Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Buddy System, Revamped

This isn't a warm fuzzy post about my childhood. It's political. Just thought I'd warn you up front.

I was browsing the blogs this morning (see "necessaries" in sidebar) and had one of those intense nodding sessions over defective yeti's latest post. In case you haven't yet taken my sage advice and linked over to his blog, he's a Seattle writer who posts on a wide variety of things including games, books, and politics, all with a dose of average-guy humor. Anyway, the catalyst for my nodding was his post about gay marriage.

Yet, it isn't really about gay marriage. It's about marriage, and how the government shouldn't be involved in it as an institution, gay or straight. He posits that perhaps the term itself--marriage--is the issue. He suggests new nomenclature: the buddy system. And the post is off. Intelligently and humorously. I'm really not doing it justice, you know. Now you have to go read it. Here's the link. Go!

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