Monday, July 31, 2006

The Alaskan Adventure--Part III

This leg of our journey was the most awe-inspiring. Our ship slowly navigated the steep fjord called Tracy Arm. Tracy Arm is the product of glacial activity, and at its end still sits Sawyer Glacier. The waters inside this fjord are a beautiful turquoise because of the glacial silt suspended in them, which is many times finer than flour. The depth of these waters was over 1000 feet, and the walls were massive monoliths that were covered in pine forests that looked like moss, so large and looming were these rocky slopes. Our sense of perspective quickly became skewed, but that didn't matter. The views were spectacular. Here are some of them:
(as with all pictures, simply click on any of them to enlarge)

What looks like moss or lichen on the face of the rock is actually pine forest. That's how massive these formations are.

None of us could believe the brilliant blue of this glacial ice we passed in the water. And as we glided by it, we could hear it hiss and pop, reminding us that glaciers are really living things in their own way.

Shortly thereafter, we caught sight of this little harbor seal who had hauled out on a floe to relax. It barely paid attention as the ship cruised by.

It seemed as if everywhere we looked lay another breathtaking view.

Just to give you an idea of the mammoth size of Tracy Arm, here is a tour boat followed by a fishing boat sailing a bit closer to shore.

This day showed us what was probably some of the most impressive scenery of the trip. Rick took dozens more photos, but believe me, Blogger is giving me fits posting just these.

The more I saw of Alaska's beauty, the more urgently I felt the need to protect it somehow. And most people I talked to felt this as well. It's this overwhelming emotion to save it, preserve it, just as it is, forever.


  1. I can't believe how beautiful and majestic everything looks in the photos. It must have been 100x more awesome when you are there.

  2. Hello, Neil! I hope you can one day go to Alaska. It is an incredible experience, and it really inspires within you an appreciation for nature and protection of this final frontier in our very own country. You just can't believe it.


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