Saturday, July 17, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: Stop Now, Before You Really Hurt Yourself

If only this man had just gone on to the NASCAR race instead--that's obviously what he is dressed for--but no. He had to stop real quick-like at the Make Yer Own Teaparty Sign Stand at a nearby Ford Aerostar and pop off a zinger on the way.

Impossible to tell, really, where he was headed with this sentiment, which starts off with the bold "Birth CERTiFicT", then degenerates into the completely befuddling "Where OBAMA" followed by what may be another "Where" or perhaps a "When".... Sigh. It's a Whe-something. No matter. Whatever it was going to be, it was going to stand little chance of making sense.

That much, we know.

If only we could all be sure that this poor unfortunate actually stopped right here, forever.

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  1. Seriously. Is spelling really that hard?
    Two things for you--
    1. the SNL video of Palin 2012
    2. a book about Gerald Ford, Write It When I'm Gone, by Thomas DeFrank. A little choppy on the writing style, but the observations are really interesting. Especially the criticisms of past polititicians(Carter) as being "waffling" and "flip-flopping." I didn't realize the hisorical baggage some of these terms had. I think you might enjoy it.

  2. LOL!! :>) Okay. Spelling is really that hard!! POLITICIANS. Sorry about that. Please don't make me give up my coffee for tea.

  3. Obama's birth certificate will at least not have a hoof print on it, which is what I would expect from the writer of this sign. This is just further proof of the fact that Tea Partiers are made up of 2 kinds of jackasses:

    1. The illiterate beast

    2. Other beasts, such as Mark Williams, who are literate, but should never be allowed anywhere near a keyboard.

  4. Perhaps it's some kind of political code understood only by illiterates.

  5. Might be too much to tax your grey matter while away from The Rock, but you should consider having some kind of Tea Party Sign Contest. I'm sure there's no dearth of material...

  6. Why aren't any of these winding up on Jay Leno's show where he lampoons all the mis-written ads?

  7. apathy lounge--because i'm sure he doesn't want to offend any of HIS VIEWERS. ahem.

    melissa b.--not sure what form such a contest would take. there is absolutely a limitless supply of these photos, as my posts indicate, but what would the contest be? to write the post? a caption, like your contests? sigh. you know i detest workiness. there are days this summer where even getting dressed is an affront to My Philosophy. ;-) not a "grey matter" thing--my brain is always tirelessly engaged--my slothfulness is purely physical.

    sputnik--that sounds like some sort of Conspiracy Theory. A Vast RightWing-RightWing Conspiracy! Oh Boy!!!!

    Ortizzle--Did you read where Mark Williams was ejected from the rank-and-(de)file of the teaparty? At least (nudge nudge wink wink) that's what they say publicly.

    dbso--i never get worked up by spelling in these here blog comments by my Esteemed Readers, who I know are typing rapidly so as not to let their thoughts get ahead of their fingers. Had you not drawn attention to it, I'd probably not have noticed your TYPO, which is definitely what it was, so different than a spelling error anyway.

    I have seen the Fey impersonations of SP on SNL and enjoyed them immensely, and saw the actual appearance of SP as well. As to the Gerald Ford book, thank you for the recommendation. I am intrigued, but not sure if I can stomach reading a book by a republican just yet. Perhaps if I just borrow it rather than buy it, I can manage. ;-)
    PS--Everytime I look at your little icon/avatar, I just crack up. How much do you actually resemble it? (I look almost exactly like mine, BTW.)

  8. Oooh, I had not followed up on that, so I just checked out some articles on the net. Apparently one of Williams' more fatuous comebacks was that it was a shame he got booted out because Tea Partiers are not just fighting for the nation, but all of mankind. He also accused David Webb of being on an ego trip. Is this the pot calling the kettle 'colored'? ;-)

  9. Suddenly I feel sorry for my friend with the unfortunate name of Mark Williams. Damn.

    Doesn't seem real that people would be this stupid. Doesn't it seem like a fake photo op? Ugh.

    Funny how everyone freaks out about the birth certificate, which is real, but ignores that the original law suit is against both Obama and McCain, since McCain was born in Panama.

  10. j.@jj--the whole birther thing is absolutely disgusting to me. and now that presidential hopeful tim pawlenty has jumped upon the bandwagon, they can claim even more legitimacy--they think. perhaps they should go back and read my post about him and his ridiculous assertion made on Meet the Press awhile back.

    Ortizzle--Exactly on target, as usual, my dear.


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