Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Which I Fail To Remember The Name Of The Establishment Altogether...

Dragging myself out of my Exhaustion/Frustration Coma long enough to post this bit of Car Dialog. It is indicative of my Addled Mental State. Summer Brain is one thing; my Brain On Stress is quite another.

Scene opens on Rick and Nance in car. They are stopped at the corner at a red light. The restaurant there is a Friendly's, a family chain restaurant specializing in soda fountain treats. The large sign on the lawn has the removable letters.

Nance: (reading aloud, pronouncing as words) Omized eam akes. That's all I can see from here.
Rick: (doing likewise) I can only see-- Ized am es.
Nance: What do you think it says?
Rick: I'm going to lay bets on "Customized Ice Cream Cakes."
Nance: Oh. Hmm. Wow. Really?
Rick: Why? What were you going for?
Nance: Um, I was going for "Sodomized Team Cakes."
Rick: Ahem. Well. You're gonna lose.


  1. Does one need any more innuendo on a sign that advertises "happy endings"? Also, we should get coffee sometime. I miss your storytelling. I hope you're doing well and that you've been able to charm the custodians into letting you bring your class couch to the new building.

  2. Sodomized cream cakes would be even better.

  3. Bwaaahahahahahaha! Wow. And hey I used to work there...they would NEVER put that on that sign! ;-)

  4. OMG, Nance, yer killin' me over here.

    I wonder what they charge for their Team Cakes? I hope there's a high minimum legal age, at least.

    And I love the double entendre of "happy ending"--ominous and undoubtedly very cold.

  5. sputnik--Glad I'm having some effect on someone someplace. Sigh. I'm so tired these days. And the sign, once we pulled up farther, did say "Customized Ice Cream Cakes" after all. Rick won and I was, I'm afraid to admit, more than disappointed. LOL.

    Tera--I know, I know. I just couldn't think of anything even remotely sane or coherent. How pathetic am I? Oh, pretty damned pathetic.

    V-Grrrl--Hee hee. That sounds like a porno film for a food fetishist.

    Laura Miller--Oh, dearie. We're not permitted to do anything or bring anything that interferes with The Vision. I can't even have a rug. My room looks terribly sterile and very Un-Nancelike. It's sad, really. The most I have are a few knickknacks on the windowsill next to my desk and a little flamingo sitting on my computer. And once They see those, I'm sure I'll hear about it. Re: grabbing a coffee/drink/appetizers--once I come up for air and feel "normal", do let's!

  6. Nothing says Happy Ending like a Team Cake, as in "Take one for the..."

  7. Stop doing that while I am drinking coffee. Gurgle, gasp, wipe.

  8. Maybe the Sodomized Team Cakes were meant for the dessert menu here:

  9. Ortizzle--LOL! Did you recall this sign from other Browsing, or what? Too funny.

    Mary G.--I know. If it weren't so sad, I'd be chuckling myself. What on Earth is my Problem?

    dbso--Oooooh! Good one.

  10. Nah... Just cruising around for funny signs. Some of my favorite signs locally are the ones posted by churches, such as one I saw years ago and have never forgotten:

    "Dusty Bibles:
    Dirty Lives!"

    But we don't need dusty bibles to find the dirt, do we?! ;-)

  11. LOL! You should send this picture to Jay Leno! ; )


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