Saturday, November 18, 2006

Doncha Think?

The tragedy of Irony Lost on Somebody was implicit in my last post. Alert Reader Danielle commented on it, and now, thanks to her, I have Irony on the Brain.

Apparently, I have Pompous Capitalization Syndrome as well.
But that is beside the point.

Last night Jared and Travis-cat had a major falling-out which was precipitated by Travis's predatory behavior towards Emily-cat. Travis had slept the entire day on Sam's bed and when he finally awoke late in the evening, he expended his energy by picking on and ambushing Emily (who is, as you may recall, 16, arthritic, almost deaf, and has snarkiness issues). Jared defended Emily, and the result was that Travis bit Jared, who retaliated. Travis puffed out like a blowfish and retired, shaken, under a chair for the rest of the night.

Now to my point, and I do have one.

I spent the whole evening concerned about Travis's well-being, because I had never seen him so affected. He refused to come out. Eventually, I went to bed.

This morning, he was still AWOL. Sam informed me that Travis had spent the night under the covers with him. Soon, all my men left the house for the gym or their jobs. Shortly thereafter, Travis loped casually downstairs.

He came into the office where I sat at my computer. He jumped up and I made a huge fuss over him. Many embarrassing kittywittyisms escaped my lips. He purred, bounded down, and went into my bedroom.

And yakked up onto my aubergine carpeting.

And then into the hallway, the dining room, and the kitchen, yakking all the way.

To hell with him.


  1. That's one spiteful cat! I know cat's aren't the brainest things, but that seems WAY too planned out.

    We're still litterbox deep high in unwanted cats around here. No end in sight.

    Thanks for the story and the great picture!

  2. J.--

    Seems to me that Trick-or-Treat could have solved the cat population issue at your house....

    Who dropped the ball there, huh?

  3. Nance,

    I'm preparing to adopt a second cat this week, and suddenly I'm thinking I may be making a big mistake.

    I have a hairball of worry caught in my throat...

  4. v--

    Clearly, you have not been a faithful reader of The Dept. It is already too late for you, apparently, as your word choice would indicate. In the words of moms everywhere..."don't come crying to me when (fill in the blank with dire feline atrocity of your choice). I told you so!"


Oh, thank you for joining the fray!

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