Friday, October 08, 2010

Is It Just Me? Or...

I had Sam take this picture for me at the mall where he works. It's at a pretzel place. Apparently, one owned by or represented by...wait for it...teaparty interests.

Couldn't resist. Be back soon with a proper post.


  1. What? Good grief it is spilling over onto everyday life.

  2. Mikey G.1:31 AM

    At least stupidity can sometimes lead to amusement.

  3. I, for one, am holding my breath awaiting your return. And now, I have Strawberry Fields stuck in my head because that's how loose my associative thinking is. Thanks for that, Nance!!!:>)

  4. Wow.

    (I am commenting primarily to let you know that I'm still reading.)

  5. Nancy2:16 PM

    I like that...FOREVER OR FOR A LIMITED TIME...

    Sort of like electing Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska...

  6. Nancy--LOL. Good one. As usual.

    Tiana--Thank you. Glad you're still aboard.

    dbso--Thanks for holding on. I'm sure this post as well as Lennon's birthday yesterday combined to form that association. No matter what, glad you're here and with me.

    Mikey G.--As long as it's from someone whose papers we don't have to grade!

    Mary G.--It's always been there, but I think we are seeing it more now. Why is it suddenly ok to be dumb?

  7. "Forever" = How long the Tea Baggers think they will be around.

    "For a limited time." = How long they will really be around before they get crushed by the elephant's foot.

    I hope.

    I read Elisberg's article that you link to on the martini glass, by the way. Brilliant. :-)

  8. I'm sure that the name of the drink includes "Forever" to make you think of the Beatles song, and the 'for a limited time' refers to how long you can get this tasty treat.

    It is an ugly thing to have them on the sign together, isn't it?

  9. J@jj--I'm not sure that's the name of the drink. The "Forever" is in different typeface. On their website, it's just called "Strawberry Lemonade." Same on their menu. I think they're just dumb. Period.

    Ortizzle--Nice analysis, but I'm afraid the Dems are just getting apathetic and figure, "Let 'em in and see how fast they sink. At least we can point the finger at them and sneer." Glad you clicked on the martini and read that article. It's a good one. There's another one by Taibbi (sp) over at Rolling Stone. Also terrific. I hope you're not the only one who did/does.

  10. I'm here to tell you that ROB LOWE is on the cover of Architectural Digest. This has given me a reason to like Wednesday, which was otherwise lacking amenities.


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