Monday, July 24, 2006

Glaciers for Breakfast

The hiatus between this post and last was not caused by sloth on my part; I was in Alaska! (And yes, while they do have the Internet there--ha ha--our cruise ship filters Blogger, and alas! I was unable blog about my adventures.)

I just got home at the ungodly hour of 1:30 A.M. this morning after a long day of airports and waiting and airplanes and snacks and trying to sleep with someone's seatback in my lap. Hideous route: Seattle to Atlanta to Cleveland. And Atlanta lost my luggage, naturally. Still hasn't turned up as of this writing.

But, Alaska! Mountains, glaciers, fjords, air that is cool and dry, whales and little black and white porpoises that look like baby killer whales, bald eagles and seals, and the ubiquitous salmon. I cannot begin to tell you of its beauty. Or the thrill of going whale watching and having three huge humpbacks blow and then surface not thirty feet in front of you, then dive and lift their tails in that classic whale pose. Or the beauty of crystal blue glacial ice glittering like a jewel in the water as you glide past it, only then to see a baby harbor seal haul out on a bit of floe shortly after.

What gorgeous country.

I'll tell you more about my trip in later posts. And I'll post some of our pictures once we get them sorted out. Plus, I simply have to tell you about some of our experiences aboard the cruise ship. I've decided that the cruise ship lifestyle is the way I was truly meant to live on a daily basis. I've informed the boys...who promptly said, "Yeeeeaaaah...not gonna happen." Some people are just Parade Rainers, and you know who they are.

More later. Thanks for sticking around.

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