Monday, June 07, 2010

The Dept. Adds Staff And A Further Appreciation For Irony

Meet Marlowe and Piper. They joined the Dept. on May 29th when we got them from the local APL. Yeah, yeah...I remember this post from last year. I also know that almost every single post that has a "cats" tag also has a "complaining" tag. But look:

They are brother and sister--littermates--yet they couldn't be more opposite. Piper, the orange striped one, is tiny, more timid, and very loving and cuddly. His sister Marlowe, the grey tortoiseshell, is bouncy and bold and fearless. When I got them, Piper weighed 1.7 pounds; Marlowe, 2.4. Let's just say that both of them are probably considerably more than that now. Piper ended up needing some pretty serious medical care, but thankfully everything turned out just fine.

I told my mother, who just turned 80, that I had adopted two new kittens. Keep in mind, please, that I turned 51 a month ago, and that my mother is fully aware of this fact.

Me: They're so cute, Mom.
Mom: (unsure) But two, Nance.
Me: I know. But you should see them. They're so little and adorable.
Mom: (in wise, advisory mother tone) Now you know, Nance, they won't stay little forever. They're going to get big. They'll grow up, you know.


Anyway, before they do grow up, I'm really enjoying this Kitten Time. When they do grow up, as my mother assures me they will, I probably won't get as much of this:

(that's my pajama leg there)


  1. Congrats on your adorable babies! I love kittens. And puppies. I got to hold a 5 week old, 6.5 lb HUMAN baby today. Oh, so darned sweet. Babies rock.

  2. Congrats on your new family members ... uh, I mean staff. ;-) Adorable, of course, and great names! The conversation with your mom is classic and priceless. Enjoy these little ones and the magic of the first few days of summer vacation, Nance!


  3. This is good ol' sputnik--I don't know why blogger is spoofing with my business identity.

    Lo! The cuteness! Excellent choice in purry furries.

    Still, I can't believe you did this after your heartbreak with the elderly E. before. You swore them off! It's shocking! And joyful!

    Congratulations for having the chutzpah to return to the world of shredded furniture, attacked fish and projectile barf. When I had my two, though (also polar opposite siblings), I wouldn't have traded them for the world.

    Marlowe is a fine name--is that name in honor of the crazy rake of a Renaissance playwright?

  4. Cutest faces ever!

    It's never too late to hire new staff, and since these were needy citizens, you've done a good deed and taken them off welfare. I'm hoping the new healthcare will take care of at least a little of the medical expenses.

    I've been so busy with school year-end stuff and E's graduation and visiting relatives (etc. etc.) that I haven't had time to do much online, but just had to comment on the cuteness that is the new employees. Enjoy the fun!

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    SOOOO cute! I think I am getting a 6 week old kitten next week from my friend who ahs a stray that lives on her porch who just had 5. Those two kittens could not be anymore different looking either! On Marlowe, is that heart shape on her forehead actually there or just a discoloration on the camera? She also has some killer, beautiful eyes. That second picture gave me the chills at first because of them. I also love their names, I'm almost positive I am going to to name this little kitten I am getting, Aspen.

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Sorry, I meant the third picture gave me the chills. Which one is "your kitty" or taken more of a liking to you than the other? Or do they both just can't get enough of their new mother?

  7. Anonymous--At first, Piper was very much more attached to me because he required almost round-the-clock care. He does tend to be more of a lap-cat, but Marlowe has her moments. I'm very taken with them both, and they both know that I'm The One To Suck Up To around here. The shape on Marlowe's forehead is more of a checkmark. Her shelter name was "Nike" if that is any indication. (Couldn't wait to get rid of that moniker.

    LaFF--LOL! One of my frequent laments previously has been that my health plan never covers the cost of my pets, and believe me, I could have used a little relief from Piper's bills already. Why is it that there is never such a thing as a "free kitten?"

    sputnik--It is shocking, isn't it? I had more than a year off from pets, and I just really missed having one. Believe me, I read and re-reread all my complaining about TravisCat and EmilyCat, but I just kept remembering the good things as well. I think Marlowe's name did sort of get inspired from Christopher "Kit" Marlowe, in a way, though not intentionally. My way of naming animals has always been to look them in the face and eyes and wait for a name (I'm convinced it's their) name to come to me. But I'm a fan of Kit, and the pun is there.

    Shirley--I like the names, too, and you know how picky I am about pet names. These came very quickly to me, right in the "Adoption Interaction Room" at the APL. It was Fate that they should be my kittens, I guess. Rick, however, said he knew the minute I saw them in their cage together that I was going home with two. Sigh.

    J.@jj--Now, J., you know that baby is going to grow up. It's not going to be a six-pounder forever. LOL.

  8. I'm coming out of the woodwork to tell you that I have severe kitten envy! I cannot wait to get a house so that I can have a cat again. I'll have to settle for being back home a large part of the summer and snuggling the newish cat and the old cat at my mom's house.

    Also, hi! It's been awhile! School has been eating up all of my time. I might get back to infrequent posting this summer...

  9. Your mom is one wise woman. What goes for kittens goes for our classroom cherubs, too...they always DO grow up, don't they? Nevertheless, I envy you your "kitten" time. And I'm glad you've got these 2 as part of your summer classroom!

  10. Melissa B.--It is nice to have this Kitten Time. I had forgotten how entertaining it is.

    jen--Oh, hi. Are you attending summer session, or can you have Vacation like the rest of us?

  11. This year is the last year I get the summer off! It'll be a busy one, but I'm actually working back home at my optometrist's office. Perhaps we could catch up at some point?

  12. Oh.My.God. I want to love all over them!!!!

  13. Nina--That's pretty much what I get to do most of the day! They are both quite cuddly with me, esp. Piper. It's wonderful.

    jen--that would be fun. you have my email.

  14. They are adorable! I had to laugh at your conversation with your mom. With our parents, some of those conversations just don't change. : )

  15. Anali--They are extremely adorable! And cuddly. Your point about the conversations with parents not changing is so true! I replayed a few conversations I had recently with my own sons, ages 22 and 25, and they are still remarkably similar to ones I had with them when they were in elementary school. Oh well.

  16. Ha - your mom!! That's hilarious. You just never stop being a mom...

    Those kitties are ADORABLE and yay for giving orphan kitties a good home!

  17. Hi, Kaylen--Nice to add you to the Dept. readership. I think the kittens are awfully cute as well. They are already bigger than these pictures, and Piper is doing a whole lot better. He's much less timid and is very bold and adventurous now. He's still very much the lovey lap cat, though, and I'm so glad he is.


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