Sunday, August 22, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: If You Can Read This, Thank...?

Okay, so...WHAT, NOW?

Let's just for one moment--if we can--ignore that first sign (in all its Crazy-Peddling Glory). And the fact that she's got two impossibly wordy signs along the side of a road where, we assume, she is hoping that people driving by in cars going at least 30 miles per hour, will be reading her pithy messages.

What in the samholyhell is going on in that second sign? Thank heaven some part of its blathering lunacy is obliterated because, honestly, it was giving me a sick-headache. At first I thought that, just maybe, the two signs were supposed to be read across; perhaps they came apart in her transport of them from Dodge Caravan or Ford F-150 Extended Cab to streetside. But even then, the message made no more sense than it does when you read it as written: "My name is Hope not The Congress taxing Hope so stop using my name for your (insert paranoid government agenda here per teaparty propaganda)."

WTF, teaparty lady?

And why all the hate for scholiasts? I'm not too sure any are around anymore, in the strictest classical sense, but in my own way, I'm pretty much a scholiast myself, and I'm not aware of having any taxable policies, per se.

At least her hat matches her shirt.

Photo found here


  1. Nancy7:39 PM

    I read this somewhere and will use it now because this person deserves it.

    "This woman sets low personal and political standards for herself and then consistently fails to achieve them."

  2. These people make me tired. Tired is something I can no longer afford, being that summer is officially over and I'm leaving for work (school) in a half an hour. Have a great year!

  3. My head is still spinning over the "Scholiast" sign. I guess that's what you get for trusting spell check or auto fill in or some such! That or she really did want to go medieval on us, lol!

  4. the fact that you have found enough of these signs to make a series fills me with profound gloom.

  5. Mary G.--I know, right? And trust me, there are entire BLOGS and flickr streams chock full of these. It's incredible. Be glad that you're in Canada.

    aplo--I've got just a few more days left of my "Endless Summer." I had a full three months this year, thanks to new school construction scheduling taking precedence over actual learning. And it won't stop. We are still under construction for one more year, despite the fact that we are moved into the academic wing of the new building. Still no gym, no cafeteria, and no complete auditorium (I think) yet. Sigh. Another year of who-knows-what.

    Carolina Linthead--Hey! Welcome to the Dept. Interesting "handle." I'm not sure how she even sounded out what was undoubtedly supposed to be "socialist" in order to come up with "scholiast." Good heavens. At least know your terminology enough to spell what you fear.

    Nancy--As do many, many republicans, esp. those in Congress, it would seem.

  6. aaahhhh, the high unemployment rates now start to make a lot more sense...

  7. Dang, even with my Master's Degree in Comparative Literature, in which I specialized in Latin classics, I cannot claim to be a scholiast. I was so hoping.

    I do pink puffy heart you for giving her credit for the hat matching the shirt. That's called looking for the silver lining, wherever the heck you can find it.

  8. j@jj--since I teach so many classics and therefore must comment upon them extensively, I give myself a shot at being a scholiast. Tough to be--even indirectly--the subject of this chick's misdirected ire. LOL. And thanks for the PPH love. At some point, something had to give around here amidst all the Snark.

    dbso--what with all the potential shredding and all...

  9. As a Scholiast myself, I'm quite impressed with the woman's hat. That's about all she has going for her, correctamundo?

  10. Melissa--Does her hat say something literary? Crap. I can't tell.


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