Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Belated Anniversary...To Me!

Holy Crap! I took a look around The Dept. and suddenly realized that I have been blogging for a whole year now. A little over, even: August 6th, 2005 was my first post.

And they said it wouldn't last.

Since then, I have been regaling visitors with accounts of phallic Christmas trees, the furor over whether or not Pluto should be a planet, musical mail trucks, left-leaning politics, the world of helpful pharmaceuticals, my sometimes self-actualized sons, my all-out war on backyard rodents, the three distinctions among beers, and most recently, my awesome cruise to Alaska.

And where would you all be without them? I shudder to think. As should you.

I hope you have a chance to waste a little time and wander back among the things On File at the Dept. (see sidebar). Heaven knows, next Friday I'm back to work and posts will become fewer and farther between! ;-)

Thanks for sticking around! And when you drop by next, bring a new recruit.


  1. Happy Anniversary! That cake looks great! Too bad I can't grab a slice. I like your first post. LOL. Jude is a cutie!

  2. anali & v-grrrl,

    What is it about seeing a cake that causes that immediate reaction of wanting some? I got an immediate craving while searching for an anniversary cake pic, and I'm more of a "pie person" myself. And, V, believe it or not, I have decorated more than a few fussy cakes in my time, but purely as an amateur. I don't even own more than one pastry bag--I am a devotee of the frostings in a tube, myself.


Oh, thank you for joining the fray!

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