Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Because Sometimes, I Can Be Profound Like That

I offer the following real dialog that occurred during a viewing of a Silk Soy Milk commercial as proof of: A) the fact that life at the Dept. is positively Seinfeldian; B) maybe I am still overly-snarky and difficult to live with since I've returned from vacation:

Me: (sniffing disdainfully) Real cows don't wear clothes.
Rick: Or stand on two feet.
Me: (dismissively rolling eyes.) That's hooves.
Rick: (trying again) Or talk.
Me: (still staring at t.v.) Maybe not to you.
Rick: Never mind.
Last Year at The Dept. of Nance: The Alaskan Adventure Part I
*this begins my 7-part series of my Alaskan cruise, complete with some lovely pictures. If you'd like to read ahead, just hit July 2006 in the Archives and enjoy.


  1. C'mon, Nance. Real cows are... female. No bull. (Or is Frankie there really a bull? In which case, he should be disqualified for that alone.)

    Sorry for not getting around here for a few days. I'm off to read Vintage Dept. of Nance. Later.

  2. cows talk, wear clothes and have feet. they mutated back in the early 90's.

  3. Nance,

    I saw this ad in our local paper.


  4. P.S. Gotta finish my French homework, but I haven't forgotten the Tie Report, and I did have a look at your snazzy B.W. Tie Report blog. Just a suggestion: Post the current Tie Report simultaneously on both blogs. Then, on your main Dept. blog, put a sentence at the bottom that says "Leave a comment" and link it to the BWTR page, in addition to having it on your blogroll. That way people don't have to wait till it gets to the archive blog before they comment. Ya gotta get those opinions while they're hot. LOL.

  5. LOL! I LOVE this post are just TOO funny!

    And for the record, I'm sure that cows totally talk! ;)

  6. Some of my best friends are cows.

  7. Even though, as I've said before, I'm irrationally afraid of cows, I think cattle of any gender would be pret-t-y offended by this undignified ad campaign. I really hate these ads.

  8. Ortizzle--You know, the more I see these ads, the more I find wrong with them. And welcome back!

    nina--heaven help us then. and here i thought the worst thing about the 90s was beanie babies... and new kids on the block!

    nancy--those poor cows!!

    ortizzle--but you're the only one who ever comments on the ties, and you feel pretty comfy just adding a comment onto whatever post is up at the time. but, i'll consider it just for YOU.

    tera--i think that, if you spend enough time with any animal, you can form a sense of communication with it. even my fishpond fish and i have a bond. seriously.

    gina--welcome to the dept! i have been enjoying your blog, which i found via ortizzle's one day. hope you hang out here often. do you really share my fondness for cows? or are you using the word in a snarky sense? (i know we share that attribute already.)

    sputnik--you know, as i was poking around the interwebs for the pic i used, i came across a bunch of analyses of this campaign. it's really coming under some heavy fire for using cows to advertise nondairy milk. personally, i find it creepy overall. the california cheese cows, however, are completely hilarious.

  9. JULY 18th TIE: OMG, if you thought it looked complicated on your TV, you should see it on the podcast. I agree with you on the verdict: difficult to say if I liked it 100%, but I did love the colors. And, if photographed and enlarged, it would make a superb jigsaw puzzle.

    The Alaskan Adventure, Part I: I think I must go on one of those cruises one of these days. As soon as I lose about 40 lbs., LOL. Loved the practice photo of the jeans. I've never heard it called a "Coors Original" before. Now that's original!

  10. o'tizz--i just this minute caught up on thursday and friday's ties. it was a busy past couple of days. i'll email you later. jared, the minute he saw that tie, proclaimed it The Best Tie BW Ever Wore.

    Listen, go on the Alaska cruise. Everyone like me who is skinny bundles up and looks 50 lbs. heavier and the normal people don't have to. Coors Original is the non-light version. It comes in the gold can. Coors light comes in the silver can. At least that's we we NE Ohioans call it. LOL.

  11. Nance: I was just trying to make a wisecrack about the placement of that beer can, but don't pay any attention to me, I am so rude, LOL!

  12. o'tizz--lol lol lol LOL. if I had not been going on about 2 hours of sleep, I'd have gotten that.


    you're definitely infinitely wittier than I today. forgive me for this lapse. the Formerly Well-Rested Nance would have gotten it immediately and responded with a well-crafted Spanish, even. This pale shadow of Nance took you incredibly literally and acted like a stereotypical clueless airhead.

    which i am not.

    I'll be back.


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