Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sometimes, It Really *Is* All about Meme...

Although my dislike of memes has been previously documented here at The Dept., I am making an exception for V-grrrl, who tagged me for a "5 Things Most People Don't Know about You" thingy. I make this exception for two reasons: one, V. is a friend of mine and two, my other idea for a blogpost is still germinating.

I'll apologize ahead of time, however, that I'm not going to get all philosophical and deep and Barbara Walters-esque on you all. Let's face it; you know the really important personal-type stuff already. It's not like a meme-thingy is going to unearth some Nugget O' Nance that will make you go "Aaaah!"

So! Without any further falderal, here are

5 Things Most People Don't Know about Nance:

1. I've been every size from 0 to 18, and many more than once. And for a variety of reasons. I am now a size 2, up (thankfully!) from a size 0. I plan to stay here.

2. I am an unabashed fan of the lima bean. But it has to be the huge, Fordhook variety, cooked until totally mushy, and served with lots of salt, pepper, and butter. I will eat an entire brick of them myself for dinner, minus the one that I put on Sam's plate. For years, I used to pay him a standard fee of one nickel if he ate that lima bean.

3. I love to watch dog shows on tv but do not own, nor ever plan to own, a dog myself. I know
all the breeds by sight and even know the names of some of the repeat contenders. To me, owning a dog is too worky. You may as well have another kid. YOU, not me. *shudder*

4. I do not, repeat DO NOT, go to the library. See, the thing about libraries is, you have to give the books back. That is, to me, a bad deal. I much prefer to buy books. And they have to be in hardback. I hate, no, DETEST, paperback books. They are ugly and impossible to read. They also convey no gravitas. I buy books. In hardback. If I buy a lousy hardback book, then so be it. Books are like produce: if you get a mealy peach or a nondescript canteloupe, oh well. You did your research, you picked out one you thought you'd like, but it didn't work out that way. C'est la vie.

5. Most of the time when people talk to me on the phone, I don't pay any attention whatsoever. I don't do this on purpose--at least I don't think I do--but I find that I have no idea at all what they have said by the time I hang up. I'm not talking about the "Mom, I'm going to be late; I have to work an extra two hours" phone call. I'm talking about people who unexpectedly call me just to talk on the phone. I loathe the phone. Especially inane cell calls which serve no purpose except to establish that the caller is on the move and on the phone at the same time. Luckily, I don't get many of these. But, I think I have Phone ADD. Or something. I'm not sure.

This is the part where I think I'm supposed to tag other people. But, V, I'm not going to do that. I should have put that as #5 probably: I am not a joiner-inner. I don't go to Tupperware or Pampered Chef parties; I don't participate in recipe chain letters; I don't "forward this email to 10 strong women I know!" My sister Pat would probably laugh and say I was a Parade-Rainer. But she wouldn't do it, either. Hell, I don't even have her email address


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Size 2? You should put that skinny ass of yours in a miniskirt! ; )

    And a library aversion combined with a hardcover book fetish? Whoa.

    This was so worthwhile--for me anyway. I liked this meme because you could make it into anything you wanted.

    Now I'm wondering if the furniture at The Department headquarters is made of books. Why own a coffee table book when you could have a coffee table made of books? Do you get rid of your duds?

    When I get a bad book, it has to LEAVE. It can't sit on the shelf and consort with the good books.

  2. Moi, in a miniskirt? Surely you jest. I'm 47, dearest. My miniskirt days are past over. And my legs...well, let's just say that the years have not been kind. And while the furnishings at The Dept. are not MADE of books, I do decorate with books; yes, even the bad ones keep their homes. I cannot bear to harm a book, nor inflict a bad one on anyone else.

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    You'd look fab in a miniskirt...50 is the new 30 you know!?!?
    I'm a lover of the library, though I don't always enjoy giving the books back, and paperback books? Call me cheap but the way I see it is that the books all have the same words, right? And what a bargin!
    You're right, dogs are a TON of work. I'm the proud owner of 2 American Bulldogs and one Jack Russell. In fact, they're so much work that my husband tells me that if I want to have a baby we need to get rid of 2 of my beloved poochies!?!??! NEVER!!!! ~nina

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    True confessions Nance: I have thrown some books into the TRASH. Most recent book I bought in hardcover that I threw away without even finishing? Conversations with God by Neal Walsh (or Walsch?).

    I do use the library but I still buy quite a few books. I only keep the ones I really like. Why I do that, I don't know, because I never re-read books I've read before, unlike my husband who can revisit the same book over and over and over again.

  5. I have some confessions too. I love the library and paperbacks don't bother me! I only buy books that I think I'll refer to again, otherwise I just borrow them.

  6. nina--flattery will get you all kinds of places with me, dear! thanks for the compliment.

    v--oh god. just knowing that you have wilfully put a book in the trash is literally hurting me right now. seriously. and i re-read books all the time. sometimes just pieces, and i re-read Gone with the Wind every single June. i have whole chunks memorized by now. and, of course, as an English teacher, I re-read my AmLit novels every single year with my students. NO ONE knows those classics like I do. LOL.

    anali--i have one more confession: i fall in love with characters in books. have you ever done that?

  7. I've never fallen in love with a character in a book, but it sounds very sweet! : )


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