Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Politics: Call for Change

Midterm elections are a week away, and here in Ohio (state political motto: we have no idea what we're doing, but we're doing it dirty!), we are what's known as a bellwether state or a battleground state, depending upon how elegant your English is.

The good news is, even the Republican National Committee has given up on the Senate seat, but the Congressional races are tight. There is a Rove-ian stink in all the television ads as mud, garbage, slander, and carcasses of dead integrity are flung by candidates at each other. My mailbox is stuffed with as many as ten pieces of "campaign literature"--literature? oh, that it was!--per day. I am sick to death of what politics has become in the past 6 years, especially in this state with its nonstop diet of scandals, corruption, and governmental abuse. Sadly, it is nothing more than a candid mirror of its enablers in Washington.

Thankfully, there is a low, menacing rumble of true and angry discontent, even in the most pastoral reaches of the heartland. This red state is slowly and steadily, with fists raised, turning and embracing a new, blue ideology.

A few may be uneasy and need encouragement to commit. Not just in Ohio, but in other key states with pivotal seats. You can help.

MoveOn.org has devised a truly simple and effective method called Call for Change that only takes an hour or two of your time. A small price to pay for true change in direction, away from the crooked path this administration has forced our feet to tread. Please click the icon below to find out more. It's so important. Just get the information and decide if you can help us.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

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  2. Bill--

    It's never been my experience that the vast majority of MoveOn's leadership or its members or its leadership is in any way involved or supportive of any of the negative positions you've espoused in your comments above. I'd be extremely interested to see your sources for the information you've provided so that I can peruse them thoughtfully myself and take whatever action I think prudent.

  3. Bill--
    I just did my own research; I think holding MoveOn.org, as an organization, wholly responsible for the comments posted on a free "bulletin board" forum by a minority of its members is like judging all Americans by the actions of their current President. Certainly you read the immediate response of MoveOn's president and its acceptance by the president of the ADL. If not, here is MoveOn's letter:

    Statement from Eli Pariser, MoveOn.org Political Action

    "MoveOn's ActionForum is an open forum where members of the public and MoveOn members can post their thoughts regarding important political issues.

    Once in a while—as in any public forum—inappropriate material is posted. Recently, a few of the thousands of comments that are posted every week contained anti-Semitic language.

    The comments that were posted were abhorrent. We were dismayed to see them, and removed them as soon as they came to our attention 17 days ago.

    Many of the comments identified were not, in fact, made by MoveOn members. We are working to discern whether they were made as a part of a right-wing campaign to target the organization. Clearly, any attempt to tie MoveOn's 3.2 million members to the hateful comments of a few non-members on an online public forum is wrong.

    We were pleased to see that so many MoveOn members rose to sharply criticize the hate speech that was posted – even before it was brought to our attention."
    --end of letter--

    As to your bringing up the Huffington blog, that was hardly germane to the issue. Let's just leave it at this: I don't endorse any exclusionary politics, as any of my readers know. I wouldn't belong to any organization that practises them, and I don't go pledging loyalties to organizations that I don't fully vet first. And I'm glad to know that you're voting Democrat.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oexcNPDgzs

    This is so funny I can hardly stand it!!

  5. danielle--

    Oh my. I almost feel sorry for DeWine. But the air in Ohio is uniquely poisonous to Republicans--who have had a stranglehold on government for the past 16 years--here, and we are tired of the steady diet of scandal and inaction unless it's to push through legislation which is hateful and exclusionary. And DeWine, as you know, despite his seat on a powerful committee in D.C., has done nothing while Ohio has lagged behind the entire country in mild economic gains in every sector. Throw the bums out!

  6. Hi Nance! Great post! I'm doing my last bit of volunteering for the Patrick campaign in a little while. Going to make some phone calls...


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