Sunday, January 23, 2011

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: The teaparty Diary Entry

How hard is it, teaparty teeshirt maker, to spell the same word the same way twice? Correctly? And then to omit, simply, the S? Just what was your thought process here? Allow me to hypothesize:

teapartier 1: How do you spell "lose"?
teapartier 2: L-O-O-S-E. I think.
teapartier 1: That don't look right. And we want to put "loses" on here, too.
teapartier 2: Oh. Right. In that case, it's L-O-S-S-E-S.
teapartier 1: You sure? Well, shoot. Now I'm all confused. And we need to get these here shirt orders done in time for the rally on Monday. I have to hurry and pick up a few things at the Wal*Mart before it's time to get Earl at his NRA meeting. Our truck is in the shop.
teapartier 2: Oh, let's just put one of each. It's not like anyone'll say anything. Everyone'll know what it means, and that's the important thing. It's the picture that I don't get. Is that how Obama looked in college or something? I just don't get it. Is it a gay thing?
teapartier 1: I think it's about being soft on the Mexicans and immigrations. Or maybe it's about his birth certificate. Anyway, let's just get this done so's I can get on to Wal*Mart. We're outa dog food and I think I'll just get a frozen pizza for dinner now.

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  1. Like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it? My husband and I look forward to your weekly entries, even as we cringe a little at the rampant ignorance!!

  2. The dialogue is best read with a backwoods, redneck southern accent.

  3. I can't read the shirt, and one of my best friends, and my favorite cousin, both spell 'lose' as 'loose'. Drives me bonkers. You've made me cranky, though not with you.

  4. Mikey G.1:33 AM

    Teabonics? I kinda love it :-)

  5. Nance, I think you are giving way too much credit to the tea partiers. I don't think the conversation would have been nearly that wordy. Perhaps a "who cares?" and/or a shrug and a few grunts would have sufficed.


  6. Tears are running down my face - not sure whether it's laughter or sorrow for the loss (lose? lost? lots?) of the treasured English language.

  7. Anonymous11:22 AM

    “backwoods, redneck southern accent” ?
    Screw you real good.

  8. Oh Nance you don't know how much I really needed a good laugh this morning!!! I don't know which is funnier...the picture, the post, or the comments!!! Bwahahahaha!

    P.S. GFE makes a VERRRY good point ;-)

  9. Tera--Glad to provide you with a chuckle.

    Anonymous--Not nice. I don't like anyone beating up on my commenters, especially when he or she doesn't have the chutzpah or integrity to do so civilly or under at least an Interwebs Moniker. I'm also unclear on whether you're defending "backwoods, Southern rednecks" as a cultural group or taking issue with the term or calling Nick out on...what? How you must hate the comedy of Jeff Foxworthy.

    Mary G.--Perhaps putting your emotions on a teeshirt will help sort them out. LOL! (Good one.)

    Shirley--Of course, you are astutely correct, but then my post wouldn't have been nearly as bitingly satirical, and I wouldn't have been able to work as many all-encompassing stereotypes into it.

    Mikey g--That's the new mashup term that the media--someone in it, someplace--came up with some time ago for these disastrous errors perpetrated by teapartiers. I have no idea who started it, but that's often what I google to find them.'m sorry that you can't read the shirt. I blew it up pretty big and it looked clear to me, and I have awful trouble sometimes seeing the monitor. Have a set of younger eyes--Maya's?--help you. LOL. But honestly, the "loose" for "lose" thing is such a huge pet peeve of mine that I've actually stopped reading one blog because of it. The writer mentions her progress on WW once in a while and persists in saying "I still have a lot to loose". I just can't do it. Just can't.

    Nick--Yikes. You've stirred up a commenter! Don't take it personally, though. It's only the Interwebs.

    Rose--On a related note, I was flipping through channels last night, and I ran across Mlchele Bachmann on CSPAN. She was in Iowa at some thing or another. It was truly painful to watch. She is the self-appointed Queen of the teapartiers, and it is beyond appropriate. What a wackadoo. I really really REALLY hope she runs for The Big Chair in 2012. Oh, I really do.

  10. I so love these, but they make me very sad at the same time. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

  11. Well maybe my eyes were tired, because I can read it now. It's disturbing, just as you say, to have so MANY incorrect spellings on one shirt!

    I wonder if I bought one for my friend who cannot spell 'lose', if that would cure her, or encourage her? Or, perhaps, just confuse her...

  12. j.@jj--If nothing has helped her by now, it's hopeless. She's a loss/losed/lost cause.

    dbso--hey, baby! nice to see you. i know what you mean. it's like a palin/bachmann ticket in 2012...LOL!

  13. Nancy7:23 PM


    I think Nick's comment was perfect.

    These people are the victims of "Reintarnation".... Coming back to life as hillbillys.

  14. Nancy--Hi! How's Florida? Nice neologism/pun. Wish I were working on my tan rather than keeping warm. Sigh.

  15. I've been AWOL for a while ---barely touched my own blog, let alone any others.

    I needed a good laugh ---and you provided it.

    A friend of mine calls the teapartiers "ignoranuses" ---because they are stupid and assholes!

    My grammatical pet peeve is improper use of few and less. The cheese label in my refrigerator says that it has "1/3 less fat and 1/3 less calories" than regular cheese. I wrote to the company to explain that they need to use "fewer" with the plural noun "calories." I'm not the queen of grammar, but that error drives me crazy every time I see it and I see it everywhere.


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