Sunday, September 10, 2006

DoN to Hire Fashion Consultant; Apply Within

This is such an iffy time of the year in NE Ohio, climatologically speaking. One day, we are basking in 85-degree warmth with blue, sunny skies; the next, we are cuddling under our afghans while the sky is gunmetal grey and the northerly breezes remind us that we are glad we bought the snowblower last year. It is this type of changeability that wreaks havoc with my professional wardrobe and my fashion confidence.

I know it is September, but on Friday we had 86 degrees! Our building is not airconditioned! All my fall clothes are still in storage! There is no freaking way I am wearing a sweater, blazer, or longsleeved anything when it is almost 90. SO!...What's a woman to do?

Am I allowed to still wear white pants? If so, till when? Am I really, as Stacy and Clinton of "What not to Wear" fame say, still allowed to wear my ferociously cute white backless shoes now that Labor Day has passed? What about my fierce light blue and my flirty pink kitten heels? What about my pastel-colored blazers for sunny yet coolish days, say in the upper 60s? What about open-toed shoes? Is it over for them? Even if they might be black or brown? How long do I have?

See, I used to just cheat. There was a woman I used to teach with who was very uppercrust and very fashionable. I sort of watched her wardrobe's evolution and patterned mine after her. If she was wearing her sandals that week, I was okay to wear mine, and so on. Alas! she retired. And took her Chanel sunglasses with her.

The leaves have not yet started to turn here. I still have pink geraniums in hanging baskets and petunias in my flower boxes. My tomatoes are still producing and my basil is going crazy. I saw a baby cardinal on my deck.

So, what dictates my wardrobe, the calendar or the weather or some rules that I am not entirely sure of that someone made up sometime? I mean, I'll follow the rules if everyone else is because I don't want to look like an idiot. I am that vain, sadly. It's this damned not summer/not really fall season that kills me.

Aside from that, I'm good.


  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    You Nance, are now in charge of setting the fashion standard at The Rock.

    Wear what you love, what feels good, and what suits your mood. Be brave, be bold, wear the white shoes!

    After years of agonizing over "weather vs. fashion," I jumped heavily into neutral earthtones and light- to midweight layers. My transition clothes.

    My rule of thumb is khaki and black always look elegant and work in every season. I also love shades of orange from apricot to pumpkin and shades of green from lawn to deep olive because they work well year round. Driving mocs work well year round--no socks in summer, with socks when it's cold. Voila!

    I went to a dinner party in May and met a French woman wearing high-heeled black leather boots with white capris and a short-sleeve sweater. That combo gave me pause...

  2. I think capris always give me pause, V. Anyway, thanks for the support. Friday we are headed back into the 80s. Yesterday, the light blue kitten heels made a defiant appearance. Tomorrow, I'm thinkin' the white pants might. It's supposed to be 80. Why do I live here? The weather alone is prohibitive.


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