Wednesday, August 04, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: The Three Stooges


Apparently, the following apply:

1. "Big Government" refers to standardized spelling.
2. The Government's version of medical care will even take away the letter H.
3. The dyslexic teaparty sign carrier's chair has insufficient back support.
4. The teapartier on the blanket in the background is even too embarrassed to sit with these morons.

Good call.


  1. Nancy9:01 PM

    Ok, so the burning question is this.Who is messing with my HEALTCARE? And.....

    Who made that sign anyway? Joe Pesci? Sounds like something he said in My Cousin Vinny. "The two youts couldn't get healtcare"

    That was bad enough, but TRYANNY is worse..I thought we settled that TRYANNY business in 1776.

    Haven't they heard? It was in all the papers...Oh,wait! Not Rupert Murdoch's...

  2. Karen Murphy Schlesinger3:22 PM

    Nance, what do you mean by "standardized spelling?" Who's standards? The teaparty's? I thought they were against the "gubberment" not the "goverment." How is this different from Palinese? I need the Fictionary to keep up.

  3. Karen, I thought it was gubbmint. Thanks for the correction. Maybe I be mispallin.

    Nance, with three in a row on this one, stick a fork in me. I'm DONE! Gonna need a lot more healtcare to survive more TP picketing!

  4. sputnik--if only the old chestnut saying about "three on a match" were really true!

    KMS--Actually, I think the correct spelling of "their" word would be the "Gubmint", but I could be wrong. All in all, it's terrifyingly disheartening. (Nice to see you hear, though! Just lovely.)

    Nancy--Oh, you know the teapartiers. They'll Tryannything. LOL.

  5. Is it ridiculous to ask if there are any Tea Party signs that are grammatically correct with proper spelling? Three together like that ...sheesh.


  6. Shirley--I'm sure there are some. I'm sure that the people taking the pictures of the incorrect ones are biased--as I am--and are doing so to make their point that most teapartiers really aren't that careful and thoughtful about the Really Big Issues. They simply don't understand the nuances and complexities of the things they are yammering about, let alone the basics of the language. The more exposure the media outlets give them as a Legitimate Force In American Politics, the more it is up to the rest of us to peel away the thin veneer of this so-called Legitimacy and show what they're really about--even if it's simply to display their embarrassing lack of command of the basics (usage and spelling) of what They would dub Our Official Language.

  7. The word verification is "ingsh." I am thinking that could be the language tea partiers write, although I have just discovered the word teabonics. Today's pic would be a teabonics trifecta.

    One of my all-time faves was a sign with this teabonic abomination:

    Get a brain...

    heh, heh... the pot calling the TEAkettle black?

  8. So sad. Just. So. Sad.

  9. aplo--yes, but still funny in its own pathetic way.

    Ortizzle--I love that one. And it spawned its own website, which is where I've been getting a few of these.

  10. Steve M11:06 PM

    Mrs. D! I came across this article, and after thinking about your summertime teaparty analysis, thought you would enjoy this. There are people out there in the world who are righting the grammatical wrongs in our world!

  11. Steve M11:09 PM

    And after posting that, I realize I used the word 'world' twice in the same sentence. Is excitement an excuse for redundancy?

  12. Hi, Steve M! I got both of your comments via email, but for some reason Blogger ate the first one here. In any event, rest assured that I don't Go All English Teacher/Grammarian on comments here. I'm just pleased that people chat in this forum with me and each other about whatever my post may spark. Regarding your first comment and the cross-country travelling sign correctors whose journeys eventually became the book The Great Typo Hunt, I've been hearing about/reading about this for a great part of the summer. Thanks for the link; I'll read the excerpt provided and see if they're doing it with humour or nastiness or frustration or a mixture of all three.


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