Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Greetings, Road Trip Wrap-Up, And A Cell-Phone Story

Happy Easter, and to those of you who do not celebrate the holiday, why, hello there!

And speaking of Easter, let me just say here and now that once again, the opportunity to use copious amounts of bunnies was wasted. The Cadbury people did not use the Cadbury bunny ad in which the bunny clucks like a hen and lays the creamy Cadbury eggs. No fluffy cute bunnies were used to advertise Easter sales on spring dresses or hats. No bunnies were paraded around for frikking anything. So, in an effort to give cute bunnies their due, here is an absolutely terrifyingly, mindbendingly cute bunny.
So there. And I have absolutely no segue into the next section, which is about my road trip. Except to say...

I made it through The Road Trip With Mother, sanity intact, and all with only two pairs of shoes. She was so well-behaved, Mom was, that I was almost ashamed of my pre-trip trepidation. True, there were a few moments when we had to explain her cell-phone to her again--she's had it since Christmas--, and we did have a few "Nance and Patti as Shirley and Evelyn Moments", but all in all, the old girl did all right. I think most of this was due to the fact that she was sitting in the backseat of the van and couldn't always hear all of the conversation clearly all of the time. But I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

I must say that I was deeply touched--deeply--by the concern some dear Dept. readers expressed in the comments regarding my taking of only two pairs of shoes. You were so very kind to be worried about this obvious fashion risk. But rest assured that I am nothing if not fashion savvy. I made sure that the two pairs I did take worked perfectly well with the choice of pants I packed. And, our motel was right next to an outlet mall that had several shoe shopping offerings should a footwear crisis emerge. None did, and sadly, our itinerary was so packed and the weather was so inhospitably cold that the opportunity never presented itself even just to browse. But fear not: I have a pair of incredibly stylish leopard print point-toe slingbacks on hold already here at home. On discount. You would not believe me if I told you the price, so I won't.
But I digress.
The trip to take my mom to see her sisters was a ton of fun. I re-met cousins and my cousins' daughters and the wives of cousins. There was a lot of talking and my uncle mixes a helluva martini. He and my aunt are incredibly good hosts and democrats. I love them. And they are good to my mother--way better than I am. Someday they may look under the bed in the guest room and discover that I have been living there quietly for months.

Finally, I want to share with all of you what I came home to. No, not a messy hellhole of a house. It was clean and wonderful and Rick and Jared and Sam were glad to see me. They even wanted to wait until I came home to color Easter eggs. No, it's this:
Jared came downstairs this morning, still a little sleepy. We said good morning and he started grinning. He even chuckled a little. We started laughing, too, even though we didn't know what was so funny. "What is it?" we asked. "I got up," Jared said, "and I always grab my cell phone first thing. I noticed that sometime in the night I had gotten a text message. So I retrieved it to see what it was. It was from Sam. It said, STOP SNORING."


  1. Love the bunnies. Road trip sounds like a roaring success. (I was not concerned about the two pairs of shoes, I just knew you would have chosen casual and formal, adaptable to whatever color your clothes were, or something like that.)

    The snoring text message is hilarious. Might just use that with the husband, LOL. (Except that he assures me that I snore, too.)

  2. i loved the little gray bunny. i set him as my desktop. cute....

  3. You are a brave, brave woman to venture forth on a road trip with only two pairs of shoes. DO post a pic of the slingbacks, they sound darling!

    Hmmm... Maybe I'll text my next-door neighbor. I swear I can hear him snoring through the wall!

  4. Haha, I was mostly kidding about only two pair of shoes--you were only gone a few days!

    I hadn't consciously thought about it, but I missed the Cadbury commercials this year! Those jerks. In addition to making their candy smaller, they don't show the bunnies.

    And of course, you're guaranteed not to see any bunnies till next Easter season at least!

  5. When I think of rabbits, I think of this.

  6. She was so well-behaved, Mom was

    And your mom was saying exactly that about you many, many years ago. Isn't it ironic how things switch? :)

    Happy Easter!

  7. Yes that bunny is killingly sweet. I could write a book on the "stories" and family legends we have. About how I was a sickly newborn and nearly choked to death and they had to take me to the hospital. Of course, what they don't tell you is that they were were feeding me water which hospitals tell you NEVER TO DO! About how I was a picky eater and a night owl. Asking about why I still don't like to eat tomatoes or drink coffee. I could go on, but my blood pressure is starting to rise again.

  8. ortizzle--The text msg. just cracks me up, too. AND, it even had the period at the end.

    moheckie/SoMdPrincess--I did the same thing!

    girl and dog--good idea about posting a pic. but it may make you jealous...

    jenomena--cadbury makes an orange cream egg; did you know this? i would try it, but it takes me so long to finish a single candy bar, that it would just end up tipping over and getting all sticky.

    i.h.--i love rabbit. i'm kind of odd that way. i love cows, but will eat beef. love bunnies, but console myself that it's only the ugly, ill-tempered ones that get used for their meat.

    dan--yes, how true. mom rarely can comment that i am well-behaved these days!!

    wordgirl--how do you survive without tomatoes or coffee?

  9. V-Grrrl2:39 PM


    Enjoy the cute pictures because bunnies are not nice in real life. We have been bunny sitting for 10 days now. Bunny is lovely to look at but bunny bites. Bunny SLEEPS in his litter box. He wets himself and must be bathed. Cage must be cleaned daily of mounds of rabbit pellets. Yuck, yuck, and yuck. Every time I see the children carrying around this nasty rabbit, I want them to take a shower.

  10. Glad your trip was a success Nance!

    Such a cute pic...not only do they not show the Cadbury commercial anymore, commercials (period) are starting to get out of hand and are absolutely ridiculous at times!!!

  11. I don't know if I've ever eaten rabbit. For some reason, though, this discussion is reminding me of the day we had a fiesta in Spanish class in high school and some kid brought in goose stew, made from geese that he had shot, killed and cooked. Mmm mmm good.

  12. Can't...type...fingers paralyzed...bunnies...too....cute

  13. v-grrrl--obviously, this is a belgian bunny. american bunnies don't do ANY of those things. they are furry, nice, cuddly, warm, and pleasant all of the time.

    tera--yes,the trip was lovely. and i am going to start a petition in favor of more bunnies on tv. someone has to.

    i.h.--now you are just off-topic. are you ADD? LOL.

    j.--try a martini. or more champagne. use a straw.

  14. By the by, the tie (Apr. 9th): I do agree with your assessment. Best one I've seen so far, and definitely a cravat worth coveting.

    On another note... is Brian's nose crooked? Or are those arched eyebrows in single-quote formation creating an optical illusion? (Or do I finally have to get bifocals?!)

  15. I'm glad to hear you had a good trip and I'm breathing a sigh of relief that didn't experience any shoe emergencies!

  16. Glad the trip went well and I love the bunnies! I almost ran over one on Easter! I had just brought my brother home and was driving down the street. I noticed something out the corner of my eye moving, but in a weird way. Hopping! It was the cutest little bunny and I just missed hitting it!

  17. The text message was brill. And considerate, too. He might have called and set off a loud ring tone and then complained, but chose not to.

    You claim to have had no segue, but I thought the transition between the two subjects in this post, bunnies and roadtrip, was the picture of the bunnies on a road trip! Too bad you ladies didn't get to tool around in the Barbie Corvette.

  18. ortizzle--yes, brian's nose has a definite gangster lean. it adds to his charm. wait on those bifocals.

    nina--had a speaking engagement last night and made some extra cash. got my black nine west heels and picked up the leopard slingbacks today. i'm in heaven.

    anali--that was a test. it was one of the easter bunny' hoplets. like santa's elves, they go out and watch to make sure you are behaving. you passed!

    sputnik--you know, googling at google images with specific search terms can yield surprising results. i actually had "bunnies car cell-phone" all in the query box at the same time and that pic came up. sadly, i could not find any pic of all three items at once. but i did try.

  19. 10-APR-07 Tie Report: Raspberry is perfect to describe that color. Magenta and fuchsia have a lot more red in them. I like the solid tie, but usually to offset a shirt that is not a solid color, such as a shirt with very very fine stripes (we're talking the width of a hair, and a somewhat paler version of the color of the tie.)


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