Monday, August 31, 2015

Exposing The Big Lie: Updating Ten Random Nance Facts

Without any further ado, here are the Ten Random Nance Facts again, with the explanations following, exposing The Big Lie.

Ten Random Nance Facts

1. I don't wear my wedding or engagement ring.
2. I have only mowed the lawn once.
3. I once referred to Mike Tyson as a rapist right in front of him.
4. I was almost kicked out of Monticello at the age of 43.
5. I am allergic to rum.
6. I sprained my wrist opening a multi-pack of Cracker Jacks.
7. I always signal my turns, even when backing out of my driveway.
8. I was called "an excellent writer" by Conan O'Brien on his TV show.
9. I have never seen a Star Wars movie.
10. I have never tried marijuana.

Let's see how you did.

1. True. Because my skin is so highly acidic as well as allergic to the nickel in yellow gold, I had to get white gold rings. The rhodium wears off rather quickly, so it's just easier not to wear them at all. I don't wear any jewelry anymore.

2. True. Mowing is Rick's department, but I did it one time in order to say that I did it. I was not excited.

3. True. We were coming out of a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game, and Mike Tyson had attended. He was drawing a crowd outside on the steps of the arena, which irritated me. As my family and I passed by, I loudly stated, while looking straight at him, "I have no idea why anyone would make such a fuss over a convicted rapist."

4. True. Turns out that, back then, asking about and making reference to Sally Hemings was not entirely appreciated. It was suggested to me that I might enjoy cider by the fireplace outside at one of the outbuildings.

5. True. I have drunk it both knowingly and unknowingly, and each time it has caused me to break out in hives, flush, and itch, and it makes my face swell up. It's the only booze to do so. (Thank goodness.)

6. True. Pathetically, this happened when I was about twelve, and I had to actually go to the emergency room. Can you imagine the embarrassment. Of everyone?

7. True. I like to feel that I am overcompensating for all of the jerks who never, ever use theirs.

8. True. In the heyday of my other blog, The Brian Williams Tie Report Archives, which enjoyed a lot of fame and international press, Brian Williams was interviewed by Conan O'Brien and he brought up my blog. He actually read several entries aloud and asked Williams about it. In the course of discussion, O'Brien said, among other nice things, that I was an excellent writer.

9. False. I've seen the first one. Wasn't Harrison Ford so adorable back then?

10. True. I was never even tempted, to be honest. Back in highschool, I was downright terrified, mainly because my dad's best friend was the Chief of Police in our city. And I simply had no desire. Still don't. Not a judgement, just a personal preference.

So there you are. Surprised?



  1. Ah ha! I'll sleep better tonight knowing the truth. :-)

    1. Ally Bean--LOL. Nighty night!

  2. Well I AM surprised! I love to mow (much more than I enjoy indoor housework, which I avoid until it's shameful). I love the reason you got kicked out of Monticello :)

    1. Bug--I'm sure Rick would be fine with you coming on up to NEO and taking care of our lawn. Heck, you can come vacuum, too. It's just like mowing, really.

      From what I understand, Monticello is much different now. And I wasn't being snotty or loud or belligerent at all. I was asking questions because I wanted to know and also because there not one mention or reference to her at all at that time. I thought it was ridiculous and decidedly lacking in scholarly accuracy. But at no time was I disrespectful. The tour guides sized me up as a troublemaker, I guess, and felt that if they suggested I go get refreshments often enough, I'd get the hint. I pretended not to.

  3. I too have seen only one Starwars movie. But I have never tried marjuana either. Ah well.
    Eleventh fact about Nance. She is too damn clever.

    1. Mary G--Thanks for the hugs. Always appreciated! See how much we are alike--one Star Wars film, no marijuana, and quite clever. And the hugging. There are plenty in NEO for you.


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