Friday, June 18, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: I'd Like To Buy A Vowel (Among Other Things), Vanna

I could go on and on with the "full of shit" metaphor here, but really, I'd rather let all of you.


  1. Nancy3:31 PM

    Ok,Nance, here's what I figured out.

    These guys are covert agents and the signs are a code.If you will take note of the missing letters you will unravel the secret message they are sending.

    What letters are missing? In the first word, a C and an I...In the second word an A.

    They are telling us that they are CIA agents on a secret mission.

    Do you think Valerie Plame misses the old gang?

  2. Oh, man, Nancy, that was funny.

    But Nance--how could you stoop so low as to make reference to the Wheel of Foolishness? You are far too classy for that. For shame! In my house, if we hear the beginning of the theme music, even the kids dive for the remote control to get the heck away from it.

  3. Oh, my. Principal Man is sh*t out of vowels, too. But we know what he's full of, don't we? BTW, your furry staff will be featured Monday morning at my cyber-place...

  4. Melissa--Most are, most are! I'm headed over to your site to see my kittens. How exciting!

    sputnik--thanks (and I agree), but when in Rome...LOL!

    Nancy--You're ingenious! Are You Valerie Plame? LOL.

  5. No,No,NO! I am not Valerie Plame.
    Honest, what makes you say I am VP?
    Of course, I'm not Valerie. NO! I'm just an ordinary young married mother..Not a spy..Why would you think I'm a spy?

    Please do not ever contact me again.

    Mrs. J. Wilson
    (Not a spy)

  6. I"ll never drink Lipton again.

  7. apathy lounge--Maybe just a Snapple every now and then...?


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