Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's My PityParty And I'll Cry If I Want To

"Spring Break"...yeah, right. It's been Winter here forever.

Today, I looked out on our deck and was greeted by the omnipresent glacial pack of icy snow. No, I am not kidding. That damnable slab of snow has been there for a month. I cannot even begin to think of traversing the Arctic tundra that is the backyard to check on the status of the fish, whose pond I have just now seen the surface of. God only knows if any of them have survived. We have reached the giddy heights of 47 degrees one day this week for our high temperature. There has, at least, been sun. Yet, that effing snow has barely ebbed a centimeter. I told Rick last night that by tomorrow, if that goddam snow hasn't disappeared, I'm taking the hose to it if it is the Last Thing I Do. I am at DefCon 5. Or whatever DefCon it is that means stark raving apeshit.

We are in The Snowiest March On Record. We've had two blizzards. Our district is down to only one last Snow Day. I have worn my winter coat every single day. I'm sick of all my sweaters.

I get that it's all a big cheat this year. That Easter is way earlier than usual and that Daylight Saving Time is, too. That we're all jumping the gun.

But, dammit. I'm cold, I'm tired of the cold, and it was supposed to be "Spring Break."

So there!


  1. Poor Nance...sneak out and come to sunny CA for a bit, OK? We're having 60s here. Of course, that probably didn't help, it just made you hate me. Sorry. Maybe we'll get hit by an earthquake or forest fire, and that would help?

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Virginia is full of blooming cherry trees, daffodils, hyacinths, and forsythia. The hubs is out spreading mulch and getting his hands dirty as I type this.

    You deserve better, Nance. Do not back down! Demand Meteorological Justice!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I'd hate that kind of weather, too. I don't like being limited...either by extreme cold or extreme heat. I can get cabin fever in a matter of minutes and sun-less skies are good for a one day resting of the eyes...and then I'm ready to feel the Vitamin D Sunshine coursing through my blood. I'd be angry at the snow, too. If the hose doesn't work, try a blowdryer and an extention cord. Good luck!

  4. Spring break here begins April 7th...I'm sick of this frapping cold weather too!!!! Nina and my mother just loves to send me pictures of what you all are going through up there!!! Stay strong Nance :)

    PS That picture has got to be the cutest darned thing I've seen in a long time!!!

  5. AMEN! I've had shorter pregnancies than this winter for heaven's sake!

    (ok, not really, but it just seems that way...)

  6. Our spring break begins on Monday and it's in the 40's. We had the worst snow of the year just a couple of weeks ago - in March!! I am so ready for warm weather. I'm sick of all my sweaters, too.

  7. Well, I hear we may reach the sixty degree mark this week...too bad school will be back in session!

    I'm hoping the real spring will be here soon. I don't want to be couped up in the house with a newborn. I need to be able to at least walk around the block and get some fresh air!

    Go Indians!

  8. nina--i was thinking of you with tne new baby imminent! you'll need to be able to get out and about. and yes, i saw that traitorous forecast for our first week back. so typical. let's hope we'll at least get Opening Day in for The Tribe! (That would be rare.)

    mrs. who--sigh. you know me: i blame the republicans. seems like the weather has been really crappy for the past 7 years.

    ck--honestly! i am completely with you on this. everyone knows ohio has the lousiest weather, ever, but come ON already. that doesn't mean I can't complain. and you guys come in a close second, apparently. i'm really afraid of april, now.

    tera--isn't that one miserable little girl? it's not me--i was always a very dark-haired girl, but it is SO how I feel! hope your weather is warmer for spring break than mine was. it has to be: our median temp was like 39, no lie. urgh.

    ab--you know, after the big snows, the snow glare actually hurt my eyes when we had sunshiny days. now, the sun is great, but it alone isn't enough to melt that snowpack. there's some rain and warmer (oh boy, 50!!) temps in the forecast this week IF the weather girl is right for a change. keep your fingers crossed that the combo is enough to spell death to my backyard glacier, FINALLY.

    v-grrrl--I knew my rights were being shamelessly trampled, but I just didn't know who to petition about it. LOL. VA sounds lovely, and at least a month ahead of us. AT LEAST. sigh. Why do I LIVE HERE!?

    j. @jj--no, i could never hate you, but i am jealous of your temperate climate. earthquakes and mudslides, no thank you, but i'd love to explore a redwood forest after reading The Wild Trees. great book.

  9. We've at least had a fair bit of sun down here and slightly warmer temperatures, but not nearly enough! I want sun AND warmth!

    Hang in there!!

  10. Anonymous11:43 PM


    My Daughter lives in the Chicago area and one of her sons goes to High School there. The other morning at 5 was beginning to snow AGAIN and Andrew Emailed the Superintendent of Schools asking if there would be school that day.

    The Superintendent emailed back :


    Let me tell you how I determine whether or not there will be school. I open my back door and if the dog won't go out, there is no school. I'll get back to you."

    An hour later, Andrew got this message:
    "The dog refused to go out, Andrew, go back to bed."

  11. I hate snow. I hate winter. And I'm north of you! Feh.

    I love the superintendent's dog. Smart dog, smart superintendent.

  12. Yesterday my neighbor was breaking up the huge mountain of icy snow beside his driveway then tossing and sprinkling the pieces of it over the rest of his lawn. By the time he gave up, I looked like a snow cloud had chosen just his house to dump on. The neighbor was exhaused. All I could think was "It will melt by itself! Let it be!"

    Have hope Nance. Tomorrow is April.

  13. Hee hee! New bunnies!

  14. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Two words:

    Southern Maryland

  15. anonymous--believe me, if i could be there now, i would be. retirement cannot come soon enough. sigh.

    ck--don't you love that new one? i just couldn't resist. seems like no one is immune to a political red phone ad. lol.

    j.--i'm not alone! i've seen a few of those iceberg yards. today, the glacier has ebbed from the deck, but is still in the majority of my back yard. but the 60 degree temps feel very nice.

    nancy a2--why do we live up here?

    nancy--LOL. that's a pretty pleasant supe.

    jenomena--i have no choice! but it doesn't have to be pretty...

  16. Wondering if Mother Nature helped you out on that snow or not. Haven't seen the weather forecast for your area lately. Sitting here in VA, my neigbor is mowing his grass. I think that's overkill and I actually don't miss the lawn mower sounds at all in the winter. It seems that a fair number of trees are budding out, or blooming in the case of fruit trees, overnight. Hoping you'll have that soon, Nance. Then you can justify the purchase of a nice pair of strappy sandals to match the delighted pep that will be in your step!

    The bunnies answering the phone at 3 am ... I am absolutely crazy about them!!!

  17. shirley--we've had several days of well-above freezing weather (40s and 50s), yet there is still ONE BIG HUNK OF ICY SNOW THAT WILL NOT GIVE UP THE GHOST! we are expecting showers tonight and tomorrow. that HAS to be it. honestly, i'm starting to take it personally!!!!

    love those red phone bunnies also. i have a bunny post working soon.


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