Friday, June 06, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different (And Undead)

The Dept. of Nance interrupts Poetry Month to bring you this Moment Of NEO Neighborhood Culture.

I was sitting in my leather easy chair one morning, coffee in hand and catten on lap, about a week ago (30 May, to be exact), when I happened upon this little item in my beloved Cleveland Plain Dealer:

I took the above photo with my iPhone and immediately sent it to Jared and Sam via text message. They live in Lakewood, a Cleveland suburb that is not too terribly far from where I am, but for its culture, it may as well be eleventy thousand miles away. "That is so Lakewood," Jared responded. I think Sam sent me a photo of a sleeping baby giving me The Finger. Sigh.

Maybe I'll post a Zombie Poem next. I know just the right one, too. Until then, be careful out there.


  1. Nance, we even have an annual zombie walk in The Burg (also known as Fredericksburg). It's not my thing, but I have friends who participate and love it. The event collects food for the food bank. So, yes, the zombies show up with grocery bags. ;-)


  2. Zombies are a big deal. Our adult education group had a lecture on Zombies from a scientific bent that was very well received.

  3. Right now there are a hundreds of troglodytes walking the streets of this city sporting AK 47s and similar outside the Republican state convention. They want the Reds to help them out with the "open carry law," to wit: "We want to make sure gun rights is the number 1 issue when it comes to legislation."

    Right. Because we don't have any other pressing problems: Texas ranks 50th in high school graduation rate, first in amount of carbon emissions, first in hazardous waste produced, last in voter turnout, first in percentage of people without health insurance, and second in percentage of uninsured kids.

    Please send us some zombies with FAKE guns! :-)

  4. On my University campus, during the last few weeks of Spring semester, the students play a game called "Humans vs Zombies". They wear armbands denoting their status, and when a zombie tags you, you become one. You can make a zombie freeze for sixty seconds by hitting him/her with a pair of balled up socks. No playing inside buildings, and last human standing wins a prize. It's a good, harmless way to blow off steam before exam week.

  5. fauxprof--It sounds fun. The Zombie craze is definitely big. I just don't get it.

    Ortizzle--I hear you. Cleveland is still in the running for the 2016 republican national convention. I am torn. I want the cleve to experience a good, positive resurgence in revenue and publicity. But the idea of an influx of That Element makes me...urk.

    phoebes--And didn't I read where our Government has an actual contingency defense plan against Zombies? What the...?

    Shirley--Back in The Day, when I was a tot, an ice cream stand that my dad used to take us to had a treat that was called The Zombie. It was served in a tall, impossibly skinny glass that you got to take home--actual glass glass. I have no idea what was in it. My dad used to get it, and we had several of those glasses.

    Beyond that, I don't have any reference for zombies. When did this trend/craze start?

  6. Our subdivision doesn't have a zombie walk, yet. This is just the sort of thing that I can envision happening around here. Trendy, while allowing all the social butterflies to be seen. Which begs the question, are there zombie butterflies?

  7. Ally Bean--Who knows? I felt a little bit zombie-like this morning, I do know that much. Lately, I've had a hard time falling and staying asleep, and I feel positively wretched in the AM.

    Zombies = social butterfly op. Who knew?

  8. The whole zombie thing amuses me, but I can't really look at them. Gross! OMG! :)


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