Friday, December 26, 2014

Sometimes You Don't Need An Apostrophe (Or Two, Even)

Sometimes, when it is Unrelentingly Grey in our part of NEO, Rick and I zip down to see if things are sunnier at the lake and check on things down there, like if Canada geese have overrun my brother's yard or if there are any nice cows alongside the road to get friendly with. Sometimes I have to get fussy and complain that we don't stop at Grandpa's Cheese Barn to hit the samples for a snack. Sometimes Rick says, "Next week, let's come early on Sunday and fill up on sausage gravy and biscuits and see what they've deep-fried over at the breakfast buffet!" and I have to Be The Bad Guy and remind him of his high blood pressure. Sometimes along the way we see something funny, like the guy wearing bright red suspenders and a Dr. Seuss-type hat, or oddly satisfying, like the hand-tied Amish corn shocks standing in the fields.

But Sometimes, we see things that don't make us any happier, that only serve to add to our gloom. Such was the case with this sign, one that made me ask Rick to turn around on Route 58 in order for me to get a picture.

Thank goodness the sun came out.

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  1. Somewhere along the way, people were taught that an apostrophe plus an "s" means plural and pluralization has been downhill ever since. Sigh. Anyway, I always love glimpses into your life with Ricki! Hope you've found some sunny days at the lake recently. It's been warm here this past week and it's been nice!


  2. Shirley--We've had a strange string of very warm weather in NEO, and it was 60 degrees around Christmas. I loved it! Living here my whole life has taught me not to get too used to it or hopeful that it will last, so when it normalized, I wasn't surprised or devastated. Another benefit--December, unlike November, has been largely snow-free. YAY!

  3. Oh my - that's just whack. It's on a par with the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks :)

    Oh, & that is just our kind of road trip - except we probably WOULD stop for the biscuits and gravy. Mmmm...

  4. Bug--I've submitted to that blog before. Love it! Rick has to be very careful with his sodium intake; his blood pressure is awfully hard to regulate, and it spikes without warning. But he'd eat that every day if he could!

  5. Oh, the plural/possessive confusion! As Bug brought up, it reminds me of the unnecessary quotation marks. Ugh. Horrid.

  6. I'm always hurt by it, though.

  7. Truly cringe-worthy. Did you send this to the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks?!

  8. P.S. Yeah, I know the error was not quotation marks, but... somehow it fits the spirit of Things Unnecessary in the "service's" part.


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