Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Look What I Found!

 Quite unintentionally, I found some fun stuff last week. Now you get to look at it, too.

I have a terribly sad history with Cheetos. In 2003 I had to break up with them after they turned on me in a gastric episode that stays with me still. When I saw this bag of Lay's Cheeto flavoured potato chips, I literally did a double-take. Then I stood there, trying to decide whether to take the risk and try them. The amount of hemming and hawing I did was ridiculous and pathetic. I'm sure that someone saw me and commented about it on their Twitter account: Some crazy woman is mesmerized by the new cheeto lays chips. Shoot me if I ever get that enthralled by snacks.

Anyway, I bought them (of course I did) and we tried them. 


And they ended up making me a little bit nauseated, so Cheetos--we're still broken up after all.

Spiders, especially the daddy longlegs kind, and spider webs are the bane of my existence at the lake. Every weekend I'm trying to get rid of the damn things in every conceivable nook and cranny. I found this duster at my goofy grocery store and bought it. It's on a nice long handle. I took it and my groceries up to the cashier, a diminutive elderly man with an impeccable haircut.

Cashier:  Wow, look at that thing!
Me:  I know. It's ridiculous.
Cashier: They should have put trump's picture on it.
Me:  Ugh. Then I wouldn't have bought it.
Cashier: (fixing me with a keen look) Oh sure you would. 
Me: Oh, so I'd have the pleasure of getting him all dirty? Yeah, maybe so!
Cashier:  What a crook! You know, my wife is the most laid-back, gentle person. But any time she hears his name, she goes off. That guy...what a jerk. What a crook.
(Woman behind me laughs and nods)
Me:  I couldn't agree more. 

Finally, I found this treasure in my Cleveland Plain Dealer over the weekend. Yes, it's rife with grammatical errors, but that's not my favourite thing about it. I know once you read it, you'll be as delighted as I am with what you find. 

I certainly hope you are similarly Up To Date and feeling fine because of it. Regularity is often something for which to be Thankful, is it not? 

Enjoy your week, and I hope you find things to brighten it up. Talk to me about Finds in Comments.


  1. This is a hoot. The dog thing. Goodness. How did they miss that? Regularity is certainly something to be thankful for. I could go on, but I will leave it at that.

    Oh, I did just discover some yummy GF crackers. My SIL brought them to a tailgate. I have to remember to look for them at my grocery store. Well, this is not a great find to share, since I can't remember the name of them. I just looked them up, I think they are called Crunch masters.

    Another great find is the piles and PILES of stray socks that I uncovered while organizing my boys' room after they left for college. It was great, because I had been looking for the matches for so long. It was insanely frustrating because I had asked them to dig around in their rooms for any lone socks. Grrr.

    Finally, I found a used parachute on FB marketplace minutes from my house at a reasonable price, and I'm adding that to my daycare. I anticipate that will be a huge hit.

    I love the duster guy. Very cute. I hope he rids your corners of icky webs.

    1. Ernie--That ad stayed like that for an entire week, uncorrected. I can't wait to look for it today.

      When my sons moved out for good and I undertook their shared quarters, I was shocked at what I found. Plates and forks in drawers. MY SOCKS. I cannot go on. That was a test of my Patience and Love; let's leave it at that.

      Have fun with your parachute games. I hope none of your littles becomes airborne.

  2. I went to Costco by myself last week and was able to browse a bit more than I can when my impatient husband is with me. I bought this Fannie May S'more snack mix and it was wonderful and delicious and I wonder how I ever lived without it. We don't go to Costco very often, so I'm kind of nervous that it will never be there again. (Okay, I DID get nervous and it turns out that there are snack packs of this delicacy available on the Fannie May website if things get dire.) Anyway. That's my find for the week.

    1. NGS--S'more snack mix sounds incredible. I am quite committed to anything marshmallow and chocolate. I'll look for it.

      Isn't it terrible how these big warehouse clubs work? You find something wonderful and become enamored with it, even plan recipes around it, and then poof! They no longer stock it. It's over, done, gone forever. Such a cheat.

      I wonder if the Hoorays balance out with the Oh No's at the warehouse clubs. Probably. They always have such cool stuff.

  3. This was a treasure trove of deliciousness! My question is - did the Cheeto flavored chips make your fingers orange? Because that might make me seek them out.

    I was happy today because I had an exit interview with a disgruntled employee which was supposed to take an hour and a half. Instead, he wrote all of his grievances down; I read it and then we discussed it for about five minutes. Whew!

    Also, we're supposed to go out of town on Thursday, but Hurricane Ian might interrupt those plans. I'm still taking the days off from work. A four day weekend at home? YES!!

    1. Bug--Yes, my fingers were orangey, but not as dramatically dusty as they would have been had I been eating Cheetos. That's probably why the chips weren't all that great--not much flavour.

      I hope the hurricane doesn't scuttle your plans.

  4. I am happy to say I am up to day on my sh*ts AND my shots and I'm feelin' FINE! LOL

    I had a similar episode with Frosted Mini Wheats. Put me right in the hospital by ambulance. I will never, EVER trust those delicious little pillows ever again. In all fairness, I *may* have eaten a few too many. Okay, it was a LOT too many apparently. But, N-E-V-E-R again. I'm sticking with Cheeri-os. Cherri-Os will never do you wrong.

    The mop???? Oh, I just couldn't. ROFL But, I'm glad YOU did.

    1. Dee--I'm so glad you're feeling so zippy! LOL

      I used to eat Frosted Mini Wheats right out of the box as a snack at school here and there, but wow! They never put me in the hospital, thank goodness. I'd walk right past them, too, Dee, if that happened to me.

      That hideous duster is so handy! I'm short, so it helps me reach up to the ceiling and grab those webs. And it doesn't leave a mark. Out of the dumb wrapping, it just looks gaudy.
      At $1.99 it was a steal.

  5. Oh how I want to see a bulldog pup using the potty, regularly or not.
    Ew, Cheetos? Oh well ... we all have our strange little addictions. I do not Think Less of you. (And my addictions are Really Bad.)
    I want a duster just like that one. At present I am using a mop with a removable and washable head and the spiders are far ahead of me.

    1. Mary G--French bulldogs are THE breed of the moment. They're getting stolen all over the place. It makes me wonder if the ad is a scam or not, what with its awful composition.

      Imagining one of them on the potty is a pretty endearing vision, I'll give you that.

      And, I know--Cheetos. Sigh. How gauche. I used to be ga ga over those hideous Circus Peanuts, too. I'm a sucker for marshmallow (and, apparently, orange things).

      I refuse to swing around a bigass mop when all I'm doing is busting spiders and webs. I used to have a handy thing called a Webster, but it vanished when one of the boys borrowed it. This little lightweight thingy is perfect for whisking away spiders and their homes from all the places high and low. When I'm done, I just step outside and give it several good shakes and pull off the stubborn stuff.

      I have to do this every weekend. I hate it.

    2. Things do not come back from my YD either, although the other one is punctilious. (Love that word). Yes. I have a spider and cottage story. One swung down between my husband and his book once as he was reclining on the screened porch. He rolled onto the floor, shrieking. Since then I have mopped more.

    3. Mary G--Goodness! Your husband sounds like me; however, he could certainly help with web removal since he is so affected. Love punctilious, and I don't hear/read/use it often enough.

  6. I choked, the laughed at the puppy ad. And I love the new Cheetos lays chips. I went back and bought 6 bags. Now, I can't find 'em any more.

    1. Anni--That ad is ridiculous, right? So good.

      I see that Lay's has a whole line of limited edition snack flavours: Dorito, Funyun, and Frito Chili Cheese. I can't say that any of the others appeal to me at all.

    I used to devour Cheetos and never had digestion problems with them, but one day I just decided that if my fingers were literally stained with orange after eating them and the dye did not come off easily… maybe they were, uh, not the healthiest choice. Not that *any* of these snacks is actually healthy, of course. Right now, I could eat the wrapper off a snack bag: Just had major dental implant surgery a week ago and I am on a liquid diet for a *month.* Yes, you read that right. After that, I can move on to 'mush foods.' Crispy and crunchy are not even on the horizon yet, lol.

    I need one. Not for spiders, just the usual dust that accumulates and (I think) keeps us sneezing frequently. If it had TFG's face on it, I could not buy it, though, no matter the pleasure in getting his face dirty. That said, it *could* work as therapy, like, uh, bashing it against the wall until it disintegrated.

    I'm up to date on vaccines. Shits, not so much. :-D (Newspapers need to hire serious proofreaders, lol. I think a lot of 'ad copy' gets bypassed because they feel like they can't edit text from paying advertisers, but when the typo is so obvious…)

    1. Ortizzle--I am so very, very sorry to hear of your extensive and abusive dental work. How hideous and unfair. The only benefit, of course, is weight loss (and the fact that it practically licenses you to have milkshakes galore). Mush foods sounds like guacamole to me--and ice cream--both quite spoonable and nice.

      The face on my new duster is on the wrapper only, so I'd also have the pleasure of ripping it into wee pieces or feeding it to my shredder. Or giving it to Zydrunas to rip into. But I get it: I'm just as weary and sick of tfg as anyone, and paying money for his visage (even only $1.99) would frost my cupcakes.

      I completely agree with you about that ad and the need for proofreading, but newspapers are operating on such a tiny margin right now that it will never happen. I know that they have classified ad forms that admonish those who write/place them to check their ad carefully for errors beforehand and when it runs in the paper/online edition. You and I both know how disingenuous that is.

      Take care of yourself! XXOO

  8. Okay, thanks for the morning laugh. I saw those chips in the store too and couldn't decide if they'd be good or gross. Didn't buy them because of the salt.

    1. Jean--You're welcome. I didn't even look at the sodium content. Rick has high BP, but I monitor his overall salt intake pretty well. He can have a little bit of a salty snack indulgence every now and then. We left them at the lake, so he'll only snack on them on the weekend.

  9. I also have a weakness for Cheetos. I keep seeing Cheeto flavored Kraft Mac and Cheese. I don't really consider trying it, but I do wonder how different it would be from regular Mac and Cheese.

    1. J--I haven't seen that, but since I don't buy Kraft Mac and Cheese, it could certainly be here and merely escaped my notice. But...cheese is cheese, so truly, I'm as flummoxed as you are. Kraft already has the tagline that it's the cheesiest. How could Cheeto flavouring make it moreso? Hmm.

  10. Did you happen to see the news the last few days that there's a Cheetos statue in the tiny town of Cheadle, Alberta? It was put up by Pepsi, the owner of Cheetos, and Cheadle was selected because of its Cheeto-similar name. The statue itself is being called Cheetle. Google it if you haven't already seen it. It's getting the most attention because it actually displays Cheeto dust. FYI--It's going on the road November 4.

    1. Shirley--It's so funny that you mention this! My Canadian friend and commenter above, Mary G, sent me a link to an article about it. Apparently, the Cheeto dust itself is called Cheetle, and that's why Cheadle was selected. Just looking at that enormous Cheeto made my stomach a little icky.

      That statue is just the kind of thing Cleveland would love. If it does visit, I'll skip that exhibition.

    2. Ha! I didn't read the comments on this post or the other one because I wanted to make sure I commented and didn't get distracted. LOL I haven't had a Cheeto (I preferred the crunchy ones) in years but they used to be kind of fun. Of course, we could say that about a lot of things, right?

  11. Life is always better when I'm up to date on shits. Never want to leave the house if not up to date.

    I do have a thing for Cheetos; but not the crinkly/crunchy ones. I like the big puffy ones. They do not make my stomach hurt, but I could blame some lbs on them....granted, I don't eat them often because: Cholesterol. :(

    We have what I think is called A Webster for spiders. At the GA house, a few weeks ago, It took two of us to rid the exterior house/door areas from GIANT spiders. I'm not talking calm, lame daddy long legs. These were bonafide real live murderous looking spiders.

    Ok. I might have an irrational fear of spiders, but you get the gist; Daddy long legs don't scare me like the giant, thick legged, fat bodied ones do.

    1. Suz--I used to have a Webster, too. It's gone. One of the boys borrowed it, and...oh, well. Who knows where it ended up. That was many apartments ago, I'm sure. And I believe you about gigantic, lethal spiders. I've never seen the variety of spiders that I have at the lake. They're everywhere and they act like they own the place. Screw that; until they make a mortgage payment, I'm in charge and I kill on sight.

      For a brief time, Cheetos made a big waffle-type Cheeto that was called Cheeto Checkers (I'm pretty sure). I used to love those. Do you recall them? And Planters--the peanut people--used to make a cheese ball that was fantastic. It came in a nice round cardboard canister. Sigh. Now I'm craving cheese puff-type snacks. That's not good.


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