Monday, October 25, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: Brevity Is The Soul Of Signage


Listen, teaparty Sign Carrier. Key word here: SIGN. If you have to explain all that crap, then it's just way too busy. Save it for when you all go out later and get drunk on Bud Lites and you're standing around the pickup trucks and you can say, "You know what the Obama Presidency is like? It's like this bigass wall that Obama built between us and the gubmint. And it's all fortified-like, and its mortar is made up of Obamacare's health plan that he forced on us! YEAH! That's the ticket! And, and, and...we need a Superhero, like Ronald Reagan again to come and say...what was that now? Um...buuuurp!, not that. Um, Mr. Obama, tear down that wall! We the people have been taxdeded enough already. Yeah. What? Oh, yeah. Gimme me another Bud Lite."


  1. OMG!! Do they give a quiz before you walk away also??

  2. LOL! I think I actually have *heard* your hypothetical drunken rant! Except it was a sober rant at a garage sale in our neighborhood. Yikes, indeed...and brilliant commentary!

  3. Pathetic graphic design. But that's okay with me, because it therefore GETS NO MESSAGE ACROSS so might as well not be there! It's like an eighth-grader's PowerPoint presentation written in a 6-point font for people at the back of the room. But succeeding with no point. And are "we the people" only 10 stick-persons? What kind of representation is that?

  4. sputnik--And 8th graders love to use fonts like Old English or Gothic so that you can't decipher them, either. Re: "We the people"--maybe His people only number 10 right now. Perhaps we should be thankful....

    Carolina Linthead--Hey, welcome back. Perhaps you need to start a new blog--"Garage Sale Commentary." I like it. And thanks for the compliment. Sadly, I live on them these days. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I live on them pretty much all the time.

    dbso--I know, right? I feel like he could give a 101 at the community college just on that sign alone.

  5. Nancy9:28 PM

    Say, did you know that this guy's wife is also a tea party activist?
    OR actovist as they prefer spelling it.

    She heard on O'Reilly that Juan Williams had been fired from NPR and she called them. She was very angry and made threats. Yes, she told them that unless they hired Juan back she would never LOOK at NPR again....

    I am making fun,but NPR swears this is true.

  6. Nancy--Oh, you. There's just no holding you back, is there? (Thank goodness.)

  7. It's gotten to the point that I can't stand the words "tea" or "party" any more. In any context.

  8. aplo--I hear you. And if TX is anything like OH, this election cycle is beyond tedious and tiresome. I'm starting to think about actively campaigning for legislation that bans political ads on tv. Seriously.

  9. I have to admit I want to give the guy a point for using "that" instead of "which." And another for using "its" correctly. And maybe half a point for metaphorical effort. So that puts him at -- what, like negative 997.5 or something, right?

  10. Siren--Bless your heart for reading all that crap. I SORTA did in order to skewer it in the post, but you did because...erm..why DID you read it?

  11. Because I'm obsessively thorough.

    This also explains why I'm here again: I came by to check, in my obsessively thorough way, to see if there was any follow-up comment to my original obsessively thorough comment.

    Ordinarily I wouldn't leave another comment, but you asked me a question. And even though it's most likely a rhetorical one, on the off chance that it's sincere, my value system (itself obsessively thorough) tells me I am morally obligated to answer it. So the fact that I'm continuing to display my obsessive thoroughness all over your blog comments is totally your fault.

    P.S. I considered offering an impressive obsessively thorough apology, but that somehow seemed to cross the line.

    P.P.S. Now I'm wondering if there should be a hyphen between "obsessively" and "thorough" in the previous postscript.

    P.P.P.S. I'm also wondering at what point adding postscripts becomes obsessive.


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