Sunday, October 07, 2012

Add AR State Rep. Jon Hubbard To The List Of republicans Who Want To Take Our Country Back, And Here's How Far

Go here for the story of Gordon, the man pictured
"The institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth." --Arkansas State Representative Jon Hubbard.

This quote is part of a larger essay, which is in turn part of his book, vanity-published in 2009.  Because Hubbard is up for re-election, it has become fodder for the media.

I don't care.  It's disgusting filth like this--this kind of pervasive and intrinsic hate and selfish superiority--that seems ingrained in that party.  It spawned the audacious disrespect of  Joe Wilson and the misogyny of  Todd Akin.

It's hard to give up The Politics when it all becomes so very personal. How can anyone--anyone--choose not to vote?  Spite alone would move me to the ballot box. 


  1. I love you! Yes, I will be voting, until such time as the likes of these pukes pry the ballot from my cold, dead hand. It sickeningly reminds me of a student...not mine, but at a university at which I was teaching...who wrote that slavery must not have been so bad, since so many Africans chose to become slaves. *head-desk*

  2. Then add a dash of voter suppression to give the whole thing a robust flavor...

  3. Grinding teeth. Just the other day I had the pleasure of a robo call from Washington from some dude calling about his "friend Todd Akin." What the heck was he calling ME for?

  4. fauxprof5:07 PM

    Thanks to blithering idiots like this, my blood pressure meds are failing at their job. Well, the crypto-racists, the tea-partiers and the birthers don't speak for me. If there's at least four percent of us who care about the forty-seven percent, then that should be enough. VOTE!

  5. fauxprof--Exactly! So much for "The Party of Lincoln." This quote actually made me tear up.

    Bug--WHAT!? You know, we got rid of our landline ages ago, and I'm so glad we did. Even though the Do Not Call Registry isn't foolproof, we are remarkably free from most phone junk. But we've never, ever gotten repub robos. You poor dear.

    Silliyak--There is NO LOW to which they will not stoop. And no lie which they will not craft and blithely tell. I stopped being shocked after Iraq and WMDs.

    Carolina L.--Oh, my. Thank you. That student was steeped in the soft gauzy atmosphere of Gone with the Wind. Sigh. Grey said ignorance is bliss, and the brave Frederick Douglass said knowledge made him restless and full of grief, but you and I know that stupidity is always fatal, one way or another. I know lots of idiots who, right now, are dead to me.

  6. OMG. Or, in proper English, Oh my God. I cannot believe that someone would say something that immensely stupid. Yes, I'm voting. I always vote (OK, I slept through a local election once when I was 22 and had to go to school and work and didn't make time...but I Felt Guilty for it.). I really am still flummoxed by this quite.

  7. Did you hear the recording of a Rep. party volunteer speaking to "elderly voters"? And if not, here is the transcript:
    "Y'all sound like y'all are senior citizens, right? Yeah. You don't want Obama. You really don't want Obama. Because he'll get rid of your Medicare. You might as well say goodbye to it. I don't know if you've done any research on Obama or not, but he is a Muslim, um, he is, um, gotta socialistic view on the, ya know, economy, the government, the whole nine yards. If he had his way, we'd be a socialistic country. Pay attention to Fox News. If you can get out and watch that movie '2016,' do so. That has a lot of good information. Just really, the newspapers and Fox News will help you out. OK. Appreciate it, sir. Thank you. Bye bye."

    Of course, the GOP hotly denies that this is their position, that the woman was totally "off script" etc., but ya know... I think it pretty much sums up the travesty of a political party the re-invents itself daily and is desperate enough to use banana republic tactics to keep the "wrong people" from voting.

    Really, how anyone can take them seriously when they are represented by so many idiots is beyond me. Please, please, somebody perform transgender surgery on Todd Akin and then tell him when he wakes up that rape seldom has negative consequences. And by the way, have fun being a woman.

  8. fauxprof10:25 AM

    Mitt Romney is nothing more than an empty suit. Worse than that, he's an empty $5000.00 suit. As for Ryan, trying to downplay his devotion to Ayn Rand won't wash. The woman was a complete sociopath, and the "Ryan Budget" reflects that philosophy.

    OK, that makes my stance clear on the top of the ticket. However, I think it's vitally important to maintain and increase the Democratic margin in the Senate, and to wrest control of the house from the insane clown posse that hamstrings President Obama at every turn.


  9. fauxprof--Your last paragraph is key. I could not agree more heartily.

    Ortizzle--And every time a republican tries to argue that "this happens in both parties", I ask for an example equal to the ones from the red side of the aisle. Simply, there are none. They have become so glibly egregious that there are no boundaries anymore. They have mainstreamed mendacity.

    J@jj--As soon as I saw this, I wanted to put up a post about it, but I had to research it first. I didn't want to believe that it was in context, that a sitting public servant would have said/written something so awful on purpose, with any thought behind it.

    I know a lot of young people who were enthusiastic voters in the last election who are disillusioned now. They don't care and they feel betrayed and hopeless. They are dismayed by the level of inaction and bickering. They have real problems with this economy and distrust The New Establishment. They feel left out of the process, so they have taken themselves out of the process and do not want to vote. I am begging them not to give up. I want them to see that they have to re-engage on some level, if only to keep OUT the people and ideologies they despise. I remind them that it is their country, too, and will be theirs longer than it will be mine and that of the people in DC right now. It's frustrating. But I feel so strongly about it.

  10. Politics are very personal to me. They should be for anyone who is paying attention. I agree that the republicans seem to want to take us back. Probably to at least the 1850's, maybe earlier than that. *sigh* Glad you're in Ohio Nance. You give me hope.

  11. Lisa--Here is more hope for you: over 80% of the early vote ballots cast thus far in OH, according to a news report I saw on a Cleveland station, are cast for Obama. The day I went to vote early, originally, was Oct. 9. The line was out the door and well into the parking lot. I left and decided to go back another day. I didn't realize until later that it was the last day to register to vote in Ohio! I went back yesterday--Thursday--with my son Sam, off from work. Very busy at the polls. NEO is devoted Dem country, very diverse, very blue collar, very auto and steel industrial. There is a high level of mistrust for Romney here. We trust people who work for a living and who tell the truth.

    And we trust Joe Biden.

    I was hoping you'd stop by for this post. I know you share my passion for The Politics, and I know you are invested in your senate race, as I am for ours here. Mass will turn blue for Obama, no problem, but we need you to elect Elizabeth. Here in NEO, we need to Go Blue for both. It's a fight we need to make and WIN.

  12. Nance, you described the reasons for the youth's disengagement so very well. Thanks for that.

  13. OMG! GOP! WTF?

    I want to cry when I think it is possible that some of these idiots will win. Anyone want to join me on a desert island for the next four years?


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