Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now, We Must

At last, my country again.


  1. At last. A man with a brain in the White House.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Thank goodness! I was on pins and needles all day with fingers crossed for this outcome.

    This Canuck lives this man!

  3. sannagrace--hey, nice to hear from you again! I, too, was anxious until pennsylvania went blue. then i knew for sure things were going to go just fine. when OHIO went blue, i knew the margin was going to be plenty comfortable. and you KNOW how i feel about CANADIANS!!

    ORTIZZLE--HOLY CRAP! you live! if this is what it takes to bring you out of seclusion, though, we are in trouble! how can we top it?

    nancy in a2--i cannot even begin to express the enormous relief and the feeling of having a burden lifted from me when Barack was declared our new president. it just felt so much like an affirmation and a release of so much pent-up anger and anxiety and like i just didn't have to fight so hard anymore. it was huge.

  4. Nance, dearest... check your email. :-)

  5. Just exactly how I feel. My country again. What a frikkin relief.

  6. j.@jj.--i know. it's like a lamaze cleansing breath!!

    ortizzle--you, too.

  7. Anonymous8:12 PM


    I worked at the polls here in Pennsylvania on Tuesday from 6:30 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. I am the Minority Inspector(minority mean Democratic.) My district has 1,400 registered voters (60% Republican) and 1,200 people personally came in to vote and we had 70 absentee ballots.

    At 8 P.M. we locked the doors and turned the keys on our three electronic voting machines. That triggers the tape to begin rolling which has registered the votes all day. When I looked at the first tape and saw Straight Democrat 345..Straight Republican 145 I tried hard to keep a poker face in front of the R's in the room. Then the votes of split tickets began to roll and they were 60-40 for Obama. Now I'm feeling a litle giddy. Next machine. Straight Democrat 456..Straight Republican 230. Splits are 55-45 Obama. I'm woozy. Almost the same results on the third machine. I want to leap in the air and give a cheer but I remain silent. The R's are watching with great interest but they are NUMB.. I'm jubilant inside; Good Bye Palin, don't let the door hit you in the backside as you leave for Alaska...

    Now the Absentees are opened. 40 Obama..30 McCain. Be Still My Heart!!!! I knew then that it was all over for the R's.

    I got home, exhausted, but thrilled to see the crowd in Grant Park,Chicago, waiting for Barack to appear and watching the huge screen that was counting up the votes.

    Then, I heard the announcer say, "Pennsylvania has put Barack Obama over the top with their 21 electoral votes" and the crowd went wild, and for the first time that day, I cried. Then Good Old Ohio came through and that was the icing on the cake for me.

    What a night. I'll never forget it.

  8. I am sooo sooo happy at this outcome ... yipppeeeeeeeeeee! Watching those results come in Tuesday night was something else. Now I hope we will all support Obama as he gets our country back on track.

  9. Love this post and the beautiful blue Nance! Thank you Ohio!

    And Nancy from Pennsylvania, your comment brought tears to my eyes and got me choked up all over again. Thank you and Pennsylvania too! ; )

  10. anali--lost in my exuberance over the Presidential election and congressional results was the exciting news that Ohio's House also gained a Democratic majority for the first time in AGES. YAY! We really DID go BLUE!!

    ahirley--amen to THAT! the Dept. was glued to the TV on election night, and we were thrilled, too.

    nancy--isn't it exciting to be pivotal for Obama this year? your story is so wonderful to read, and thank you for choosing to share it with Dept. readers. and thanks for helping out with such an important task, especially this year. it can't have been easy.

  11. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I think it's great that President-elect Obama won the election. Now, we can discontinue afirmative action as we will now have a black president. That means we don't discriminate against them anymore. Cool.

  12. loved reading Nancy's story about working to polls...thanks for sharing! As for me, there just are not enough words.

  13. anonymous--I think it's great that Barack Obama won, too.

    As to discriminating against black presidents anymore, believe me, "we" don't! Here's a list of Fortune 500 companies that have had, and may still have, presidents who happen to be black: Coca-Cola, Disney Consumer Products, Frito-Lay's Central Division, AT&T Microelectronics, American Express Travel Related Services Co., International Business Group of Caremark International Inc., Meal Enhancement Group of the Campbell Soup Company, Vlasic Foods Inc., Bank One Cleveland, The Dime Savings Bank of New York, CBS Television Stations, Enseco, a division of the $3.7 billion Corning Glass Works, GE Electrical Distribution and Control, a $2 billion business unit of the $62 billion General Electric Co, Gannett Television Group, Heinz Service Company,Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company, NYNEX Mobile Communications Co., IBM's Bethesda, Md.-based Federal Systems Company, IBM Employment Solutions Corporation, SunExpress Inc., the direct marketing unit of the $3.6 billion Sun Microsystems Inc.,Eastwest Records, a division of the Atlantic Record Group, which is owned by the $13 billion Time Warner Inc., just to name a few.

    In the future, you might want to pay a little more attention to something called "pronoun-antecedent agreement."

    nina--and yes, i caught the spelling, too.

  14. LOVE IT!!!! And remind me never to piss you off :)

  15. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Even though the Republicans that swarm my red state (Texas) are moaning and predicting the death of our nation (didn't that already happen during the last 8 years?), I'm just thrilled to pieces. I'm truly, madly, and deeply proud of our country at this moment.

  16. Ah what a beautiful sight indeed :)

  17. tera--Some things are worth waiting for.

    apathy lounge--I really held out hope for TX; I really did. But at least you did your part.

    nina--hey, you know...? i'm just making sure we're clear on some things here.


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