they are roundly laughed at and their gaffes pounced upon by media relentlessly. Of course, look at their ilk already: S. Palin, M. Bachmann, etc. who have been legitimized. And GW Bush was their king. Ugh.

    Mel B--I'm too late, sorry. And as you have already read, there is no Zen even for me. I'm exhausted, frustrated, and beleaguered. Stay away from my mojo for now.


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