Friday, June 11, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: "Mommy, Something Still Doesn't Look Right."

Absolutely everything in me wants so very much to believe that the little girl made her own sign, but you and I both know that she didn't. She's just a pawn in her teapartying mother's campaign here. It's also obvious that, after the "Stop" sign was originally completed, Mom stood back and realized that the R was missing. In her haste to get Rallied Up, she quickly worked to remedy her mistake. Oh well.

Also mystifying is the "Get" sign's use of the noun handout and the ellipsis punctuation mark. Is it, in fact, sarcastic in nature (i.e. the teaparty's belief that President Obama is merely giving everybody a handout, so, hey, "get your handout...ah, ah, ah...I meant of my pocket, buster!" ); therefore, it is a vastly clever play on words? I am skeptical of this, naturally, because I highly doubt that the Average Teaparty Member has this level of smarts and/or capacity for humor. Instead, I prefer to think that this woman--who could not spell "working", remember--merely stuck the two words together and added the dotdotdot for her own emphasis or misguided Punctuation Rule/Reason.

No matter. The "Stop" sign alone is priceless. Can't help feel sorry for the little girl, though.

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  1. I work at a CPA firm. The Bush administration got all kinds of tax cuts passed, that were originally due to and will be phased out over the course of the next three years. We are just now sending a memo to our clients to that effect to remind them that this is happening.

    Apparently the tea-partiers have the recall (and IQ and writing skills) of a sheep fetus, and are certain that these changes are due to Obama and the current Congress. I guess poor people work harder than rich people, so they shouldn't have to pay as much. But wait--they don't! All I can say is that it's a good thing that I'm not the omnipotent head of the world, because some ethnic cleansing would certainly be on the agenda...

    Doesn't the tea-party sense of entitlement just blow you away?

  2. Nancy4:48 PM

    I think the little girl had it right in the first place. The Mom should have left the kid's sign alone.

    She probably works in their Asian restaurant all day long which makes her a HARD WOKING GIRL.

  3. Oh dear Nancy, that was a groaner.

    Here's a picture for you, Nance, if you're interested in some "baby bunny for a good cause" action.

    The byline was:

    What's better than a roll in the hay? Two buns in the straw! These are baby Netherland dwarf rabbits on Anessa Haney's farm in Canterbury, Conn. When they're old enough, they'll be donated to children whose parents have life-threatening illnesses.

  4. My first thought on seeing the signs was that the layout is simply awful. It took me years to persuade my daughters that white space and spacing actually improves things. They, like the momma in the photo, wanted to use every inch right to the margin.
    On the other hand, the signs certainly caught someone's eye.
    The Teaparty people make my head ache. Don't think - blame 'them' and react.
    Hi, I'm back.

  5. It's not that Teabaggers are stupid and uneducated; they just speak a different dialect: teabonics.


  6. Lynn--Oh, I know! Isn't that term just the best? I can't recall when I first ran into it, but I immediately wanted to clap that person on the back and give him/her a huge "Well done!" That's the search term I use to find these wonderful pix.

    Mary G--I have been wondering about you for weeks. Kept stopping by your spot to see if you'd posted, but nothing new there. Almost dropped you an email, but didn't want you to think I was a blogstalker. Hope all is well. adorable are those two bunnies? The color of them is incredible. It's very similar to my boy kitten, Piper's. I'm telling you, there is very little that is cuter than a baby bunny!

    Nancy--Have you been Out There, all along, just waiting to comment when a Pun makes itself available? Sigh. ;-)

    LaFF--Oh, you know the entire republican ethos makes me flabbergasted. They have been clamoring "Drill baby drill" for a year or more, they advocate No Big Government or Government Interference, and now they are chiding the present administration for not commandeering BP and taking over this oil spill crisis. They have labeled him an elitist and "No Drama Obama" and called him out for not showing emotion or the common touch, and when he remarks that he wants to "know whose ass to kick", they wail, gnash their teeth, and call his comments bizarre and profane and inappropriate for the Commander in Chief. I've had it with these assholes. There. Now some republican yahoo can call me a ranting blogger.

  7. Teapartying. adjective or an adverb? Either way, you should patent this word!


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