Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year And Watch Your Back

It is New Year's Day. Rick, Nance, and eldest son Jared are gathered in the living room. Nance is tucked into the corner of her huge easy chair, encased in fleece. Rick is similarly relaxing in his chair and Jared, sprawled on the couch, is drinking Diet Pepsi and eating...something...again. On the television is a Lockup RAW marathon.

Me: Is this really all that's on?
Jared: (rolls eyes at me; speaks only to his father) Dad, if you were in prison, what gang would you join?
Rick: Wow. I don't know. Hmm. Let me think about it.
Me: Seriously? This is our New Year's Discussion?
Jared: (ignoring me completely) I'd probably join the Latin Kings. Yeah, that's the one.
Me: No way. They cut people too much. That's all they do is cut people.
Rick: Yeah, that's true. They're always in knife fights in these prisons.
Jared: (authoritatively) That's just the way they operate. Sometimes you have to cut you some bitches to show 'em you mean business.
Rick: They cut, like, five people a day.
Me: I get up early anyway. If I was in prison, I'd cut five bitches before breakfast.
That way, everybody would know to leave me the hell alone.
Jared: That's what I'm talkin' about, Mom!


  1. "Love" is not too strong a word for this post. Happy New Year!

  2. Way to show your Inner Fierce, Nance! I always knew you were Beast! (I have never heard of this show, but looks like it's time to try it.)

  3. Beast Mode fo' shizzle! Nance you have GOT to love that son of yours :-)

  4. Tera--Isn't LOL.

    sputnik--Hi! Nice to see you again! Oh, yes, I'm quite Primitive when the occasion demands. Sigh.

    Carolina Linthead--I love that you love it. That's my new goal for posting in 2011--to Bring the Love.

  5. The family that cuts together....

  6. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I love the conversations you have in your family!

    I wanted to pass on a link to a video of bunny cuteness that was talked about on the radio this morning:

    (If the link doesn't work just go to youtube and search for "bunnies in paper cups").


  7. Garianne--I love MOST of the conversations we have in our family. Hee hee. Some...the ones I don't/can't share here...not so much. Thanks for the video recommendation. I saw the still pic of this on another website. So cute! Their noses never stop, do they?

    Aplo--Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

  8. You've inspired me, girl!! I'm going to bring this up for discussion at the dinner table this evening. In fact, CollegeGrrrl has a blind date tonight. Could be the perfect ice breaker :>)

  9. dbso--I am An Inspiration? Wow. Thanks. Oh, I definitely think that bringing up a Gang Affiliation is a great way to get to know A Gentleman Caller. Certainly mention Being In Prison. No need to add that it is a hypothetical...!

  10. Oh, God, this one is even better than the other post I just read. I can so imagine that conversation and you saying that Nance. Just watched this show when the 23-year old was home this past weekend. Some great family times and discussions were had. Hey, it was 2 hours of time with the Son ... one takes what one can get. I have to admit, the stories can be oddly compelling.


  11. Shirley--I can only watch so many of these, and then I start to forget that these people are A. criminals and deserve their fate or B. not normal in the sense that they either have been locked up for a long time or have very different morals and values.

    It's like teaching for all these years. I forget the mantra "It's not like this everywhere" sometimes and lose perspective.


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