Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A New Tradition at The Dept.

For me, blogging is a complicated process. I'm not a fourteen-year-old who plops down in front of the computer at 3:25 p.m. with a bottle of Powerade and a bag of Funyuns and proceeds to type in all lowercase letters about " goin 2 the mall 2day bcuz im 4 sher gettin tha new fitty cd, hun."

Sometimes I mull over blogpost ideas for days, discarding some, stretching out others, cursing under my breath at V-grrl or Neil because they have such a great post up and I want to write about that, too, but I don't want to steal their ideas.

And when I started blogging back in August of 2005, I was pretty much writing in a vacuum. Not many people even knew I had someplace on the web. My own mother still thinks this blog is a message that I only send to my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dick in Gettysburg. (...and your aunt and uncle say they really love getting your messages and they read them all the time. They let me read some of them while I was there. They're cute. Sigh.) Little by little, though, my humble blog got picked up and noticed. I started finding ways to publicize it, and more people started to read it. How did I know? Only a Non-Blogger would have to ask that.

The Comments!
On August 07, 2005, I got my very first comment on a post. Check it out.

I'm happy to join with Neil at Citizen of the Month and participate in the now Second Annual Thank Your First Commenter Day.

So! Thank You, St. Jim of Southern Maryland for being the very first commenter ever on The Dept. of Nance!

I still don't get very many commenters. I'm nowhere near the 12-15 commenters a day that V-grrrl, the expat in Belgium gets; nor am I even within dreaming distance of the 30-75 daily comments that Neil racks up. And some of the earliest, now big-time bloggers like--hell, why should I give them any more publicity?--get hundreds and hundreds of comments a day! I don't even have close to that many readers, let alone commenters. I'm not going to pretend I don't have Blogger Envy; I sure do. But I'm still a rookie blogger.

But this post is about St. Jim of Southern Maryland, my first commenter ever. Thanks, St. Jim of Southern Maryland. You will be commemorated every Wednesday before Thanksgiving here at The Dept. of Nance for giving me a virtual thumbs-up; that little cyber-pat on the back.



  1. Anonymous11:36 AM


    I find your random observations and occasional rants to be interesting (and challenging.)
    As for you outing me, I assume it is because you want to have my child.
    Well I am more than willing. You can have both of them, the dog and maybe my wife but I will be keeping my cat and mother-in-law.

  2. Yay! Another teacher! I'll comment!!!

    P.S. Neil is a total comment whore. Don't tell him I told you that.

  3. St. Jim-I didn't "out" you. I just used the same name you did when you first commented way back in 8-2005! For which I am eternally grateful.

    Brooke-Briefly, I flirted with the idea of being a veterinarian, but found myself unsuited to it. I decided to go back to education where, I tell my students, I still get to work with animals but there is a LOT less blood...! LOL.

  4. Anonymous8:37 PM

    St. Jim of Southern Maryland: Good comment back in August 05, and it is as true as ever today.

  5. I just want to say that I really enjoy getting your messages and would like to thank your Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dick in Gettysburg for letting me read them.

  6. sgazzetti--
    Ours is nothing if not a generous family. I'll pass your gratitude along. LOL.

  7. I've been linked! Thank you! Thank you very much!

    Save your blog envy for someone with more comments. It's taken me more than a year to get this far! In the beginning, I used to send out a weekly e-mail and link to a list of about 50 friends and family members back in the States to encourage them to read. Most of them didn't get the whole blog concept and only my closest friends have ever commented. Only two family members read regularly--my brother and my niece. It was depressing so I quit sending the e-mails out and gave up on trying to actively recruit readers. Now it just perks along on its own, and I'm much happier, though I will put a V-Grrrl business card into my Christmas cards this year. Beats sending out a Christmas letter.

    BTW, I saw on Neil's blog that you're a Miracle Whip woman. I'm all about the Hellman's mayonnaise. Seeing as we're still together after going our separate ways on the Marshmallows (gratuitous capitalization!), I expect we'll bridge the Miracle Whip divide as well.

  8. V-grrrl:

    You're very welcome for the linkage. As far as the Mayo vs. MW, I'm not completely exclusive. I use Hellman's when I make tuna salad. I use solid white albacore and only Hellman's for that. But on a sandwich, only MW. And as long as you SPELL marshmallows correctly, you can take a pass on actually eating them.

    ...but what about Peeps? Even Peeps? They're even cute! Have you ever tried dipping them in chocolate first and leaving only their little heads out? Aaawwww. Try the Peeps!

  9. Definitely only solid white albacore. Everything else is cat food disguised as Chicken of the Sea. I like Bumble Bee Tuna myself.

    I have a carrot-raisin salad recipe that uses Miracle Whip. so I suppose we've found our middle ground. : )

    Except I won't go for the peeps. They're like marshmallows dropped in sand. I do like chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, especially if they're coated in DARK chocolate.

  10. aHA! See, you DO like marshmallows! You DO! I love chocolate covered marshmallows, and also love them in dark jackets. Sigh. Yay. We are one again. I knew it.


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