Saturday, March 27, 2021

All About Me(me): The Spring Fever Edition


NEO is enjoying some very Un-Marchlike weather, and I'm revelling in Early Spring. Each day of my walk brings new Joys:  tufts of bright purple and yellow crocuses; clutches of sturdy golden mini daffodils; a sudden burst of a flowering tree; lawns transform into emerald carpets; brilliant blue skies highlight the red, burgeoning buds of the silver maple trees that line the streets of the neighborhood. I am impatient for my patio and porch furniture, even though I know the odds are stacked against me; we are likely still to get snow in April or even May.

All of this is to say that I am outdoors and not indoors, and not given to much discipline as far as writing here. So, I'm taking advantage of a series of questions (I'll customize them a bit) that appeared over at Ally's place not too long ago. It's Old School Blogging, and it's easy fun. Here we go.

1.  What's something you're looking forward to doing once you get your vaccine or things open up after the pandemic is over?

I'm vaxxed and hit my efficacy date. I'm still leery of going out to dinner, but we're looking forward to going to our favourite restaurant and plan to do it more often. We miss it! I'm really looking forward to not having to mask all the time, mainly because it irritates me when people wear them incorrectly and stresses me out.

2.  What simple thing made you happy recently?

Oh, so many! I am easily made happy, really. My parsley wintered over and is ready for cutting. Likewise, my chives. And so did my celery, which I started from the bottom of a grocery store bunch!

3.  What was your favourite subject and worst subject in school?

Advanced Writing and all math. 

4.  Which of your blogposts is your favourite?

This is impossible because my posts are like my children. But I will give you a few from my Archives that I love:  Personal JesusFlamingos: They Don't Teach You This In Teachers' CollegeWatching And Thinking Of Blueberries. The last one is the first of what became a five-part series. I love how the series developed, and I hope you read all five parts. Just search the title in my blog's little search box.

5.  Coffee or Tea? Beer or Wine? Hard stuff?

Decaf coffee (half and half and real sugar), but some mornings I drink tea. The tea is herbal only, and cannot be lemon. Hot tea with lemon was the drink I was given when I was sick, which was all the time when I was little, so I associate that with illness. I cannot drink beer, nor abide its smell. I drink both red and white wine--also rosé. I don't drink spirits much anymore, but sometimes a martini is a necessity--up, slightly dirty, bleu cheese olives. 

6.  What movie, if you happen upon it while channel surfing, will you always stop and watch?

The Birdcage, Napoleon Dynamite, Caddyshack.

7.  When shoe shopping, what's your biggest problem?

My left foot is almost an entire half-size smaller than my right.

8.  Ice cream cone or cupcake?

This is a no-brainer for me. I hate cupcakes. They are almost always dry and they are almost always a disappointment. The flavour might say "peach daquiri," but it will taste nothing at all like that. I will take the ice cream cone every time. Unless it is mint chocolate chip, then forget it. I'll go find a place to buy peanut M&Ms.

9.  What have you learned about yourself during this pandemic?

That I'm calmer and less prone to panic than I thought I was. That I can adapt and roll with things better than I imagined. And that I'm daily grateful that I am retired and not trying to teach during this time. Bless the teachers; I think of them every single day.

10.  Does your family think you're the eccentric one?

Oh, I'm sure they do about some things. I know they think I'm the curmudgeon because I don't participate fully in every single family function. That stuff wears me out. I just made up my mind a long time ago that, in some cases, like kid parties, I'm simply Not Doing That Stuff. I also do not eat meals outdoors, or go camping, or care to know all the extended relationships in the family intimately, which also makes me sort of the Oddity. I'm generally okay with that.

That wraps it up. I look forward to your Comments, as usual. And I hope Spring has found your neighborhood, too. 


  1. I'm the same way about Birdcage, when I happen to see it on. I have it in a vCR tape but I never watch VCR's anymore even though I still have a player. I wish Robin Williams was still with us.

    1. Jean--I was so saddened when I heard of Robin Williams' death. What a terrible loss it remains.

      The Birdcage is such a tremendous movie and it never ceases to make me laugh. My son Jared and I still quote it constantly in all kinds of situations, especially the lines of Agador. Everything about it is a treasure.

  2. I am so happy that spring has arrived in NEO, and I hope it stays just like that! I would have never guessed you had any problem with shoe shopping, I know your collection is extensive. Loved reading all your answers, now I'm off to read the links to some of your favorite posts. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Nance!

    1. After reading those I think one of my 30 Day Challenges this year is going to have to be reading your blog from beginning to end. My emotions were all over the place, but OMG Nance, Hot Jesuses (Hot Jesi?)! I laughed so hard that I very loudly and obnoxiously snorted and I still can't stop laughing!

    2. Martha--As I've aged, the issue with my foot has gotten a bit more pronounced. Either that, or in my earlier years, I just plowed on through and sized my left foot and put up with the tightness in my right shoe.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed my Hot Jesus post. Honestly, I wrote/write about pretty much everything. I'd be flattered to have you read me in my entirety! Buckle in; it's a bumpy ride.

  3. On Friday spring was barely here. Today ......................blooms EVERYWHERE!

    If Philadelphia (the movie) is playing, I must stop and watch. Sadly, it is RARELY on television.

    I totally get you on the family stuff. I just can't take the drama anymore. In our family, there is ALWAYS drama.

    1. Dee--Spring is my favourite season, partly because of what you've described. It has such a Joyfulness about it. It also seems like a reward for Winter, you know?

      I haven't seen Philadelphia since I saw it in the theater, come to think of it.

      Our family is not about drama, they're just about SO MUCH TOGETHERNESS ALL THE TIME. In a BIG group. I am not about that most of the time. It's always a lot.

  4. I will watch (or at least leave on in the background) every Matt Damon Bourne movie. I have seen them a zillion times. I have no idea what draws me to them...I'm not even a Matt Damon fan.

    This is a mask/medical recommendation story (as we're in similar areas/age groups): last week I had some problems w/my vision. Floaters and flashes; still have them but got them checked out. Evidently they are a common problem as we age. (I turned 58 on St. Paddy's Day and the next day--vision issue!) Anywho, if you ever experience this (as it could become a retinal tear/detachment), get checked immediately but do not go to Retina Associates of Cleveland. An awful experience all-around, including that the "doctor" could not keep his mask on his face. Constantly falling down; touching his face, etc. It was unbelievable. And disgusting.

    That is my PSA for today.

    My kids and I may all be the eccentric ones: we love cemeteries. This year we are heading to Lake View Cemetery to see the daffodil hill. One of my favorite places in town but I've never seen it in bloom.

    1. Elle--I've never seen a Bourne film. Not my genre, but they're obviously winners. I loved Matt Damon in The Talented Mr Ripley. And of course, there's Good Will Hunting.

      I have a family friend who is my eye doctor, thank heaven. He is almost thorough to a fault. I am sorry that you had such a negative, fretful experience where you went. Inexcusable.

      Enjoy your trip to Daffodil Hill. I've never seen it in person in full bloom, either. What a wonderful landscape idea that was!

  5. I also love your movie selections.
    I read the story about Tish and the blueberries; very sweet. I'm guessing she is no longer across the street?
    Shoe shopping must be very challenging; how do you do it? Does one foot suffer for the other?

    1. BB Suz--Tish's story continues in the four other installments, as I mentioned. She died in 2015, and a young couple lives there now.

      Shoe shopping is a bit challenging; I generally do err on the side of a snugger fit for my right foot so that the left fits perfectly. Once in a while, I luck out and find that it doesn't really matter.

  6. Thanks for answering the questions. It's fun to go old school on a blog, I do believe. I'm impressed that your parsley, chives, and celery are coming back in your garden. I like movie choices and can confirm that most people who answered these questions preferred ice cream cones over cupcakes. My list of Not Doing That Stuff has grown as a result of this pandemic. Perspective, you know.

    1. Ally--Thanks for giving me a fall-back topic this week. It came in handy, for sure.

      I lost a few herbs in the garden, unfortunately. The next-door neighbor had no choice but to aim his snowblower at it, and that hastened the decline of my rosemary and thyme, the latter being a plant that I'd had for a decade. Ah, well.

      You make a good point about Perspective being another result of this pandemic. I think mine has refined and refocused in many, many ways. I'm sure we're not alone.

  7. 1. What's something you're looking forward to doing once you get your vaccine or things open up after the pandemic is over?
    Is there really going to be an after? I have one shot down and I was really hoping to stop wearing a mask but apparently, as I was told on FB that I will still need to wear one cause I could be (not proven yet) be a carrier. But the biggest thing would be able to fly to Calif to visit my son. Been over two yrs.

    2. What simple thing made you happy recently?
    Seeing plants blooming, hugs from the grands and my furs always bring me happiness.

    3. What was your favourite subject and worst subject in school?

    Fave was history, MATH I HATED.

    4. Which of your blogposts is your favourite?

    5. Coffee or Tea? Beer or Wine? Hard stuff? Sometimes I need the coffee to help me to get going...But I love my tea. Beer these days. Wine was once my fave but the sulfits in it seems to set off my asthma. No hard stuff.

    6. What movie, if you happen upon it while channel surfing, will you always stop and watch?

    Pretty Woman, but my all time fave is Dirty Dancing

    7. When shoe shopping, what's your biggest problem?

    Finding pretty style that has an arch and no heels.
    8. Ice cream cone or cupcake?

    I love ice cream. But since having gastric bypass more then a couple of bites I get sick. The sugar, the milk.....yep, not good. So I settle a lot of times for another sweet but even with that I have to be careful.
    9. What have you learned about yourself during this pandemic?

    That chilling at home with my furs is pretty good. I enjoy my company...haha...and this is coming from a woman whose mom always told me that my middle name should have been GO.

    10. Does your family think you're the eccentric one?

    haha...that is such a funny question since a niece told me I was. I don't think I fit in that word but then again, I have been called strange, weird, and different and i just say, THANK YOU!

    I loved your questions. Thanks for sharing and for coming by the blog leaving a message.

    1. Pam--Hi, and welcome back! Yes, it is still necessary to mask up out in public, but it's incredibly pleasant to be able to ditch that mask now with other vaccinated people in small groups and with people in your "bubble", vaxxed or not. I saw two of my grands this weekend and my sons, and was unmasked with all of them. It was bliss.

      Allergies and dietary concerns can make eating way less fun, but considering the side effects if you indulge, you're better off being a grownup and being sensible. It sucks, but oh well. You'll find your indulgences elsewhere, right?

      As a former English teacher, being weird, strange, and different was one of my superpowers. I'm sure it's one of yours, too. And it's nice knowing another math-averse person. Welcome aboard!

  8. I am a tea drinker all the way. I was thinking about the question about what I have learned about myself during the pandemic. I am not like others who have been holed up in their homes. I have been working like crazy because special needs kids can't take time off from therapy. Some things I have learned aren't so nice. I get so irritated with people not wearing masks correctly or at all. I am so irritated with my governor and his inept attitude towards this pandemic it astounds me. Yet he is positioning himself to be a front runner for president. Lord help us all if that happens. I get highly irritated with the families I visit and some of their very caviler attitudes about staying safe and what that means, I guarantee it does not mean traveling or meeting big groups of their family. See much of what I have learned is not good, I judge people far more than I should. But this is a pandemic and safety counts.

    1. Meredith--It's sad what we've all learned about the individuals with whom we share a planet, isn't it? I never realized how selfish and bigoted and cruel people could be, nor how ignorant. I sometimes wonder how we all missed it all this time before 45* brought it all out.

      I understand how you feel--that you've somehow been alerted or awakened to all this, leading you to feel that you're being judgmental and negative and harsh. I felt that way right after the election when Hillary lost, that I was somehow in an alien country that I didn't recognize, that I somehow had not fully, accurately seen. It was like being in shock. I was angry and suspicious and negative about everyone. My trust level for people was zero; they were all potential supporters of his and therefore secretly filled with ignorance, hate, bigotry, and worse.

      I found a great deal of solace in the Other People who refused to become like him. I watched as the world resisted his influence, and I took heart in the way protests rose. The pandemic IS different, I know, and especially in Florida, where the Governor of Death is a feckless idiot.

      I already know that you do everything you can to make your home life beautiful and an oasis of love and safety. Sometimes, that's all we can do--and retreat there until the worst on the Outside is over.

  9. Your first two paragraphs are cruel, cruel to an Eastern Ontarian who is looking out her window at piles of melting slush. Good thing you put that sentence in about possible snow later. However, we had the fine weather for a few days ourselves, even if all it did was melt more snow. I wore shoes into town, and my spring coat. With a muffler, but still.
    Next month I will post about violets. And probably about snow.
    I love the meme and will do it over at my place. Sometime soon. With you on the going out for a meal. And very glad that you have passed into the protected zone. Ooh, that makes me think of the 'Twilight Zone'. Anyone else that old? It was a creepy and wonderful radio program.
    If I had to pick a favourite blog, it would probably be one about the grandkid. But just one? Nah.
    The only coffee for morning is black, extra strength and lots of it.
    And posts from Nance make me happy, among other things, although simple is not the word I would choose. I believe you about the Advanced Writing. I really do. Probably with a Very High score. Hmm?
    There is nothing the matter with Old School Blogging, after all.

    1. Mary--Don't be too jealous; we are today starting out in the 30s, and will be lucky to see 50. The week looks up and down, with a possibility of snow on Thursday. Typical. I cannot be blamed since my snow shovels are still prominently displayed.

      I remember the b&w television show The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling. It's available on Netflix or Hulu, and my grandson likes it.

      Thank you for including my writing among your Happinesses. That makes *me* happy. And yes, I did get all A's in Advanced Writing. I loved that class and learned a great deal. It was by far my favourite high school English class. The instructor challenged us all the time and was a tough grader. I met up with her years later at a professional seminar and was able to thank her in person. That made me happy.

    2. Something similar. My Grade 9 English teacher really encouraged me. She left the school at the end of that year to become an inspector for the province (Big Deal). When I graduated from high school, she came back for commencement and personally gave me the English prize, which was Fowlers Companion and I still have it with her dedication in the front, and she came to my university graduation as well, again, giving prizes. A very great lady.

    3. And she would certainly scalp me for that last sentence.

  10. I THOUGHT spring had sprung, but our forecast has the number 20 in it later in the week. What the actual heck. Do I still live in Ohio?

    I loved The Birdcage the only time I saw it! I would totally watch it again, but the professor doesn't really like movies like that. We can agree on ridiculous action movies that don't have any drama in them, so we'll re-watch those. I know that I could just watch movies on my own, but I rarely turn the TV on when I'm alone.

    I would like ice cream ON my cupcake. That solves the dryness issue quite nicely!

    I'm going to have to go check out those posts you linked. I'll mark this post as "unread" on my blog reader to remind me. I know that I will love them! (And in fact may have already loved them - I've been reading you for a long time!)

    1. Bug--You have been with me a very long time, and I think you've read these and likely commented upon them as well. We've been old friends, haven't we? I love that.

      Like you, I don't have the television on when I'm alone, unless I'm knitting. I like a little something to look at/listen to once in a while when I get in the rhythm. That's when I indulge in my goofy court shows. Or when I watch something a little academic that would bore Rick silly, like a documentary about Poe from PBS. I couldn't tell you the last action movie I saw, but it may have had Harrison Ford in it, so that should say something.

      We are getting typical NEO March weather this week--going out like a lion, so to speak--so we have much colder temps and a threat of some snow on Thursday. If anyone is to blame, it is Rick, who already "summerized" the snow blower and put it away. My snow shovels are still out and quite at the ready. I know the drill!

  11. My friend Janet has the same foot problem! A dirty martini sounds wonderful...but forget the bleu cheese olives...just plain green olives work for me. I don't eat mold.....that I am aware of or can help....In school I loved math and English irritated me. I love to read, I hate (and hated) analyzing books/poetry/etc.

    1. Vera--Do you dislike strong cheeses in general, or just dislike the fact that bleu cheese has that vein of mold?

      I very much understand that some people who love to read hate breaking down what they read. It can take the enjoyment right out of it, like finding out how magic tricks work. "Why can't I just LIKE it?" is a common refrain. For me, knowing WHY/HOW the poem means what it does is like solving a mystery and it makes the poem ten times more enjoyable for me.

    2. The mold portion of this conversation reminds me of this video from a guy who takes random "internet drama" and creates music videos. They're all hilarious (if the piece he's working from has a typo he says it the way it was written - so funny), but for this one he enlisted a couple of other people to help.

    3. Bug--Lubalin! He is hilarious. My favourite of his is about Caroline, the woman who stole the broccoli casserole recipe 8 years ago.

    4. YES! I love all of them, but the broccoli casserole is QUITE an earworm.

  12. I think I get your weather before you do (I am in Illinois) so today looks nice but mid-week chilly again. AND we can also blame my son who summerized our snow blower last week too! However, my daffodils are blooming like crazy and it is beautiful sight!
    OMG, I had never heard of Lubalin but is that ever funny!! I cannot stop watching and laughing. How clever! (I DO like bleu cheese anything, tho!)
    Thanks for the fun post!

    1. Ellen--Are you anywhere near Chicago? I love that city. It's one of my favourites, by far.

      On my walk today (49, but the sun is so warm that all I wore was a blanket shawl) I saw so many daffodils out! Mine are just starting to show their buds. I am going to steal the ones in my neighbor's strip of yard that borders our driveway. They never come on this side of their house, and I doubt they even know they have them. I AM CUTTING THEM FOR A BOUQUET AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS REPLY.

      Lubalin is a treasure of the Interwebs. My son introduced me to him. Isn't he wonderful? As Bug says, the best thing is that he pronounces the typos/spelling errors. Fabulous!

      Thanks for reading and commenting AND inspiring me to write more often.

    2. Yes, I live in a suburb of Chicago (Naperville). Do not steal your neighbors daffodils - shame on you!

    3. Ellen--Too late. And trust me, the current neighbors had nothing to do with those daffodils. They were planted several neighbors ago. These neighbors have likely never even seen them. I'm calling them my Annex Daffodils. ;)

  13. I used to love the Q&A blog posts, so I enjoyed this one a lot.

    Seems like spring is happily showing its face around here, though on Friday we are supposed to have a hard freeze overnight. Which always makes me feel bad for the flowers already out and/or newly planted.

    Also, now I really really wish I had some peanut M&Ms ...

    1. Bridget--We're good friends with a local nursery owner, and he said yesterday that he's getting a lot of flak from people about not having outdoor stuff out and ready to go for planting. He said, "I could make so much money from these idiots. They'll all be buying it twice. We're still in the window for snow and frost, even a freeze yet."

      Glad you enjoyed this post. And that you appreciate the wonder that is Peanut M&M's.

  14. 1. LOOKING FORWARD TO: … Visiting my brother and sister-in-law who now live in a gilded palace on Lake Conroe ( They’re vaccinated and catching up on seeing the grands. I’m dying to see them. Haven’t been with them since my SIL invited me to go to the arboretum last spring. Exactly one week before we went into lockdown.

    2. SIMPLE THING THAT MADE ME HAPPY RECENTLY: My students telling me their favourite new word was “tiquismiquis.” It’s actually in their textbook vocabulary list and refers to a person who is a picky fussbudget. They must have been thinking of me, lol!!!

    3. FAVORITE SUBJECT: Creative Writing. WORST SUBJECT: Chemistry. (But only because I never took physics.)

    4. BLOGPOSTS: Well, of course I don’t blog anymore. But this made me go back to my old blogspot blog which I. Had. Forgotten. Was. Still. There. – Holy cow. My last post was from 2009. I got kind of a kick out of reading this one:
    (You, Dearest Nance, are in the comments section!)

    5. LIQUIDS: Coffee. Black. No sugar. Herb tea if I am sick. Beer… makes me feel bloated, but once a year I’ll drink an ice-cold Shiner Bock. Wine is my go-to. The only hard stuff I like is a martini. 1 standard olive. Have not had one in ages. Afraid of what I would do with a whole bottle of gin during the pandemic.

    6. MOVIE I’LL ALWAYS IF I SEE IT CHANNEL SURFING: About Time. Love the story concept, the plot, and the characters are so wonderful.

    7. SHOE SHOPPING BLUES: Finding *any* shoe I like in my size: 5 1/2. Also, I have a narrow instep but wide feet at the top. Cannot wear pointy shoes at all.

    8. ICE CREAM CONE. With ice cream in it. ;-) I share your dislike of cupcakes. Especially the mega-cupcakes.

    9. WHAT I’VE LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF DURING THIS PANDEMIC: I have more resiliency than I thought and I can still learn technology I would have not thought possible.

    10. DOES MY FAMILY THINK I AM THE ECCENTRIC ONE? My family *knows* I am the eccentric one, LOL.

    1. Ortizzle--That is some gorgeous real estate your brother has! Wow! A truly lovely home. I am constantly tickled by how teeny tiny your shoe size is. I cannot fathom it. And you're right; I never see shoes in your size when I'm looking for shoes (not that I'm looking, but the smallest I see is 6 or 6 1/2).

      I remember when you used to write a blog. The post you mentioned made me smile. It reminded me of how alike we are in that we both love to play around with colour and design. You were so helpful to me when I first redesigned this space ages ago in one of its original iterations.

      I've never seen About Time. But I love Bill Nighy in anything. Glad to see you here again...fellow fussbudget. LOL

  15. Re favourite subject. You and I are together. Re coffee. Ditto. All good, as my daughter would say. She drinks lattes.

  16. P.S. —I clicked on the links you gave and re-read those posts. Some of my favourites as well. I also noticed something odd: I was fairly certain I had commented on those posts, and sure enough, I could see your response to me, so I know I did. But my comments were not there. Very odd. Then I realized that this was when you used to respond (as we all did) in one long comment entry with each person's name because back then, there wasn't a "reply" option for each person. I can only think that I used a different sign-in ID for commenting back then, and when it got phased out... so did all my responses. Another Mystery of Blog Land...

    1. Ortizzle--If you were using anything other than a Google ID, then your comment disappeared. There was a Google Groups thingy awhile back, or something like that, and Google simply did away with it. All of its attendant data, too, was lost. It's unfortunate. Some people's comments simply reverted to Unknown.

      It's unfortunate. Google could have at least grandfathered extant things in, and not made the change retroactive.

  17. It seems all family gatherings were BBQs or in the mountains...which included fishing (on River banks or by boat)...B O R I N G. I was always happy to stay home.

    As for movies (my son loves Napoleon Dynamite). Me? My favorites are musicals like Phantom of the Opera, CATS-two versions, Red (Bruce Willis) one & two, Sahara with Matthew McConauhey ...spelling?. Car chases in any movie gets me "high". lol

    1. Anni--I'd have stayed home, too. Probably the food was good, though, and that would have been a saving grace.

      We are very, very different in our movie tastes. I don't like musicals or action adventure movies, and Matthew McConaughey drives me nuts (and not in a good way). Even The Sound of Music, which I used to enjoy, now gets under my skin. I know we'd enjoy a long walk together, though.

    2. had me rolling with your comment...McGulls.

  18. Regarding cake vs ice cream, I am also team ice cream. Maya requested a beautiful cake for her birthday, though, that was delicious and not at all dry, and still light and delicate. It tasted like a ho ho, but a gourmet ho ho, without all of the preservatives and chemicals that you would find in a hostess cake. We ordered it on the internet, which was a novelty in itself, and it arrived on the requested day, carefully packed and protected. For anyone reading this who is interested, the company is Milk Bar, and they have bakeries in New York City and Los Angeles, but they deliver everywhere else. Yum. Also yum? Peanut M&Ms.

    Our county just opened vaccines to all adults over the age of 16, which means our daughter is now eligible, as the last age bracket was 50 and up. Once we are 2 weeks past her second dose, I may be willing to eat outdoors at a restaurant, depending on how things go between now and then. If things get worse, then no, I don’t want to risk maybe giving it to someone, however unlikely. If things get better, I think I would love to give it a shot. As for eating indoors, I’m not sure I’ll be OK with that until Autumn at the soonest. At a restaurant, that is. With friends who are also vaccinated, probably sooner.

    1. J--I'm all in for regular cake; it's just cupcakes I'll eschew. Peanut M&M's are in my category of Perfect Foods.

      Ohio opened up vaccines to 16 and older as of 3/29. We are also, however, one of the states now hitting high numbers. It's a bit of a mystery, as the governor has not relaxed the mask mandate or loosened any restrictions on capacity for restaurants, etc. I guess the denizens of this red state have merely decided for themselves that they're done and have relaxed their own restrictions elsewhere during this spate of gorgeous weather.

      Rick and I haven't eaten at a restaurant for over a year, period. We're still waiting.

  19. I hope that comment went thru

  20. Okay, I can see it didn't. I had to reread your Jesus post .I was laughing and laughing . Fireman and I have been laughing about the MAIL we are getting lately . Jesus looks handsome in every faiths' promos!

    1. kathy b--I'm telling you: Jesus has the best publicist in the universe.

      Glad that post gave you a laugh. It's a good one.

  21. I started replying to this post the other night, dawdled, and then my whole reply disappeared. Damn it. sadly, it was too late to start again. I don't think that was a Blogger issue. I think it was due to this new Chromebook, which I purchased to get me through until I can get my laptop fixed. That sounds crazy to write but it's reality. However, I digress.

    I am looking forward to hugging my mother and visiting her inside her house once again and finally, getting to see my dear girlfriends. And eating dinner on the deck at our local seafood restaurant. Eating seafood--and eating/drinking food and cocktails in general--that others have made (others who don't live with me) will feel like an extravagant treat!

    So many little things bring me joy daily of late. I'm thrilled that we are slowly but surely returning to our "treehouse" as the trees leaf out. It's a glorious and seemingly "overnight" transition each spring. The dogwood outside my kitchen window is finally blooming and is so lovely. The daffodils that we planted after Smokey's service had an especially glorious run this year. Incidentally, our kale and collards overwintered. Pretty amazing really.

    My favorite subjects--pretty equally--were math and English. Anything science related was my nemesis. My love of math, as well as my plan to major in it, went out the window with a professor I couldn't understand in a lecture class of 300 people on Calculus at William & Mary. Soon I was changing my major to English and transferring. That was a decision I have never regretted.

    My favorite blog posts have evolved. Now they are the ones I wrote about Smokey and my dad. Prior to those, they were my most passionate discussion/educational posts about living gluten free.

    Tea. Tequila. Occasionally wine. I like wine better than my body does. It seems to do much better with tequila, as bizarre as that sounds.

    Home Alone or Home Alone 2. Ridiculous but true. Also, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Creepy, haunting, but it draws me in every time.

    Ice cream, not in a cone for me, of course. I am an ice cream nut. I've been making it a lot during the pandemic. Last, you are spot on re: cupcakes! Why does anyone like them? Muffins are a whole different story however. I love good muffins!

    I have learned that I can actually cook almost every single day and not spontaneously combust. LOL I have also learned that I want more out of life than I had before. I had developed a routine of doing small things and being satisfied with those but I want more out of life than that when life fully resumes. Although it seems contradictory to say after that last statement, I have also been reminded that my ability to keep myself entertained is a good one. I'm truly never bored. I miss people and outings but I have not been bored.

    Oh, yes, I am eccentric, with my gluten-free lifestyle and preferring to heed my body with an unwillingness to take all the meds that traditional doctors prescribe.

    Now I must read your favorite blog posts. I'm not sure that I remember reading all of those. They might have been published before I was introduced to you, Nance.

    Thanks for this discussion, my friend. I appreciated it!

    1. Shirley--Oh, you're welcome. I loved your conversation. And I very much love that you have not been bored during this isolating time. And that you have discovered the hunger for more out of life, even though you've been satisfied with your routine. I love your resolve.

      I'm glad your garden has a bit of a head start. I'm no fan of kale, at least prepared healthily. I've had it smothered in bacon grease and butter with onions, and I've managed it that way, but why bother, then? Collards are another story--yum.

      Like you, I've looked back at my writing here, and my thoughts have changed considerably. I've become a more reflective writer. I've definitely aged and so has my subject matter and style. I think that's what happens.

      I have no explanation (and cannot begin to relate to) your equal affection for math and English in college. I'm stumped. How can those two coexist in the same brain? Perhaps in utero, in the very, very earliest stages, you absorbed a twin. That's all I can come up with.

    2. You made me laugh out loud, Nance! Your hypothesis reminds me of a storyline on New Amsterdam recently. Anyway, the coexistence of my love of math and English ended the moment I transferred and changed my major. I never took another math class and have pretty much detested math ever since. Sorry I left that important detail out.

  22. Any one of your questions could be worthy of a blog post all its own. Don’t know that I have a favorite post of mine, but one might me The Peacock Feather Dilemma which attracted more attention at the time than I ever imagined it would.

    1. Joared--I should have made each one its own post! A missed opportunity, for sure.


Oh, thank you for joining the fray!

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