Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Meme: Music

Monday, Monday...This day sneaked up on me like a little grey cat wearing lambswool slippers. It's gloomy and cold and cloudy and I'm trying to get Out From Under a tedious and picky editing job that is making me cross-eyed. I only have time for a few meme q's, so let's get to them!

1. What music are you listening to lately?

I've put my Carly Simon albums (Coming Around Again and No Secrets) into heavy rotation. I'm bored with You're So Vain, though, so sometimes I skip that song when it comes on.

2. What was your favourite concert that you attended?

Rick and I got all dressed up and went to see Michael Crawford in Cleveland back when he was just retired from being the Phantom of the Opera. (No, we were not the youngest ones there.) It was a beautiful, captivating, gorgeous night of lovely music. I still feel privileged to have heard him live.

3. What concert would you like to go to now?

None. I get irritated by the people who have to stand up the whole time and block my view. I don't like how the artists encourage everyone to sing when I paid huge money to hear THEM sing, not a crowd of fans. I don't like all the extraneous noise and people who act like goofballs. If I could go and NOT be subjected to all of that, I'd like to see Bruno Mars (because he's entertaining and cute). Maybe Elton John because I was supposed to go see him forty years ago, but I got terribly sick and couldn't go. But if he sounds really bad and forgets the words to his songs, I'd be so disenchanted and sad.

4. What music did you listen to in college/high school?

I was a huge Queen fan in college. I still love Queen, but that kind of music, I have to be in the mood for, you know? In high school, I listened to a little of everything, from Elton John to John Denver to Kiss to Cat Stevens to Blue Oyster Cult to whatever my sister Patti was listening to, like Al Stewart--remember him? That album might be my next free download. And once I met Rick, I started listening to a lot of Motown. A. Lot.  (It wasn't a Bad Thing.)

5. What about Rap Music?

Every once in a while, I can listen to some of it. Not very often, but there is some that I don't mind too much. I don't like ugly, hateful, disgusting, misogynistic rap music. I loved the new Eminem rap against 45*, just like I loved the last one he did against a republican. (Can you believe Eminem is 45?)

Your turn. I hope I don't end up feeling too much like an old lady.

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  1. You can't top Chuck Barry and Jerry Lee Lewis if you're from my generation. I saw them both on the same stage. I don't really do the concert thing...too noisy, too many lights and I'm with you on the audience singing. I was into Bluegrass when I was younger and we followed the outdoor festivals all over the state. Now, the only time I listen to music is in the car and that's country western.

    1. Jean--Did you know that Steve Martin--comedian (and writer, art collector, actor,and all around Renaissance Man) is in a Bluegrass band? They won a Grammy. They're called the Steep Canyon Rangers. Country music is awfully popular now, and everywhere.

    2. And they hail from right here in Brevard, NC. Listen to "Atheists Have no Songs" for a laugh.

  2. I so agree about concerts! Also, I dislike being around too many people, no matter what the event is. If I’m going to be in a huge crowd I’d rather it be at a baseball game!

    I was a bit of a weirdo in high school. I went to concerts with my mom & her best friend - Kenny Rogers, Roger Whitaker, etc. I had a Sultans of Swing album AND a Jimmy Osmond album. I listened to Captain & Tennille & Rachmaninoff while doing my homework. Weird.

    1. Bug--Music tastes are like wine palates--very personal and individual. And they can be situational, too.

      I love Rachmaninoff, which I became aware of after hearing the theme from the film "Somewhere in Time." I don't love all classical music, however; much of it is Too Much.

      When you say Sultans of Swing album, I take it you're not talking Dire Straits, then. Love that song. Swing music--I can listen in small doses at the right moments, like when I'm trying to get and stay motivated.

  3. 1. I have recently gone down a bit of a Madonna rabbit hole, and have downloaded some of her songs on my phone. I am actually not a huge fan of hers, although I admire her a lot. My phone has everything from Frightened Rabbit to the Kinks to the soundtrack of Hamilton on it. I'm all over the map, although I don't have any classical on it currently.

    2.Oh my goodness, I have been to so many concerts, it is difficult to choose. So many excellent ones. For the sheer amount of fun I had, I would have to say an Oingo Boingo concert back in the early 90's. For production values, maybe Dead Can Dance? They are fantastic. Again, too many to choose from. Two weeks ago I went to a Mutemath concert, and it was in the top 5.

    3. Hmmmmm... I think I would like to see Hamilton, although it probably doesn't count as a concert.

    4. Total New Wave 80's music person. Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, all kinds of weird 80's bands they played on KROQ, our local semi-famous radio station. I was very much a music snob at that time. I considered the 90's grunge movement to be a step backward in the history of music, and to this day am not really a big fan of Pearl Jam, etc. although I understood why it went towards that type of sound.

    5. Like you, I do not like the super-violent, misogynistic stuff. I listen to quite a bit of it, but only sort of select people, if you will.

    1. Gina--I'm with you on the 90s music. The 80s were so much better and so much more of an expressive era. Grunge was boring and awful and I still don't get it. I remember all the little Duran Duran fangirls in the 80s, swooning over John Taylor, esp. and wearing their swoopy bangs.

      I always had a lot of fun at Genesis concerts and their production value was great, too. Rod Stewart also is a fun concert.

      Isn't it terrific that now you can indulge your music fetish relatively cheaply and carry it with you at will? You suddenly had a yen for Madonna (I get it--esp. Vogue and Crazy For You and Express Yourself), so you grabbed a few of her songs. I had a yen for Carly Simon, so I grabbed a few of hers.

      But, Gina, I have no idea who or what Mutemath is. And I live in Cleveland, home of the birth of Rock and Roll. Off to Google and feel ashamed of myself.

    2. Oh, don't feel bad for not knowing who Mutemath is! They are very much an indie band, and we saw them at the Wiltern, which is a really small venue. I just love them, though, they are probably my favorite band of all time at this juncture in my life.

    3. Oh, I forgot to say I have seen Phil Collins (sans Genesis) in concert, and he was really good. I grew up listening to all the 70's rock that ever came out, as my dad was a big fan and back then kids did not get to rule the music choices in the car or in the house.

    4. Ha, I need to stop commenting. There is a FABULOUS rap song that I LOVE and it is by a woman artist named Angel Haze and it is non-stop cursing the ENTIRE SONG. I don't listen to it often due to the kids always being around. :(

    5. Gina--Mutemath, the little I listened to, is a bit techno for me.

      My father was a huge Neil Diamond fan. Dad would listen to a little of what we liked for fairness' sake, but he stuck with what he liked.

      I've only recently brought music back into my life. You, by contrast, seem to make lots of room for it in yours. I can tell how much you love it.

  4. I've been listening to Judy Collins this morning.

    My favorite concert at the time (not so sure it would be now) was Janis Joplin. She sang and drank Southern Comfort all during the concert. Second favorite was Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Dylan was AWFUL and totally disconnected from the audience. Simon was marvelous, engaging, and professional. We left the concert considering Bob Dylan as the very poor warmup act for Paul Simon.

    I'm solidly with you about attending concerts now. Far too many obnoxious people and needless noise. Digital music has made me something of a purist for sound, although I do listen to my old vinyl occasionally.

    I most often listened to folk/rock. I fell asleep at night listening to the radio play classical music.

    I cannot abide rap or hip/hop. It's not only some of the lyrics, it's the rhythm. I've even muted a movie if a rap song was included.

    1. NCmountainwoman--There are times when a Simon and Garfunkel song can move me to tears, and not just because of its lyrics ("Bridge over Troubled Waters"), but because of its vocal purity and perfect harmony. I am still transported whenever I hear the first line of "The Sound of Silence"--Hello darkness, my old friend.... I may be spending a little more of my free iTunes cash today on some S&G.

      Judy Collins is a classy woman and a towering talent.

  5. 1. Classical music OR the blues.
    2. Rolling Stones, Steel Wheels OR Itzhak Perlman as soloist with philharmonic orchestra
    3. Ditto what you said.
    4. Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Carole King, Santana, Peter Frampton, Linda Ronstadt
    5. Not a fan, can't understand it.

    1. Ally Bean--You've seen a couple big deals in concert. My sister Susan fulfilled a big wish when she saw the Rolling Stones in Cleveland way, way back in her late teens or early 20s. She was in heaven for weeks.

      I saw Peter Frampton in concert an album after his "Comes Alive" offering. Still fun, still cute in his halo of wavy hair.

      Loved Steely Dan's distinctive sound. Did you also then listen to Gerry Rafferty, the singer from Steely Dan who went solo?

  6. Fun questions!
    1. I usually listen to WRTI the classical (during the day) and jazz (during the evening) station from Temple University. usually have jazz playing during dinner.
    2. Gosh - saw Bonnie Raitt a couple of times and she was great. Billy Joel played on campus when I was in college and he put on a great show - played for hours. Ditto the group Renaissance.
    3. None unless it was a classical/orchestra. Don't like the crowds or the rude behavior of those attending concerts.
    4. Ah, so many (including Al Stewart!!): a lot of folk and rock - Allman Brothers, Cat Stevens, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Bruce S., CCR, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Cream, Kinks, New Riders, Laura Nyro, Rita Coolidge, etc., etc.
    5. Nope - don't like it at all.

    1. Vera--I would have loved to see Billy Joel. Even now, I think I'd go see him. Thanks for remembering Al Stewart! Yay!

  7. I listen to Adele and oldies, as you know.
    Favorite concert was Elton John.
    I'd like to see Adele, WITH A FRIEND
    In college I listened to Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt
    Not interested in Rap

    1. Moheckie--I like Adele too, but I have to cycle her in and out with other stuff. She's very...Adele. I would go with you, absolutely, but please arrange for wealthy benefactor to pay for my ticket.

      Oh, Rod. He's still wonderful when he sings the old standards. I have all those albums, too.

  8. The best concert ever was seeing Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland in 2016 with my kids. For someone who grew up listening to him, both in college and at "home" (we're originally from Philly/New Jersey), it was simply heaven. The only way to describe it. And what I wouldn't do to see his show on Broadway...

    1. Elle--Oh man, I bet it was terrific. I remember the first time I ever heard "Born to Run." I couldn't get enough. Bought that album, too, and I still know the order of the songs and all the words. His voice is so authentic; his lyrics really are poetry.

      Back in the real Rock 'n Roll Days of Cleveland Radio, when WMMS was THE radio station, they used to play "Born to Run" at exactly 5PM every Friday. It was the city's weekend anthem.


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