Monday, October 03, 2005


Not that it will affect many, but I had to add comment verification to my blog to stop the random comment spam generators that stopped by with alarming regularity. Sorry if it inconveniences you in any way, truly.

Secondly, I am really trying to post more often. I am. It's been a tough time.

Finally (and this will explain my lax posting), if there is anyone out there who has experience with a condition known as adhesive capsulitis (aka "frozen shoulder") please tell me. The shoulder malady that I have been struggling mightily with for the past several months is not a torn rotator cuff as thought previously, but this adhesive capsulitis. It's a chronic, horrible condition of mysterious origin that has me wacked out on oxycontin and in the grip of the worst pain of my life. Worse news: it takes, on the average, two years to run its course and leaves its sufferer with compromised mobility.

I'll take any helpful hints, miracle cures, and testimonials from partners in this test of endurance.

And that's the last you'll hear from me on this subject.


  1. Nacky4:46 AM

    Sorry, no miracle cure.My shoulder problems started August 2004.Still not full mobility, nor completely painless (but far far less so).I'm assuming you have informed yourself about the basics.Usually they say loads of physical therapy, but at the proper time.Pain reaches a peak,then tapers off (slowly);same for the stiffness, but not synchronous with the pain.I'm leery about giving advice,I also don't know what stage you are in, there is quite a bit of leeway in how capsulitis adhaesiva progresses for each individual. Last February I was being told that non-excessive use of cold packs would be just fine, and I was going to a physical therapist (find a good one!) who gave me several exercises to do at home.
    Personally,I am afraid of pain medication side effects, and had no medication. On the other hand, I read something for doctors, wherein they were told-please reassure your patients, that if they are in great pain, they are doing neither themselves nor the people around them a favor by denying themselves medication. O.K. so I whimpered irritatingly sometimes.
    I wish I could be of some help to you. This a very irritating condition, but remember, on the list of orthopedic atrocities it is very low. It does (I'm assuming here) go away. The pain does go away.I hope you have nice supportive people around you.Especially if you're being nice and stoic about it, people tend to not realize that there is still a problem."Does it hurt now?" Answer:"It always hurts."
    By the way, this condition is relatively common (which makes me wonder about your misdiagnosis). After mentioning it I found several people who had already gone through this. Maybe you know some people without realizing it.
    I worry too about compromised mobilty. I have read ,however, that full mobilty can be regained. So hope for the best. As for how long this all takes, I was told one and a half years as an average.
    As for me, I still can't properly put my arm up behind my back (the bra unhooking gesture) nor swim freestyle/crawl properly. Most other movements are possible. Last spring I could hardly raise my arm sideways, raising it forwards was only possible to perhaps shoulder height, and twisting it sideways(bent at the elbow) was just about impossible.See, it does get better.
    I hope I haven't insulted your English teacher sensibilities too much in this rambling mess. My only excuse is that I have been living abroad for a long time. Now I should go do the therapy exercises I have been neglecting since things have been noticibly getting better.
    Keep it moving (the shoulder that is). It will get better.Chant all together. It will get better. Repeat.

  2. It's Dec. 9, and I just now found your comment. Thank you so much for your support and commiseration. I am gaining some mobility and have been able to decrease my pain meds a bit. And you're right: the pain meds' side effects are really what concern me most right now. Thanks again, and thanks for stopping in to read posts here at DoN.


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