Monday, March 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Not only did I miss what looked like a pretty good episode of House tonight, but I also wasted about two hours and a pretty creative premise for a post, thanks to Blogger's bullshit and some other effing crap that happened along the way.

I have no idea why everything went crazy and, at one point, changed the color of my freaking header, even, but the whole shebang is gone and what really frosts my cupcakes is that it's only the latest in a series of computer issues here at Dept. Central.


And tomorrow, I have...(insert Jaws music, or other suitable Anthem of Doom)...PARENT CONFERENCES.

From 3:30 till 7:00. That's P.M. After school and before dinner. (insert crescendoing violins and maudlin weeping.)

All of which is to say that it will now be at least a couple more days until I can get my act together and post something for you. Stay with me, won't you?

I'll try my darndest to make it worth your while.


  1. Technical Difficulties AND Parent Conferences? You are seriously in need of some cyber-hugging! I must have ESP (or ESPN, if you're a fan of Mean Girls), 'cause I've given you a pretty Special Award today. Please stop by my place to see about picking it up!

  2. Aww, Nance! I feel your pain. I will do a meditation for you to send you strength for the conferences. Eek. Re: the Blogger problems--I have them all the time. The last time I tried to send you a comment (and it was a good one about tv ads), it just ghosted its way out of the blogosphere as if I'd never even said anything. On my own blog I have intermittent trouble uploading photos. Blogger just says . . . duh? And when posting comments to others, I keep having to commit the thing three and four times over before it "takes." Sometimes Blogger will even claim that the comment was successfully loaded, and later I find out that was a big, fat lie. GRRRR! On the positive side--the old Cadbury Bunny ads are back and endearing as ever (I like the roaring lion). Meanwhile, tell those men at home to have a martini and a footbath waiting.

  3. Nancy5:25 PM

    You know, Nance, there is another side to those dreaded parent conferences.

    I mean,of course, the parent who has heard all about the unreasonable,unfair and absolutely unstable English teacher they have to "put up with" every day. Oh! the humanity.

    I got an earful every single day from my son about his teacher,"Miller the Killer". She was unparalleled in her meanness.

    So, with this in mind, I gird myself for our meeting,fully expecting a tirade against my beloved child.

    I could not believe my eyes as I saw the Killer for the first time. She was about 25 years old and as mellow and sweet as a person could be.As if this isn't enough, she likes my boy!

    It was the last time I ever listened to any of my children in regard to their teachers.

    So, remember,Nance, you never know what that parent standing in front of you has heard about you.

    Think Madame LaFarge.

  4. My sincere sympathies, Nance. I totally understand.

    You wouldn't believe what I go through sometimes to get a decently formatted post that includes my pics on Wordpress. So much for "easy peasy" blogging. :-(

    Teacher conferences ... remember them well. Mostly, it's parents you don't need to see (the ones whose kids are doing great), but every now and then the difficult, "ready to pounce" parent comes in. No matter which parents show up, you are totally exhausted when they are all over.

    No worries ... we'll be here when you're ready to share your infinite wisdom again. :-)


  5. Shirley--Oh, you were spot on with your PC assessment. I had the raging parent from hell last night who expected me to CALL HER WEEKLY ABOUT LITTLE JUNIOR'S GRADE. This kid is an eleventh grader. I have over 115 kids. There are no secure phones in our building, only one anyplace near me--in a LOUNGE--and I am no way going to stop my freaking day and call her. Can you imagine her demanding that? I told her to email me and I would be happy to respond, but in no way could I think to call her every week. Oh, not good enough. I won't rant on, but suffice it to say that I made it clear that I will not be telephoning her weekly.

    Nancy--Oh, for a million parents like YOU. Well, actually, the majority of parents are decent, but if you get one ranter (see above) it tends to ruin the night. I feel so bad for the parents who say to me, "We don't know what else to do; we've taken everything away, etc. and he just doesn't care." It's sad. I had two mothers cry, one mom apologize for her kid the minute she sat down, and another mom get so mad she was shaking. And with the exception of one, all of those were HONORS KIDS. (IN NAME ONLY.)

    sputnik--blogger has really been terrible. i was trying to post a series of polls from outside sources (like twiigs and polldaddy) and they looked great in the post editor. Then they wouldn't preview. then they suddenly elongated. then they wouldn't even post or save. then the whole thing went blank. horrid.

    Melissa B.--thank you for the lovely award, but you need to know something about me. i don't follow all those rules. i will say thank you and pick it up and post the award, but i won't do all the other stuff. if you want to rescind it, i completely understand. i just think all the other stuff is too worky and "chain lettery", and i just don't do it. but it was so kind and pleasant of you to award me!

  6. Nance: I totally understand. The "chain lettery" janx is kinda lame. I've just always thought of this little gem (because I created it, I suppose) as outside of that realm. Glad you'll post it. Just wanted to reward your wicked writing skills.

  7. Nance, though I am totally new to your do, I will say that whatever you write is completely worth the wait. Sorry you are walking through a rough patch and I hope spring shines upon you soon. Hang in there!

  8. Caroline--You're very kind and obviously onto the fact that flattery will get you darn near everywhere here at the Dept.! Tonight was our last bout of conferences, so I'll be able to post tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for the Springtime Wishes, too.

    Melissa B.--Glad you're understanding. I'll be by this weekend for my red carpet moment...probably in my jammies, so keep the paparazzi away. LOL.

  9. Oh my God!! Parent conferences until 7 p.m.? What the HELL? Whose crazy idea was that?

  10. al--Isn't it horrific? And for TWO NIGHTS. All of us are seated at long tables on folding chairs IN THE GYM and it's strictly cattle-call. By the end of the two nights, we're like zombies. Honestly, we're really low on the Food Chain. We don't get anything but coffee, and when I went to get a cup at about 5, it was gone and never replenished. Everything is "for the kids" and by association, the parents/voters. Teachers are very, very low on the totem pole in our district.


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