Monday, June 28, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: WTF?!?

Even if this sign were continued on the back, it still wouldn't make any sense. Even if the word "descent" was supposed to be "decent", it still defies comprehension using any stretch of the English syntax. Let's even add the proper comma after the admonition "Remember" for him, shall we? Remember, descent (is) the highest form of patriotic...WHAT? "Patriotic" is an adjective. It has to modify a NOUN.

Descent from what? Descent itself? I just don't get it.

Come on, teaparty sign makers! Let's at least TRY!

photo found here


  1. I think it's supposed to be dissent - but the thought still isn't complete!

  2. O.K., take the entire sign away from this guy and he is still a sight to behold.

    Just take a gander at that face. I'm trying to be kind but I can't help noticing, and commenting on, his flood pants,his rumpled up socks and his lace-up shoes that don't quite measure up to the authenticity of his 18th Century costume.

    I have a feeling he put the costume together all by himself. The sign? He probably had the Impramatur of the Teaparty Sign Commission on that one.

  3. I always get a big chuckle out of these pictures. Thanks for finding and posting them!

  4. S--We have to laugh, don't we? You're welcome.

    Nancy--I honestly think he ordered this costume. And the sign is just...sad. Even the guy behind him looks incredulous.

    The Bug--You're probably right. I was so dumbfounded and aghast that I didn't even think of that. I simply can't put myself in That Mindset. (Being in education, you'd think I'd be better than this, what with all the goofy student papers I read!) Still doesn't make sense; that's true!

  5. They make it just too easy, don't they??? Seriously a few beans short of a taco.

  6. I agree with S ... thanks so much for sharing these with us. I immediately tune out anything tea party related for obvious reasons, but I do appreciate you posting the highlights. I'm thinking a summary post with all the pics at some point could be shared with tea party folks to perhaps, uh, enlighten them ... nah, probably wouldn't have any effect. Please keep sharing for our enjoyment though!


  7. Shirley gfe--teapartiers are completely in denial. i'm sure that, if i even knew any, they would simply claim the signs were Photoshopped or were not 'real teaparty' signs. but, you're welcome.

    apathy lounge--the only thing they make difficult is deciding which teabonics pic to use.

  8. Nance, these are too funny, but regrettably funny and SAD at the same time. What a wonderful collection of inanity. Before I read comments, I was going to say what Nancy said--the pants are an okay height (almost--they should be shorter), but the socks and shoes? What the . . . The top half of the costume looks okay, but I'd hate to think what kind of haberdashery violations are hiding behind that big sign.

    I think he should just give up and take a dive into Boston Harbor.

  9. I'm thinking it's a very sophisticated and subversive play on words: part pun, part rebus, part fabulous self-contradiction.

    Dis Ain't
    The Highest
    Form of Patriotic
    Failure to Complete a Coherent Thought

  10. I think somebody might have spiked his tea. Speaking of which, I just made a pitcher of Cosmos. Ella Numera Una arrives tonight! Major summer mode here, even though I'm still driving the car with the keyless start. Push a button, and presto-car starts. Ain't technology interesting?

  11. Dissent, the highest form of patriotism? Maybe 'descend' would have been a better choice. As in 'descend into the realms of illiteracy.'

    Not sure how these people expect to be taken seriously. Perhaps a contest needs to be created for them: Annual Teabagger Bad Baggage Awards. Here's another interesting case of syntax strangulation:

  12. Word verification: "anded"

    So I am "anding" here. Those Tea Baggers just make it far too easy:

    "Don't sread the wealth"

    "Obama has a crisis of competnce"

  13. Ortizzle--You just stole one of my On Deck Prodigies of the Week. LOL. STOP LOOKING FOR THESE! hee hee. Honestly, though--there are so many of these that the Interwebs are full of them. I'm just bringing them to My Readers as a Public Service For Them. I also feel as if our American Genetic Pool is descending. Hard.

    Melissa B.--Oh, a whole pitcher of Cosmopolitans! How absolutely lovely. I still like to call them Pink Martinis (their original name), but no matter what they are called, I love them quite a bit. I may mix up a leetle teensy one here pretty soon, just in honor of Your Reunion.

    Oh, Siren--No matter how much we want it to be, chances are it is NOT. Most teapartiers think "rebus" is the name of the awshucks black dude in an old Disney movie.

    sputnik--bonus points for using "haberdashery." isn't it a splendid word?

  14. "Oh, Siren--No matter how much we want it to be, chances are it is NOT. Most teapartiers think "rebus" is the name of the awshucks black dude in an old Disney movie."

    No, no, I don't really think that's what it's trying to say -- that would totally mess with all my stereotypes about how smart teapartiers aren't. I guess I should've been more clear that I was being sarcastic, huh. Apologies for the humor fail, sigh.

  15. Siren--Your humor didn't fail at all. I was aware of it entirely. I was just trying to also air mine out and use my own punning cleverness, too. Sigh. Oh well. Miscommunication from us both. ;-)

  16. It's all good, then, hooray, and ooh, now we can have one of those super-polite contrition contests?

    Really, I insist -- the fault is all mine. As a relatively new commenter on your blog I never should've presumed to play at punny sarcasm, and if I'd spent more time learning your sense of humor I'd've known you were just responding in kind. I'm dreadfully, abjectly, infinitely sorry, and my sigh is so profound I have to hit it with all possible emphasis-markers: SIGH.

    (You know, one of these days I'm going to goof off like this in the wrong place and really get myself in trouble.) (Seriously, though, thanks for the reassurance.)

  17. Siren--Oh, goof off here all you like! If you notice, Nancy does it all the time. Hee hee.

  18. Sister Susan4:16 PM

    It's just too much. A Redneck Founding Forefather Patriot Conservative Fucking Imbecile. I need air.

  19. Sister Susan--Bless your heart. Are you just catching up? LOL. This is A Golden Oldie of the tPotW feature, to be sure, but one of the best ones. Thanks for commenting, but don't get too knotted up over it. Now go read something more delightful and light. One of my Fluffy Confections Of A Post will help you feel better. I promise. ;-)


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