Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do You Know What You Need To Know? It All Depends On What "Need" Means

Yesterday, we discussed Perspective a little bit, and today, thanks to some troubling puzzling journalism over at, we are continuing in that vein. While I am still Unwell, I am resting and exploring the Vast Reaches Of The Interwebs, and becoming Increasingly Distraught at what passes for The Fifth Estate out there. Let me be more clear.

According to, these are the "5 Things You Need To Know Wednesday", meaning yesterday. I have no idea how I happened upon this article, but it is likely that the title, stating that I "needed to know" them, made me do it. Anyway, here they are, and be ready to check them off if You Knew Them Wednesday, and feel smug and the better for that Knowledge.

1. The 'Piano Man' receives top music award from the Library of Congress
2. Rev your engines for the LA Auto Show
3. 10th anniversary of the "Malice in the Palace"
4. Say it ain't snow! No, it's definitely snow
5. And the sexiest man alive is…

These are THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW! ON WEDNESDAY! Now, that was yesterday. If you did not know any, or all, of these things, how did that ignorance affect your life? Let me tell all of you, with unabashed honesty, that I knew two of these only, Numbers 4 and 5. And the only reason I knew Number 5 was because all of the Cleveland news outlets made a huge deal of it since he was here filming The Avengers. As to the others, please. Their Necessity Quotient is zero. I am currently at the very tippy-top of all ten teams of our fantasy basketball league. I hold the trophy for highest points two weeks in a row. My basketball knowledge is, therefore, excellent. But even I did not know that ten years ago Wednesday was the day that the huge brawl happened between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons in which Ron Artest climbed into the bleachers and assaulted a fan.  Yet my life is largely the same, and so is my status as Fantastically Crushing All Comers.  And aside from the ten million people who live in Los Angeles County, how many of the 300 million Americans NEED to know about the LA Auto Show? And even then...NEED to know?  Right.

How trivial these Necessaries seem to me! And once I saw that they were for Wednesday, I snorted with derision when I contemplated what the people could deem Necessary That I Know For Thursday. Something about a TLC reality celebrity? Was something sculpted in Spam someplace? Will Ft. Lauderdale have a boat show? Let's take a look:

1. President Obama readies national remarks on overhauling immigration
2. Transgender hate crimes remembered across the country in Day of Remembrance
3. Inside trading schemer reports for nine-year prison sentence
4. Climate change to increase flood, crop insurance losses to trillions
5. American Cancer Society encourages kicking butt for Great American Smokeout




  1. Oh indeed. I think I liked Wednesday's list better...

  2. Bug--I thought you would!

  3. I have gotten to the point that I rarely read the news and do not watch TV news. If I am driving somewhere, I do listen to NPR. I check out the Daily Kos (liberal news on line) about once a week mostly for the stupid things done by Republicans. But there are days I read/hear no news at all.

    As far as I can tell, the only difference that it has made in my life has been that I am less stressed. I wish there was a news source that would tell me only what I really NEED to know. Perhaps a state, local or national law has changed that I need to know about. I need to know the weather forecast only if it is changing significantly from todays' weather. And perhaps I need to know up to 5 top headlines from a news source that are not about sports or entertainment. If I want to know more, I can look it up.

    There are some online sources that supposedly do that, but they don't filter out the things I don't NEED to know very well. And most come with advertisements that clutter the pages.

  4. CJ--I used to watch and listen to far more news, especially The Politics. Now, not so much. Like you, I am trying to Center My Zen. Every now and then, I stick my head back in, just to Be A Person, but I am always profoundly disappointed by the idiocy abounding there. When will I learn?


Oh, thank you for joining the fray!

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