Tuesday, September 21, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: FYI


There is so much Crazy going on here that I can't knot my neurons around it. At this point we can just overlook the implication being made via punctuation that Obama is not Our President's real name--apparently Barack is using an alias for this White House gig--and instead puzzle over this peacenik's intent behind stringing together these Helpful Facts for Our Edification.

Is he sort of a Rampant Anglophile who just likes to point out British stuff? Is he part of a Scavenger Hunt? (Go thirty-five paces north and proceed until you see Random Fact Sign Carrier. Write down what his sign says.) Is he sloshed on Mad Dog 20/20, stumbled upon what he thought was a party (not a Party), and someone was wrongheaded enough to give him a marker and some posterboard?

Wow. Look away. Just...look away.


  1. OK, Nance, I'm at a loss for words but Albert Einstein wasn't.

    When I see this guy and all the other Tea Party sign carriers I think of the professor and his famous quote:

    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

  2. There are many countries to be wary of in these days. But I feel (maybe wrongly according to this guy)that the British have put their world conquering days behind them. Perhaps somewhere in this sign bearer's family history their was some nasty quartering of soliders that they still are pissed about.

  3. Why are these people still getting mileage out of their fear of Obama?? Why aren't they all in menal hospitals where they belong? They can have their tea parties there.

  4. Obviously this Bright Boy connected the dots and figured out that since Obama, by colonial association, is actually BRITISH, he caused the oil spill. (?)

  5. Mikey G.1:40 PM

    Ouch. Just, ouch.

  6. So this is all "Obama's" fault for picking a really bad alias. He should have chosen something like Smith or Johnson or Miller, something that wouldn't lead the truth-seekers so easily to the facts of his foreign birth and Islamic beliefs.

  7. S--Sadly, that still wouldn't take care of it for most of them. See...he'd still be black.

    Mikey G.--I know, right?

    sputnik--Kind of you. I'm just too hardened by years and years of student writers who plead, "But...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT! Not if you don't WRITE IT THAT WAY, I DON'T.

    apathy lounge--because the rest of the media have legitimized Faux News and have given an audience to these yahoos. This is what happens when TV is 24 hours a day and anyone who is goofy is a celebrity. Witness S. Palin. Urgh. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there. Did you see Colin Powell on MTP last Sunday? He was so incredibly brilliant (except for the part where he claimed he was still a republican). He has so much character--even after being made a patsy by The Angel Of Death--and what he said about the state of politics today w/ref. to the teapartiers was perfect.

    J.--Nasty and Pissing are two words that do come to mind when I look at this guy. That much is true. LOL.

    Nancy--A very apt observation regarding the teapartiers. I think Albert was a Democrat!

  8. I think Sputnik got it right. Somehow they were trying to carve out a syllogism in 2 sentences. Did they mean:

    *Obama was born in Kenya, a British colony.

    *B.P. is British Petroleum, a British company.

    *Obama and B.P. are both British, and therefore mutually responsible for all British occurrences in the world.

    Even if we could forgive them for not saying what they MEANT... who the hell cares? If Obama could be blamed for the oil spill, then maybe we also need to assign him responsibility for all Acts of God. Which would be wonderful, because then the Tea Baggers could just stop making signs. We would always know that whatever Evil was afoot in the world, Obama would have to be responsible for it. ;-)

  9. Ortizzle--Yet, they would still make signs because the teaparty misguided have as their Sole Mission goal to Take Back America. As part of that, they must remind us what has happened to it and by whose hand. Sigh. Sadly, they are about to take it back indeed, to about the 18th century, along with its spelling and punctuation variants and its...oh, never mind. Thumper Rule, Thumper Rule, Thumper Rule.

  10. The British are Coming! The British are Coming! HELP!

    (Sorry, I spent a few days in the Colonies for work, and I'm still all atwitter...that would be, I traveled from California to Massachusetts, where you have Minutemen Street and things like that...)


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