Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Just In: Inflatable Snowman Attack on Video

In the true spirit of journalistic integrity, and because I am willing to pursue the whole story at great lengths for you, my devoted Dept. of Nance readers, here is the link to the actual footage of the previously mentioned, heinous Screwdriver Attack on the Inflatable Snowman.

Just click here.

(It's also because no one is home tonight and I don't feel like reading and glossing the three chapters of The Scarlet Letter that I assigned my honors AmLit students. Yet.)

As you can plainly see from the film, I am not one of the perpetrators. They are clearly: male, tall, large-framed, strong of arm. I, on the other hand, am none of these things. Besides, they caught both of them, and I am old enough to be their mother. And, of course, would punish them. At some point. I'm sure. Enjoy the video.


  1. That is some video! Oh Wow! And I know you would never attack an innocent giant inflatable. It's not their fault they're out there. The part in the story about the candy canes in strange, beating the car. Sounds like these guys are really lacking holiday cheer!

    As for cheers, I'm loving the countdown and can't believe there's a who website devoted to it. Just when you think you come up with an original idea...

  2. I know what you mean about them being Christmas haters all around. I love Christmas, despite abhorring tacky decorations. Once I'm done for real with my shopping and party prep, Rick, the boys and I sit back and relax and listen to Christmas music and really have that quality holiday time as often as possible.

    As far as the "DLiO" Countdown: it IS awesome, isn't it? I forget what political site I saw it on, but I had to have it on mine immediately. If you click, you can go to the site and get one for yours, too.


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